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Have You Met the RBC?

When evaluating a client's needs, I am often asked what our most 
versatile crane is, and without hesitation I tell them the Reversible Boom 
Crane. The RBC has the ability to be modified for specific tasks while 
still performing all the needs of a shop crane. We can build these 
cranes to handle loads from a 1/2 ton to 25 tons. with reaches of 3 to 
30 feet.

With no cumbersome legs in the front, these cranes can maneuver as 
close as possible to the load that is being picked for maximum accuracy 
and safety. Because we manufacture our own products, we have been able 
to enhance our booms and masts to telescope, adjust heights, rotate, 
knuckle, and grab at the push of a button. They are easily maneuvered with a 
compact, rugged body that fits surprisingly in tight work areas. ATI has 
built cranes to suit the specific needs of the top auto manufacturers, 
the DOD, the aerospace, nuclear, oil, and chemical industries, both here 
and around the world.

Whether it is picking a hard to reach pump, lowering fragile 
material, or placing an electrical cabinet into position 15 ft above the 
ground, the Reversible Boom Crane has been the solution for many of our 
clients, and in many different ways. Find out what this crane can do for 
your company.

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Self-Propelled Reversible Boom Crane

April 3, 2018

Lease to Save the Budget


In today’s times, companies are strongly focused on producing quality products quickly to appease the demands from their customers. Safety, ergonomics, and efficiency are key components when companies consider material handling equipment to enhance their operation. For a company to operate efficiently, they need to have the right equipment. But many companies do not always have available funds in the budget to purchase the equipment.

Air Technical Industries has the SOLUTION! They offer LEASING otions to help their customer order equipment immediately… eliminating the need to wait for next year’s capital budget to be approved. So when your CFO says it is not in the budget… call us and we will help you set up a lease for the material handling equipment you need today: portable cranes, mobile cranes, stationary cranes, heavy and lightweight cranes, lift tables, maintenance lifts, tilting equipment, inverters, and many variations of standard, modified or customized equipment.

Leasing is a great option and solution to consider. Call any Air Technical Industries Sales Representative today, and they will present you with a leasing option that works best for you! The sooner your company receives equipment from Air Technical Industries… the sooner your company will function more efficiently, safely, ergonomically, and cost effectively!

February 20, 2018

Re-sellers Love Our Flexibility

One of my re-sellers came to me with a request for a custom product to accept sheets of various sizes & weights to be flipped & rolled out of an Upender Inverter for further processing. Half way through the project, it was requested that we accommodate a larger sheet size. ATI worked with this reseller and our supplier to accommodate for this last minute request.

Before accepting the order, we interview our customers to match up the application with the best solution. Nevertheless, ATI takes these unexpected changes in stride. It’s all part of providing our customers with material handling solutions that can range from scissor lifts, mobile & fixed cranes and inverters and countless other possibilities.

On a personal note, I truly do enjoy the fact that many of our projects require interaction with our customers who need a unique solution. Makes for a dynamic work environment. We anxiously look forward to the next challenge.

Upender Inverter with Conveyors

February 6, 2018

Keep It Simple and Safe

In today’s tech savvy world we hear alot of talk about AI and Robotics. Everything is done faster, more efficiently for maximum output and cost savings, but to what end? What price is put on safety, job security, integrity, and happiness? When dealing with material handling, machine safety is and always should be the top concern. Yes, fast efficient applications are the priority, with safety always in mind. It’s easy to be lured by the shiny new toy that is the hot item. 3D printers, water jets, lasers, and pre-programed conveyor lines are all exciting, but don’t forget the KISS method when developing new processes and applications. Keep It Simple and Safe!

Many times I have suggested to clients that want robotic articulating arms to handle products, to take a look at the simple LOW COST solution first. A simple Gantry Crane with a spreader bar attachment on the hoist will handle many different size products. Lift and Tilt tables save many hours of bending over, which in turn saves lost time and medical bills for your worker. Recently a client was in need of a spark resistant, explosion proof barrel dumper. They received numerous high-priced quotes for machines with enclosed motor casings or air powered solutions and graphite-built machines. I suggested an epoxy painted, manually operated barrel dumper with a bronze hand crank. This would attach right to their forklift that is already rated for this environment and the cost was a quarter of the alternatives.

New gadgets are fun, but please don’t try to reinvent the wheel, when a wheel is all you need. KISS!

January 30, 2018

How about Telescopic Platform Lifts? No Problem!




When a Toyota manufacturing facility needed special, customized, hydraulic scissor lift platforms for their assembly line, which would not only raise production workers up and down to work around the vehicle…but would also transport workers out closer to the vehicles on the assembly line, and then back… the Air Technical Industries engineering team came through with customized scissor lift designs that would increase capacity and deliver safe, ergonomic, and efficient cost/time saving solutions.

The fact is…Air Technical Industries has the complete ability to manufacture customized solutions for almost any material handling equipment challenge…for customers throughout the world! Yes, we manufacture many standard products too, Including lift tables, lift platforms, jib cranes, mobile cranes, etc., but sometimes standard may not always be the most cost effective solution for our customers.

The fact is… Air Technical Industries sales engineers first ask their customers many questions about their challenge, so they can recommend and deliver the best solution…standard products, modified standard products… or totally custom manufactured products. Manufacturing the right product to deliver the best solution…that’s what we do!

To learn more about the…”Telescopic Platform Lifts” created for Toyota, Contact Us.

View Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table models here

January 23, 2018

The RBC is In the Navy

A Naval customer was looking for a easier way to transport motors during the cleansing process. They have to be taking in and out of ovens and dip tanks. These motors weigh in the neighborhood of 700-1000 lbs. The existing monorail they have in place limits them to being able to transport the motors only on the path of the monorail track. Our RBC-4000-SPBW Reversible Boom Crane was a great solution. Like most applications, they were limited on maneuverability real estate. We were able to modify the base into what we call our “compact” version. While it increases the weight quite a bit, this modification provides for a shorter overall length. This opened up several possibilities in which this versatile mobile crane will be used on the shop floor. The customer had previous experience with our crane at another naval base, and is very excited to be able to benefit from using it again!! They couldn’t wait to get their hands on it!

Find more about this crane and its capabilities at

Self-Propelled Reversible Boom Crane

January 16, 2018

Why I Love Selling for Air Technical Industries

I sell hydraulic lift tables, all types of cranes, pallet inverters, fork lift attachments, and self propelled cranes and lift tables. They are made right here in Mentor, Ohio by American workers. Every sale I make, I know that I’m keeping 40 people working here in Ohio. I also know I’m sending a machine to help another company with their manufacturing needs and keeping their workers safe and efficient. I love selling for Air Technical Industries and am proud to say I am going on to my seventh year with this company. With ATI I talk to CEOs, secretaries, engineers, and foremen. I help them solve problems and keep people safe. Its my opinion that nothing happens in business without a salesperson selling an idea or product or a solution. You have to be smart, attentive and able to relate to all kinds of people. Everybody sells in some way or another, to get through life, to make friends, get a date, get a job, get an extra cookie from mom. I love selling our product and solving other peoples problems, THAT is what we do here. My dad sold, my grandfather sold. They taught me that the best sales job you can have is when you love and believe in the products your selling. At ATI, WE ALL believe in our product and relish the opportunity to help our clients.

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December 27, 2017

New “STOW-N-GO” Grilling for the Ultimate “Glamping” Experience

Mentor, Ohio November 29, 2017Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of an all new “STOW-N-GO” – RETRACTABLE GRILL PLATFORM AND LIFT which will allow RV enthusiasts to electro-mechanically transport out and store away their camping gas grill right from inside their RV, all with the push of a button!

When RV owners hit the open road or rent their favorite campground pad, they can be the envy of all. Simply open the storage unit on the RV, push a button, and out comes your grill for an awesome grilling experience.

The Stow-N-Go is actually a mechanical screw-operated mini scissor lift ergonomically engineered and manufactured entirely by ATI.

The lift is designed to mechanically slide out of the RV storage or luggage compartment and then raise most any gas grill (mounted on top of the lift) to the perfect grilling height. Lift options include multi-position and rotatable platforms designs, powered or manually extending tray and fold down accessory tables.

The Stow-N-Go comes in a variety of sizes and is conveniently powered by 12 volt DC battery power or 110 AC power. The lift holds a 250 pound grill and is available in widths of 15-24 inches, and in lengths between 19-48 inches. Vertical lift travel is from 12-30 inches in height. Push button control is standard. Wireless remote control or dash mount switch is optional. ATI is a custom manufacturer, so unique challenges and production enhancements are always welcome.

RV enthusiasts can enjoy the ultimate “Glamping” experience with the convenience of showing then stowing their grill with ease! Call ATI today to order your personalized Stow-N-Go lift and the porterhouse steaks will be grilling before you know it!


November 29, 2017

Zero-Low Lift Streamlines Medical Manufacturing

An OEM in the medical equipment industry came to us for a lifting solution at their regional service center. What they wanted to accomplish was to provide for a more efficient, safe and productive procedure and environment for repairing/upgrading ultrasound equipment. These devices are mounted on permanent skids with caster wheels, so our Zero-Low lift table was a natural solution allowing their technicians to wheel the equipment onto the ground level lift table safely and with ease thereby immediately improving ergonomics. And by choosing double-acting lift cylinders, productivity was further enhanced.

Secondly, their process/production lines change regularly and their service lift areas have to move with those lines. Rather than using pit-mounted lifts that would leave holes in the floor, once again, the Zero-Low lift tables improved versatility as well as safety, being able to move to different workstations based on changing production processes.

Finally, we customized our tables with safety skirts, holding valves and a heavy duty cycle package that exceeded their safety requirements and added to the longevity and value of the lift tables.

November 16, 2017

A Silent Accomplishment…Which Needs To Be Heard!

A customer in the entertainment industry was struggling in their search to find a material handling equipment company that would produce a heavy duty capacity scissors lift that operated completely silent. They also requested that the heavy duty lift table also support a 15,000 lb load that would need to be lifted 8 feet high in 10 seconds or less. Our engineering team at Air Technical Industries met the challenge by customizing one of our standard models with an accumulator power pack, which was positioned 100 feet from the stage. The hydraulic scissors lift was also required to start and stop slowly. This was achieved by incorporating a programmable logic controller (PLC) in the engineered unit. The final scissors lift was built to an overall size of 84” x 144” and height of 16”, meeting all customer requirements. This lift with the unique and versatile accumulator powerpack raises and lowers whisper-quiet yet with turbo speed!

Challenges like this are common requests that customers make to Air Technical Industries. And we can answer the challenge, because we are also a customized manufacturer of material handling equipment. We just don’t deliver quality products… we deliver real solutions to every unique challenge! That’s where we excel – just like this customer found out. If you have a unique challenge…call us or go to our “Challenge Us” section on our website. Our engineering team is waiting to help you!

Learn more about this featured heavy duty capacity scissor lift model at

November 8, 2017
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