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ATI manufactures and provides products to nuclear and solar energy companies, as well as facilities that provide components to these companies.

Specific Energy projects have included:

The Large Telescopic Mast Jib Crane used by the San Onofre Power Plant for nuclear rod refueling is an example of the type of work ATI can perform for the energy industry. This crane is entirely aluminum and stainless steel and has been built to be earthquake proof. Attached directly to the base of the reactor, it has 360° power rotation and it telescopes from a stored position of 30′ up to 50′ height when in use.

The Large Double Grinder Crane used by Scattergood Power Plant is designed to be seismic shock proof and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The crane can go over water on two piers with the water in between. It is self-supported, self-propelled, and has duel controls

An Arizona power plant has an unusual application for the Sky Raiser Crane. The crane travels in circles on top of a nuclear reactor and is capable of covering every square inch of the space for fuel rod feeding and positioning.

Our Triple Section Telescopic Boom Crane can be used to reach over water basins to install and retrieve pumps and filters at an electric generating plant.

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