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Defense Department

With decades of experience in working with the government and the military, ATI is registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) and is able to understand and fulfill typical contract requirements. Additionally, ATI is a veteran-owned small business. They are willing and able to work with users to develop unique products for sensitive applications, and can accommodate any special technical requirements. ATI also consults with military customers on optimizing solutions, recommending efficient, economical solutions to help reduce wasteful government spending.

Specific Defense Department projects have included:


This large, mobile, self-propelled Zero Low Lift includes openings in the middle to lift and transport Army tank turrets. The turret is loaded in the low position, then transported into the operation booth where the turret is lifted up 6 feet. The millwright enters under the turret to perform finishing jobs as the lift raises and lowers to the operators desired working height.

Large quantities of Mobile Hydraulic Floor Cranes are manufactured with adjustable straddle spreads and telescopic booms with capacities of 4000 lbs. These cranes are used for multiples of military equipment maintenance, installation, and positioning of weapons.

General Manufacturing

This Telescopic Deck Tandem Scissor Lift is extra long with a portion of the deck telescoping 3 feet out to the side for cantilever overhang operation, bringing the operator over the elliptical object to perform the task. Units are equipped with 42ā€ high safety railings with a 6000 lb. capacity.

ATI was presented with the challenge to lift, position, and transport an Army tank turret in the shape of a bell, with a 6-foot diameter and a smaller opening at the top. It was necessary to lift the turret on an ATI Special ā€œUā€-shaped Zero-Low lift, raise it up 54 inches, so that a millwright could enter into the middle of the turret, and then the lift lowers for work to be performed on the inside. The operator then adjusted the lift to the height required to perform the assembly and finishing work.

ATI has designed and built an articulating manipulator for installing wheel hubs on hummer vehicles. The hubs are gripped firmly in the horizontal position and raised off the pallet or workstation table, then pitched down to the vertical position so they can be installed on the wheel axle.

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