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Air Technical Industries announces the development of a unique, low profile Gantry Crane, with hydraulic cable lift and mobile trolley built right into the double girder boom. Only the hook hangs below the boom for low headroom requirements, lifting heavy loads in crowded areas such as boiler rooms, auxiliary power generators, or compressors.

Low-Profile Gantry Crane

The Gantry Crane is constructed out of aluminum and breaks down into five major components so that one person, with help of the V-Master portable foldable mobile hydraulic crane, can load and unload the crane from a flat bed truck, carry it to the desired location and then assemble it in about ten minutes.

The trolley’s mobility is on six flanged wheels and is propelled by a continuous chain with worm-gear drive to keep the trolley locked in the desired position.

The bridge span is available in 8, 10 and 12 foot widths and 8, 10 and 12 foot under boom heights. The hydraulic cable lift has a 6, 8 or 10 foot lifting range and the end of the cable is equipped with a swivel safety eye hook. The capacity is available in 4,000, 6,000 and 10,000 pounds.

The power available is portable battery power 12 volts DC, with push button remote control, 110 volts AC single phase, or 230-460 volts 3-phase AC power. For hazardous operations, the unit can be air powered. The trolley is continuous hand-chain operated and optional powered trolley traversing is available.

The low profile gantry is an ideal tool where heavy loads in low headroom or crowded areas must be lifted and handled effectively by one person.

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Compact Mobile RBC with Tele-Mast

Air Technical Industries announces the development of a New Compact RBC Reversible Boom Crane, with many new versatile, useful, and unique features:

RBC with Telescopic Mast

  • Shorter base allows for operation in crowded industrial environments.

  • Telescopic mast allows lifting and lowering the boom in a horizontal position without changing the angle of the boom.

  • Triple Section Telescopic Boom allows for reaching deep into nooks & crannies into, under, or above hard to reach places.

  • Mast rotation allows the boom to swing left and right beyond aisle ways, machines, or obstacles.

  • In addition to the vertical mast lift, the boom lifts from the horizontal position up to a 15 angle for greater height.

  • Telescopic outriggers keep the unit stabilized when the boom is rotated.

The battery operated unit runs smooth, clean and quiet. The self propulsion has infinitely variable speed control from zero up to 4 mph with smooth acceleration and deceleration.

All of the crane functions are hydraulically operated, including the optional hydraulic winch cable lift that can reach far below floor levels into man holes, pits, basements, or lower levels.

Mobility is provided on durable polyurethane roller bearing mounted wheels for easy mobility and to protect the floor. Units are available in many capacities from 1000 lbs up to 20,000 lbs with a maximum height of up to 20 ft.

The new version of the RBC adds great versatility for challenging industrial applications where items need to be lifted, transported and articulated in assembly or maintenance operations.

It is especially useful in applications with low headroom or tight clearances. It makes the job easier, safer, faster, and it helps to limit worker injuries and fatigue by eliminating manual lifting, bending and stretching.

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Portable Jib Cranes

Air Technical Industries announces the development of a new series of Portable Jib Cranes that are self-supportive and can be used anytime, any place, indoors or outdoors, without installation. The Portable Jib Crane has a counterweight built in to the base for stability and fork pockets for portability.

Portable Jib Crane

When the job is done, the crane can be easily moved out of the way, since it is not bolted to the concrete floor, as it is in the case with traditional jib cranes. The ordinary jib crane can only be used at one fixed location and is limited in flexibility that the new portable crane offers.

One crane that can be used at many locations adds great versatility and savings by not needing many cranes at different locations, and it also saves space on the shop floor. The Portable Jib Crane is also convertible and can be detached from the base and mounted to the floor.

The crane features a 360° boom rotation manually operated and there is an optional powered boom rotation available. The crane can be equipped with a manual hoist or electrical powered hoist, 110 volt single phase or 240-480 volts, 3 phase. For hazardous areas, air powered pneumatic spark proof hoists are available.

Portable Jib Cranes are built of heavy duty industrial welded steel construction for safe and long lasting use. The rotation is on a heavy duty Timken roller bearing and precision built cam followers for smooth, easy, effortless rotation. Cranes are available in capacities of 500, 1000 or 2000 pounds with a span length of 6 to 12 feet and an under beam height of up to 24 ft.

The cranes feature 2 different counter balance designs, one is counterweight built into the enlarged base for stability and the other is mounted on the rotating beam so that counterweight is always on the opposite side of the payload. The specially designed counterweight base has 4-way fork pockets for easy accessibility from any side.

The Portable Jib Crane is an ideal tool for on the spot lifting and handling of heavy components at different locations. It can be a great complement to a larger overhead crane to save the time for heavier lifts, while using the Portable Jib Crane under the overhead crane to help out.

View Portable Jib Crane models here

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Earthquake-Proof Seismic Crane

[March 28, 2012] Mentor, Ohio – Air Technical Industries announces the manufacturing of the unique telescopic mast articulating crane, constructed mostly from aluminum.

Aluminum Telescopic Mast Jib Crane for nuclear plant

The crane will be used by a California Nuclear Power Plant for replacing the fuel rods in Combustion Engineering reactors rated at 1100 Mwe supplying electricity for 1.4 million homes. The modular design of the crane has several unique features: The telescopic mast that can raise up to 57′ high. The telescopic action is hydraulically operated. The mast has 300 powered mast rotation with a soft start and stop for smooth boom travel. The beam rotation is equipped with a mechanical slip-clutch to allow it to “break-away” to prevent damage in the event the crane comes in contact with other objects or is subject to excessive side-loading.

The lifting is provided by a high-lift chain hoist with 2000 lbs. capacity and 60′ of vertical lift. The hoist is mounted on a motorized trolley for positioning the fuel rods as precisely as needed.

The crane is equipped with an operator platform at the height of 40′ for visually controlling and manipulating the placement of the fuel rods.

All of the controls are remote, pendant-mounted, push button for flexibility and convenient use. The beam is equipped with dual festooning systems, one of which is for the low voltage multi-conductor cable for all the function controls. The other festooning is for the high voltage 3-phase power source.

The crane has three flange mounting points for installation that uniquely fit directly on to the nuclear reactor flange. The crane is not installed on the floor of the building for seismic considerations, so even if the floor collapses in the event of an earthquake, the crane stays put.

The modular form of the crane with telescopic mast allows it to be quickly assembled, pinned, and ready for operation in just a few hours, and then conveniently removed and stored out of the way in a corner of the building or other storage area until the next use.

The construction of the crane is 90% aluminum 6061 and 10% stainless steel, mostly welded sub-assembly, which are then bolted by stainless steel fasteners. The modular components utilize quick-release pins to avoid the need to turn nuts and bolts, which would also require that the crane be re-certified after each assembly. The attaching flanges to the reactor were built out of A36 steel welded construction providing a heavy-duty rigid mounting connection.

All the tests were performed at Air Technical Industries in Mentor, Ohio on a simulated nuclear reactor flange test fixture.


See Telescopic Mast Jib Crane models here

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Upender Inverter with Conveyors

A Texas manufacturing company making large gearboxes for the petrochemical industry needed to invert a large heavy gearbox casting up to 8′ long x 6′ wide x 4′ high, weighing up to 10,000 lbs, in their machining and assembly process. The precision-built component had to be inverted 180° or up-side down and then down-side up several times during the process. Machined surface had to be protected from damage or scratching. Safety was an important consideration, protecting workers from stretching, reaching, bending and heavy lifting that causes back injuries. And of course, efficiency and timely delivery is also an important factor.

Upender Inverter with Powered Conveyors

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio came to the rescue, designing and manufacturing a special Upender Inverter equipped with heavy-duty powered conveyors for automatic loading. The Upender Inverter then securely clamps the casting, inverts it 180°, un-clamps it, then discharges the heavy machined parts automatically on to the awaiting conveyor.

The process is then repeated in reverse after one end is finished being machined. The whole process only takes two minutes of time. The mission repeats itself over and over again safely, securely and efficiently, producing quality components without any damage or injuries.

Hopefully, many more machines will be built for the petrochemical industry to help America become more self-sufficient and less dependent on foreign oil imports. There are thousands of other components that need to be inverted in industry, this is why ATI has standard Upender Inverters available from a capacity of 250 lbs and up to 50,000 lbs and sizes from 24″ x 36″ up to 96″ x 144″ of humongous jaw bites.

When a standard unit will not meet the need, ATI is flexible in making modifications to satisfy the needs and offer effective solutions to meet the customer’s application. The more challenging the task, the more eager the ATI team is to develop a practical solution.

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Air Technical Industries announces the development of a unique mobile universal lifter-dumper. The dumper will lift and invert up to 180°, dumping any shape or size of container desired, even a 55-gallon steel drum. Place any shape container in the specially-designed hopper, and it will transport, lift to desired height, and dump or invert the container.

Mobile Universal Dumper

Customers that utilize a variety of materials may receive them in a wide variety of containers. Even 30 to 40 pound containers that could be handled manually can cause serious fatigue from repetitive action. Materials of any kind stored in cardboard boxes, wooden crates, bulk bags, tote pans, 5-gallon to 55-gallon kegs and drums, plastic jugs, buckets, or anything that could not previously be grabbed and dumped, the Universal Dumper can handle it all.

The unit is mobile and self-propelled with variable speed control. The drive speed range is from 1 fpm to 4 mph and the steering is 90� left and right, providing a tight turning radius. It rides on 8″ diameter roller bearing mounted polyurethane-coated wheels. The unit is battery powered and the lifting mast tilts forward and back. All functions are hydraulically operated.

The dumper is able to dump to the left and right up to 180� – the unit can invert upside down. Dumping height is up to 7 feet. The uniquely designed dumping chute is V-shaped to retain control of the item, regardless of its shape. The “V” chute and the stop bars prevent the container from sliding out during dumping.

The benefit of this configuration is that it does not require grabbing and holding the container, because many types of containers are hard to grab or grip. Containers such as fiber drums, canvas bags, paper bags or smooth cylindrical items will now be easy to lift and dump.

The unit can also be loaded automatically by conveyor with the optional conveyor bottom. A container on a conveyor will roll right into the dumper hopper, allowing quick and efficient operation.

The unit is compact and slim enough to pass through doorways and narrow aisles. The overall height of the dumper in the lowered position is only 76″. A see-through mast allows the operator to see where the unit is traveling for precise positioning.

The Universal Dumper is an ideal tool for operations where there is a need to lift and dump many different shapes of containers at different or variable workstations. One machine will transport, lift, and dump. It will save time, improve safety, increase efficiency, make the job easier and improve the morale of the workplace by eliminating fatigue caused by manually handling cumbersome containers.

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Tele-Mast Straddle Crane

Air Technical Industries announces the development of a new and one of a kind compact – economical Telescopic Mast Straddle Crane. The crane is mobile, designed for indoor-outdoor use. It is compact and can carry a variety of loads up to 50,000 lbs such as gen-packs or 20′ shipping containers through a 12′ x 12′ overhead door. It can straddle a flat bed or a semi truck. It can also lift the load up to 120″ high for loading, unloading or transporting large, heavy loads anywhere from one plant bay to another.

The crane is hydraulically operated with four telescopic masts synchronized for level and uniform lifting and positioning. The hydraulic cylinders are enclosed and the plumbing to the cylinders and control valves are all enclosed & protected.

The “Tele-Mast” slides on bearing material for smooth and easy telescopic action – even in the toughest industrial environment. The uniform level lifting is synchronized by precision-built hydraulic flow dividers, and it zeros in automatically each time the unit is fully lowered.

The two heavy wide-flanged I-beams are equipped with four laterally adjustable lifting hooks. Hook heights start at 105″ lowered position with a minimum of 72″ vertical lift and 177″ raised height. Optional cable lift is available; four cables, one at each leg with hooks that will lift from 28″ off the floor, a minimum of 144″ vertical lift, to a height of 172″ or higher.

For longitudinal spread adjustments, there are two adjustable cross beams with two plate hooks, each to allow hook placement anywhere from very center of the straddle crane, for smaller loads requiring handling.

Optional lifting forks with telescopic vertical arms provides versatility, these forks are inserted into fork socket for lifting shipping containers, large air conditioning units or gen-packs.

The unit featured is electrically powered by 440 volt / 3 phase motor, for indoor use or close vicinity of the building where power is available. The electric power provides clean, quiet, odorless power, no smoke and fume free for indoor use. Optional propane engine, gasoline or diesel are also available.

The unit travels on sixteen (16) polyurethane wheel. The multiple wheel configuration spreads out the loading to protect your floor from damage.

The propulsion on the economy model is provided by the user’s own tow truck or fork truck. Completely self-propelled units are available with power steering providing self-sufficient operation.

Standard controls are pendant push-button remote control for lifting and lowering. Wireless radio remote control is also available.

The capacity of the unit shown is 50,000 lbs, inside leg span is 114″, lifting hook height is from 105″ up to 177″, with cable lifts from hook height at 28″ vertical lift 144″ and raised height of 172″. Overall length of the unit is 184″. Other lift heights available are up to 20′, 24′, 28′ height. Spans are available 12′, 16′ and 20′.

The self-propulsion is hydraulically operated. It is available with two-wheel or four-wheel drive to meet the operating condition of the floor and grade slope. The unit is built of heavy steel welded construction, its modular design is simple and easy to assemble.

The Tele-Mast Straddle Crane is an ideal tool for bringing large lifting and transporting applications down to a manageable size.

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NEW Mechanical Lift Table with Butcher Block Top

Air Technical Industries has developed a new series of mechanical scissor lift tables with a wooden butcher block top.

Mechanical Lift Table

The tubular scissor design provides structural stability, safety, and is lightweight for mobility. The wooden butcher block top is fastened to a metal frame to prevent warping and provide ample support for the load. The butcher block provides a soft touch and compatibility with lifting many products.

Lifting operation is offered with a choice between two different mechanical systems. One is an acme screw-type lift and the other is a cable winch-type lift with a worm gear drive that keeps the load at any position desired without drifting. The manual crank handle is conveniently located at working height and the crank handle has a molded plastic grip for comfort and safety.

Models are available with capacities from 250 to 1,000 pounds, deck sizes from 24″ x 36″ up to 36″ x 96″ and raised heights up to 87″ when installed on wheels.

The unit can be used stationary or can be installed on non-marking phenolic wheels and casters for mobility. When mobile, a floor lock is provided and it also includes two push/pull handles.

For ease in height adjustment when the load height needs to be frequently adjusted, the lift tables are available electro-mechanically powered by 110 volts AC single-phase power providing effortless operation.

In special applications, with smaller units installed on machines, on workbenches or for laboratory work, the lifting operation can be ratchet operated on an acme screw-type model.

A metal deck is available where the wooden butcher block is not appropriate.

These mechanical scissor lift tables are an ideal tool for assembly work where different heights of components or operators need adjustment. This mobile ergonomic table can be used in any work environment. It is a great tool to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce worker fatigue. They are economically priced so that every workstation can benefit from one.

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New Loading Dock Lift, Zero-Low Ground Level


Zero-Low Dock Lift

Air Technical Industries announces a new design of the heavy duty dock lift table, with the lowered height of 0″ like a magic carpet laying on the floor, and then raising a load of up to 50,000 lbs.

The capability of the lift platform lowering to ground level significantly improves versatility and ease of operation where the load can be rolled directly onto the lift platform without the need of a ramp or pit in the floor.


The Zero-Low Dock Lift can be used any place, any time on a flat floor for indoor/outdoor use. Ideal for use in low lying areas where a loading ramp is not feasible or not available for loading and unloading trucks or transferring the load from one level to the next higher level up to 120″, depending on the size and length of the deck.

The lifting mechanism is a dual-type scissors mechanism, synchronized for level and uniform lift by a torsion bar and special hydraulic flow divider. The lifting is hydraulically actuated by hydraulic cylinders with chrome-plated shaft for smooth operation and to prevent corrosion. The hydraulic system is equipped with a safety pressure relief valve to prevent overloading.

Variety of power sources are available for any kind of operation. The most popular for smaller lifts are 110V AC / single-phase motors, 230-460V / three-phase motors for heavier lifts, air powered for spark proof or flammable environments, battery operated for outside or remote area operations, and gasoline or diesel engines to operate larger lifts.

The structure is built of heavy steel construction for long lasting and safe operation. For corrosive environments, stainless steel construction is available or marine grade paint as a more economical alternative.


The capacity ranges from 500 lbs for wheelchair lifts or lighter commercial use. Heavier capacities available are: 1000 lbs, 2000 lbs, 4000 lbs, 6000 lbs, 10,000 lbs, 25,000 lbs & 50,000 lbs. Deck sizes available from smallest 26″ wide x 36″ long all the way up to 96″ wide x 240″ long and any sizes in between.

The “ZDK” series of lifts are equipped with safety railings on two long sides 42″ high with 4″ high kick board and mid rail to meet OSHA requirements. There are safety chains at each narrow end. Hydraulic safety valves are included to protect the lift and operators in the event of a hydraulic failure.

On the exit side or the off-loading end, there is a hinged loading ramp, or dock plate, to close the gap between the truck and lift for safe and easy unloading.


The “ZDK” Zero Low Dock Lift, affectionately called “Magic-Lift”, is a solution to solve many lifting and handling problems and save workers’ backs from manual loading trucks without ramps or cumbersome inclines. It is convenient to drive right on to the lift platform with a pallet truck, forklift or roll-on loads at ground level and then lift in a minute to the desired height effortlessly. It also saves substantial costs associated with construction of a pit or loading dock.

The ZDK will save time, improve efficiency, eliminate back injury, stop workers compensation claims, reduce workers fatigue, and improve morale.

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TMJC for aircraft manufacturing

Air Technical Industries has developed and built a very unique and versatile mobile Telescopic Mast Jib Crane with OMNI-DIRECTIONAL mobility for handling various components that need to be lifted during the aircraft manufacturing process.

Telescopic Mast Jib Crane for aerospace

The large prefabricated components weighing up to 3,500 pounds need to be lifted up to 36′ high, transported into position, and articulated into the precise orientation for assembly. ATI’s stationary Telescopic Mast Jib Cranes have been used in other similar operations. The new concept of modular design requires much more flexibility and OMNI-DIRECTIONAL mobility.

ATI developed a new design of Telescopic Mast Jib Crane with Omni-directional mobility that enables the production crew to reach over, under and if necessary, into the airplane to position components during the assembly process.

The new crane model with unique Omni-directional mobility allows the crane to travel in any direction 360° and it can turn within its own measurements (similar to the way a military tank turns). The crane’s mast, a rotating turret, is capable of swinging left and right fully loaded. The telescopic section of the mast is chrome plated for smooth travel and to prevent corrosion. It telescopes up to 36′ under-hook height. The beam of the crane has 13.5′ of reach and is equipped with dual hoists, one with a motorized trolley and the other a push/pull trolley to “float”, accommodating movement and articulation of the load. The two hoists are used to rotate components, such as the horizontal stabilizer, from vertical to horizontal position.

The mast rotation helps in placing the component precisely to the fuselage for fastening. The hoist lifting speed is variable up to 32′ per minute and the hoists operate independently. The beam of the crane is equipped with emergency stop bars to automatically stop operation in case it touches a stationary object to prevent any damage.

The mobile base has a round design since it travels in any direction. That makes it easy to go around corners and crowded areas. The base is built of heavy steel construction with built-in drive system. The power pack with counterweights, battery, controls, valves, battery charger, pump, and motor are all enclosed and protected while serving as counterweight. Opposite the power pack is a single mobile outrigger that rotates and travels with the mast. This system makes the unit a unique, compact, innovative, and functional design.

Propulsion is driven by two heavy-duty 24 volt DC gear motor driven polyurethane wheels controlled separately via joysticks for directional control and smooth acceleration and deceleration. It has infinitely variable speed from 0 to 3 MPH. The wheels have built-in automatic braking. The traction wheels can be retracted from the floor if towing should ever be required. The power pack consists of dual power systems. 24 volt DC (48V available) is used for propulsion, steering, turret rotation and telescopic mast action. The wire rope hoists, motorized trolley, and built-in battery charger are powered by 240/480 volts/AC/3 Phase.

In case of power failure, systems are all designed to hold the load securely and all functions stop and lock in its present position. Other safety features include: on-board fire extinguisher, battery monitoring gauge, audible alarm system, traveling amber warning light, emergency stop, and overload protection. Hydraulic system is equipped with a safety pressure relief valve and the telescopic cylinder has an over-center holding valve to prevent mast from lowering inadvertently in the event of a hydraulic system failure.

Various components need to be lifted and precisely positioned during the airplane building process:

  • Lifting the horizontal stabilizer from the shipping container, transporting it in a vertical position, then positioning it with the secondary hoist with the leading edge forward 90° to a horizontal position, and positioning it laterally with turret rotation for precise installation. Afterward, it is used for removal of the lifting fixture for storage and next use.
  • Lifting and positioning engine pylons and installing onto the wings to be fastened.
  • Handling and installing engine cowlings.
  • Lifting and positioning thrust reversers for installation.
  • Lifting, transporting, and positioning inboard & outboard flaps for installation.
  • Miscellaneous handling of tooling, jigs, or fixtures, with the ability to articulate into the proper orientation.

The Omni Directional Telescopic Mast Jib Crane is really a dream come true in helping to build planes of the future or for that matter handling, transporting, and positioning of large components in any operation precisely, safely and ergonomically.

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