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Reaching In, Over, Above and Beyond

Mentor, Ohio March 16, 2017 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new, heavy duty mobile reversible crane with a unique triple section powered telescoping boom.  The RBC-20000SPBW-TSB offers the user many unique benefits with its mobility, portability and compact, narrow design, yet delivers big on lifting capacity and height.   

The cylinders are built inside the boom for protection and to make the unit have a modern, slick, appearance.  This heavy duty crane can go where no other crane can go, because of its narrow width of 60” and exceptional mobility with 90° powered steering to the left and right so that the large crane can turn on the proverbial dime.

To add to the uniqueness and versatility, the crane has infinitely variable finger tip speed control.  It can go so slow so that you can not see it move like a foot per minute for precise positioning around aircraft or other sensitive equipment and then it can speed up to 4 miles per hour to get where it needs to go. The crane has smooth acceleration and deceleration to prevent swinging a load and an automatic parking brake that engages when the crane is brought to a stop.

The crane has 168” long boom with 240” telescopic capability out to 408” height and then it has optional fold-able jib extension 96” long giving it a total of 504” boom reach.  At 70° boom angle, it can reach the height of 540” high into the sky.  An optional hydraulic cable winch with anti-two-block safety feature is also available.

The unit is powered by a 48 volt large industrial battery and is suitable for indoor and outdoor operation.  It operates smooth and quiet and is self-sufficient with built in battery charger.  Mobility is provided with large and wide polyurethane wheels, that  are roller bearing mounted for easy and quiet mobility and to protect the floor.

The controls are push button pendant remote controls with a 40 ft long cord to give the operator agility and flexibility to control the lifting and telescopic action.  The operator can be positioned where the load is to precisely pin point the assembly.

The lifting and telescoping boom action is hydraulically operated with overload protection and safety relief valves built in. The cylinder shafts are chrome plated for smooth operation and to prevent corrosion.  The crane is equipped with two electric motors and hydraulic pumps to enable increased lifting speed and provide added assurance for continued operation in case one pump or motor fails.

The RBC cranes are available in smaller size and lighter capacities which include 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 10,000 and 15,000 lb.

This crane is an ideal tool to help increase productivity, improve safety and make the job easier, safer and faster.


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March 14, 2017



Reaching New Heights yet Rugged, Compact and Portable

Mentor, Ohio January 19, 2017 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new, top notch lifter that is an economical alternative to help raise productivity and profits.  The Sky-Riser offers a variety of unique, versatile features which include:  vertical telescopic mast action, powered boom rotation, telescopic boom, 12 ft longer goose-neck attachment for higher lift and further reach, adjustable straddle for narrow passage thru doorways/aisles, and tow bar steering with 90° swing to left and right for sharp turns and precise positioning.  The unique telescopic outriggers are 120” wide for stability when lifting to the sky and are retracted when not needed.

The crane is equipped with large foam-filled pneumatic tires for outdoor use on rough gravel.  All the features of the large crane can be folded into a smaller package for strategic deployment and fast transport to any location.

The crane can be easily disassembled by removing the two legs with tires, the boom is removed and the adjustable stabilizers are caster equipped so the crane mast with the base is mobile even in its disassembled condition.

The vertically telescopic mast provides higher reach over obstacles and lowers for easy passage through the doorway and loading on a truck for transport.  The adjustment is from 88” up to 126” mast height.

The Sky-Riser Mobile Crane lifts up to 4000 lb with the boom retracted to a height of 20 ft.  With the boom telescoped out, it lifts 1000 lb up to 30 ft height.  With the goose-neck attachment in a straight out position it will lift 500 lb to 40 ft height and with the goose-neck attachment  set at 45° angle the unit will reach up to 14 ft beyond the wheels and a height of 36 ft.

The power mast rotation is equipped with telescopic outriggers and the rotation is limited to 45° left and 45° right.  All the powered features are hydraulically operated action and include the boom lift, telescopic boom, vertical mast lift and the mast rotation.

The power source available is 110 volt AC single-phase, 240-480 3-phase, battery powered, gasoline, diesel engine, and propane operated.  For hazardous locations, spark proof air power is also available.

Controls are mast-mounted manual spool valves or push button remote pendant to help the user be where they need for precise positioning of the load or parts.

Take your pick:  Options available are powered cable lift, telescopic outriggers, walkie or rider style self propelled drive, operational safety amber light, and custom goose-neck attachment can be made to suit the user’s needs.
The Sky-Riser will help to speed up maintenance work on aircraft or construction applications with all new versatility in assembly work to increase productivity and mobility at a lower cost.  It is an ideal tool where portability and higher lifts are required.



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January 19, 2017



Complete Portable Workstation Offers New Dimensions of Versatility

Portable Jib Crane Articularm

Mentor, Ohio December 5, 2016Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new, one of a kind Portable Jib Crane with Articulating Forearm, 360° rotation and telescopic mast.

The main benefit is portability which enables the portable jib crane to be used anywhere, anytime for indoor and outdoor use without permanent installation. The unit provides on the spot handling and it can operate in harmony with big and bulky overhead cranes.

The most exciting new feature is the 6 ft long articulating forearm feature that rotates 360° providing 100% coverage within the work area. The 10 ft main beam also rotates 360° for a total work area of 16 ft radius.

The unit is equipped with an optional load balancer making the load weightless. It is an ideal ergonomic tool to help lift and place any component with precise positioning for assembly.

It can be used for many industrial applications such as: machine loading, lifting, transferring, stacking, packing, holding parts for inspection, assembly, maintenance, etc.

The Portable Jib Crane Articularm is available in three versions:

  • Stationary, permanent floor mounted arm.

  • Portable, self-supporting counterweight jib crane with 4-way fork pockets.

  • Combination unit with unique telescopic mast.

Experience a new dimension of versatility. You can operate at different heights to reach over, above and beyond to reach around obstacles.

The telescoping mast can be used for actual load lifting without use of a hoist. It’s versatility comes into play where limited overhead space as well as higher ceiling heights exist. The telescoping mast feature is also useful for reducing the overall height of the crane for storage or transportation, and then extend it to full working height during operation. The lifting action is hydraulically actuated.

The combination of any version or options can be selected to meet the user’s need. Other options available are powered mast rotation and powered forearm rotation. Any selected combination can be used with optional electric hoist or load balancer.

Capacities available are 500, 1000 and 2000 lbs. The beam height is 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20 feet. The power options are 110 volts single phase, 240-480 volts 3 phase as well as air powered hoist and mast lift for hazardous environments.

The construction of this special jib crane is heavy duty steel welded construction for rugged industrial use. Corrosive or marine environment stainless steel construction is also available.

The mast rotation and forearm rotation are featured with precision bearings to enable easy and smooth operation. The Portable Jib Crane Articularm is an ergonomically designed tool to help in multiple tasks to increase efficiency, save time, make the job easier, and improve the morale of the work force the smart way – by having the worker use more brain than muscle.


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December 1, 2016


Small Business Helps NASA with 4-in-1 Lifting Solution


Mentor, Ohio September 9, 2016 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new “Reversible, Convertible Self-Propelled Mobile Crane” designed especially for NASA.

NASA has the unique and challenging task of lifting and maneuvering hydraulic cylinders on a test stand.  Multiple heavy cylinders from 800 to 2100 pounds need to be lifted and positioned at different angles for assembly.  Working in tight areas with little clearance and low headroom created a major challenge in accomplishing these tasks safely.

The RBC-3000SPBLL-M has been equipped with regular telescoping boom and swivel eye hook for some common crane boom tasks.  The crane is convertible and can be changed to a double parallelogram boom with three-axis manipulator for pitch, yaw and roll operations with a pair of special adjustable forks and holding straps to secure the cylinders during articulation.

The cylinder can be lifted in vertical or horizontal orientations and the yaw axis allows the cylinder to swing left or right for precise positioning.  The pitch axis adjusts the vertical alignment to allow the cylinder to be tilted backwards, then raised and plugged into the proper orientation in a tight spot for installation.

The yaw adapter of the manipulator can be removed and replaced with traditional lifting forks for handling standard pallets.  The conversion from regular boom to parallelogram boom takes about 15 to 20 minutes and provides NASA with more flexibility and cost savings by having one piece of equipment handling four different tasks.

The RBC is constructed out of heavy duty welded steel.  The tilt back mast allows for space saving and provides better safety with less counterweight requirements, making the equipment lighter for easier mobility and longer battery life.

The crane is self-propelled battery powered with infinitely variable speed control from 0-4mph and the steering is 90° to left and right which is ideal for making sharp turns in crowded areas, narrow isles and tight spaces.  The unit has built in battery charger that is 120-volt operated.

The propulsion is electro-mechanical with built in automatic braking.  The mobility is provided on roller bearing mounted cushion-type wheels for quiet, smooth operation,  protecting the floor, and minimizing point loads on the work platform.

All the functions are hydraulically activated which includes the boom lift, telescopic boom  and pitch actions.  The hydraulic cylinders are equipped with chrome plated shafts for smooth operation and to prevent corrosion.  Hydraulic cylinders are equipped with holding valves to prevent loss of load in the event of a hydraulic failure.  The hydraulic systems is protected with safety relief valve to prevent over-pressurizing.

All the control functions are push button pendant remote controlled so that the operator can be hands on where precision alignment is required.  Hydraulic controls are also built into the steering handle allowing complete operation of the boom and drive functions from one location.

The RBC is truly an ideal tool that is, unique, versatile, mobile, agile, ergonomically safe to help NASA in deep space exploration.


September 27, 2016

NEW 4 – Point Entry Rolls, Reels and Container Upender


Mentor, Ohio June 6, 2016 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new “Zero Low” 4-Point Entry Rolls, Reels and Container Upender with 90° tilting capability.

You can load the container upender at zero ground level (for example a cylindrical roll of paper, eye to the sky), load in a vertical position and rotate to horizontal position onto a circular cart in the horizontal position. You can then exit from the front or 90° to the side. The operation can, of course, be performed vice-versa from horizontal to vertical position,  (for example roll the load onto the upender sideways and then upend it into the vertical position).

The 90° tilt is electro-mechanically operated for clean room operation.  The linear actuator is acme screw operated. The threaded screw is heavy duty and  enclosed to keep it clean and protected.

The double reduction gear box is worm gear operated to provide automatic braking to hold the position at any point of the 90° travel. This unit is electrically powered by a 120/240V single phase or 240/480V 3-phase motor.  The controls are remote pendants with push button or foot pedal control. The unit is also available hydraulically operated.

Capacity available are 500 lb, 1,000 lb, 2,000 lb, 4,000 lb and 6,000 lb. The deck of the “Zero Low” 4-Point Upender can be square or rectangular, depending on the application. The widths available are 24”, 36”, 42” and 48” with lengths of 36”, 48”, 54”, 60” and 72”. The back up plate is typically the same height as the width.

The “Zero Low” 4-Point Upender is an ideal tool where rolls, reels, coils, boxes and containers any shape can be palletized or placed on carts for transportation. It offers the convenience of loading and unloading from either the front or the side.  This unit makes the job easier and safer. It eliminates manual lifting, bending and straining that causes fatigue and injuries.



June 6, 2016

NEW Five-Function Articulating Manipulator with Gripper


Self-propelled Mobile Manipulator Improves Safety and Efficiency

 Mentor, Ohio May 3, 2016 Air Technical Industries (ATI) has developed a new unique five-axis tool to handle and articulate large items in any position needed.

The five axes are lift, extend, pitch, roll and grip up to 2000 lbs and lifting from ground level height to 12 feet.  The addition of available yaw axis as well as powered mast rotation offers up to seven total functions.  The manipulator with the gripper is installed on ATI’s Reversible Boom Crane (RBC-6000-SPBW).  This unit is self propelled with infinitely variable speed control and 90° steering capability to the left or right, giving the unit the ability to turn on a dime.

All the axes of the articularm are hydraulically actuated.  The pitch axis has a range of 130°, roll axis is 180° and yaw axis is 90° to the left and 90° to the right – parallel to the boom.  The power source is 24 volts DC battery powered.

A variety of grippers are available.  The one featured in the picture has parallel flat jaws with a minimum opening of 8” and maximum opening of 16”.  The most popular gripper is the round jaws to grab and hold cylindrical items.

The controls are remote pendant push button so that the operator can be close to the item lifted in order to closely monitor the articulation for precise positioning.

This is an ideal tool for ergonomic handling and safety to avoid using the wrong equipment in a make shift application.  It takes the load off the operator’s back and uses the finger tip push button control in handling heavy objects effectively.

May 3, 2016

Tele-Mast Learns to Drive by GPS


Straddle crane is slim, self-propelled, diesel engine powered

 March 17, 2016 Mentor, Ohio  Air Technical Industries announces the development of a  unique mobile gantry crane for indoor/outdoor use.  When used outdoors, the 4 telescopic legs raise the crane up to 30 feet high for stacking containers or other large items, lifting over them to maximize storage space, or for loading and unloading trucks.  When used indoors, the Tele-Mast lowers the crane’s overall height for in-building applications.  It has a very narrow design to maximize usable span while maintaining a narrow overall width for passing through overhead doors.  It ranges in size from small to large to humongous, depending on the customers requirements.

The crane is diesel engine powered and all actions are hydraulically actuated including lift, propulsion, steering and optional cable lift.  Controls are remote pendant with variable speeds up to 4 MPH.  Tires are large cushion-type rubber, 16” wide and 28” OD for smooth and quiet operation.  It is all heavy duty steel construction with a 3:1 safety factor for demanding industrial use.  The modular design makes the crane easy to transport and to assemble and disassemble in the field.

The crane functions are user-friendly easy to learn, with a short operator training time.  The operator can easily manipulate the fingertip controls to move large and heavy loads.  The removable, umbilical pendant control station can be safely stored when not in use.

The crane comes in a variety of sizes and capacities which are customized to the users specific need.  Standard models are offered in 25,000 and 60,000 pounds capacities with custom designs available up to 100,000 pounds  The simplicity of the modular design gives ATI an advantage and flexibility to meet the user’s needs depending on the environment, size of the building, and  type of access doors as well as the size and condition of the outdoor yard.

Optional features and attachments include a spreader bar for lifting standard ISO shipping containers, 20′ or 40′ size, remote radio control hook up including a safety light indicating positive engagement.  Other optional equipment include large conventional or custom spreader bars, universal spreader bars with a variety of lengths for 2 and 4 lifting points as well as “C” shape lifting rams for large, heavy coils for turning, handling, lifting and positioning of items.  The Tele-Mast is an ideal tool for lifting heavy and large items, and for easily and safely transporting, loading, and manipulating in unusual environments.




March 17, 2016

Mini Lift, Mega Uses

Solving problems is our number one priority at ATI. We find solutions that save money, time, and most importantly, worker fatigue. With so many products to offer and the countless different applications you find in today’s production industry, solutions can come in many different forms.

One of our products has been used in many different ways to achieve the desired end result. The Mini Scissors Lift Table, with its screw drive design, was developed for lifting capacities up to 250 lbs with precise accuracy. Built for industrial use, these versatile little machines have been used in a wide array of applications, some that we would not have thought of, unless our clients gave us the idea.

One of my favorite projects involved assisting a wheelchair bound individual. He wanted to get in his golf cart unassisted, from his wheelchair, so he can ride around his condominium complex and take his daughter trick-or-treating. Another, not so ordinary application involved a lawyer redecorating his entertainment and TV room. Our Mini Lift was used to raise his big screen TV up from an enclosed piece of furniture. We have modified one of our Double Mini’s to be mounted on top of an RV. The lift was used to raise and lower the vehicle’s satellite dish with a press of a button.
What is your application? Bring it to us. We have so many ways to find the best solution for YOU.

Straddle Crane 100,000 lbs

February 25, 2016

Tele-Mast Straddle Crane Lifts Energy

A fortune 250 company a leader in the green energy field had an application in which they had to transport both ISO containers along with turbine rotors weighing up to 100,000 lbs. They wanted an all-in-one universal crane that would handle them both. We tailored our Self Propelled Telescopic-Mast Straddle Crane to the application, which included both auto locking container lifter, and a single lifting beam down the middle. They also wanted the ability to move one container over another or stack the containers. So we designed it with additional travel to clear the container height. The unit is diesel engine powered that powers all functions including the steering, drive, and mast lift. It is completely self-contained, and maneuvering and position is controlled by a variable speed joystick control. This all-in-one solution enables the customer to handle a variety of loads without requiring any equipment rental or tool change-overs, saving time and improving productivity.

Straddle Crane 100,000 lbs

February 10, 2016

4 Reasons Why Improving Ergonomics Improves Your Bottom Line

1. Improve workers safety. By implementing lift and assist equipment, you will help take the load off your workers’ backs, preventing injuries. This will reduce worker’s compensation claims, absenteeism, and turnover, saving lots of money!

2. Increase productivity. You can increase your productivity level 50-75%. Have one man do the job of two or more and do it twice as fast. By designing a job to allow for good posture, less exertion, fewer motions, and easier reaches, the workstation becomes more efficient.

3. Become more competitive. Keeping up with your competitors is important, and having the right ergonomic equipment will keep you one step ahead of your competition. Improving efficiency will allow you to lower your cost of goods, therefore making your prices more competitive.

4. Improve morale. Showing your fellow employees that you care about their health and well being is a big morale boost. Providing them with equipment to help make the job easier will improve the overall morale and create a better safety culture. Ergonomics shows your company’s commitment to employee health as a core value. Healthy employees are your most valuable asset; fostering the safety & health culture at your company will lead to better performance for your organization.

If you need a machine and don’t buy it, then you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don’t have it.” – Henry Ford

January 27, 2016
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