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General Manufacturing

ATI designs and manufactures customized products which are engineered to fit precisely into the space allotted, saving customers floor space. Plus, ATI works according to its customers’ schedules, delivering and installing equipment expediently. We stock a variety of popular models which can be shipped within 1-2 weeks, and 95% of this equipment arrives fully assembled and ready to power up for operation. ATI is also pleased to offer mobile shop cranes that can complement the use of an overhead crane, performing all of the lifts and moves of small parts, which increases efficiency and boosts productivity.

Specific General Manufacturing projects have included:

General Manufacturing

Customers benefit from a versatile and high capacity Manipulator that is ergonomically designed to handle a variety of equipment and components up to 2000 lbs. This product increases efficiency, improves productivity, and boosts morale while ensuring a safer working environment. This leads to increased profits.

ATI’s Die Handling Lift lifts and transports while installing dies with a unique die pusher/puller that stores dies over multilevel shelves, saving storage space. This equipment maximizes the plant capacity. It reduces manual pulling/pushing and stretching and reduces injuries

Our Shop Floor Cranes are used for machine loading, assembling heavy components, and helping in plant maintenance and repair. These cranes need no installation, allowing your team to use them any time in any location. They are available manually or self-propelled, or battery-powered, making the job easier while meeting your specific needs.

ATI has a vast selection of Scissor Lift Tables in a variety of sizes and capacities available from stock. We will modify these lift tables to accommodate any size or capacity per your request. Challenge us with your unique project!

ATI designed a machine feeding system featuring two Zero-Low Lift and Tilt tables in front of stamping press. On one side was a container full of parts that needed to be stamped. The container was lifted and tilted toward the operator for convenient access to the parts, with no need to bend down or reach, which saved time, reduced fatigue, and increased press performance up to 300%. On the other side of the system was the other table where the operator placed finished parts, and where the lifting and tilting action was reversed for accumulating.

Large pieces of sheet metal and other materials were stacked at the front of shear on a scissors lift table. The lift elevated automatically to the desired height. One operator slid the material in to cut it, and it elevated again to the pre-set height. This process increased speed and machine output exponentially with less effort, all while improving safety.

Increase efficiency, quality, and profits with Sheet and Plate Automatic Feeders.

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