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Port-O-Giant Crane Serves Aerospace Industry

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A customer in the aircraft manufacturing business was looking for a safe way to replace helicopter blades that could weight up to 750 lbs. These blades needed to be lifted upwards of 20 feet high in the air. This was a great application for our Self-Propelled Port-O-Giant with the goose-neck boom attachment and hydraulic powered winch. This unit comes self-contained with all powered options for telescopic boom, powered boom lift, hydraulic winch, and powered mast rotation. The unit runs on 24V DC battery power and has a built-in on-board battery charger. This unit worked perfectly and was able to straddle the helicopter and with the goose-neck boom, safely lift up and over any obstruction. This unit is very versatile in the aeronautical industry as it has been used for multiple applications such as servicing engines and or turbines to removing seats from aircraft.

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