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Air Technical Industries specializes in designing and manufacturing various type of crane products including portable floor cranes, shop cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes, mobile cranes, and counterbalance cranes.


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Cranes Overview

Air Technical Industries (ATI) designs and manufactures over 2,500 product models of material handling equipment, including cranes. Our superior materials and workmanship allow us to deliver equipment that improves workplace safety, increases productivity, and allows our customers’ businesses to perform more competitively. ATI finds expert solutions for complex problems that others might not know how to handle. We love solving difficult handling solutions so much that we invite customers to challenge our team to find a solution. No matter how difficult a problem you have, we’re sure we can find the optimal solution.

Floor Cranes

A floor crane is a type of portable material handling equipment that is designed to hoist and transport materials safely and quickly. Floor cranes easily move heavy or unusually shaped objects and are designed to be moved around different locations within a factory or warehouse. Sometimes called shop cranes, engine hoists, or cherry pickers, floor cranes can be used to position, lift, and load objects, and are available in different load capacities and lift heights.

Air Technical Industries has several types of floor cranes available, each of which has different characteristics that make them better suited for certain applications. Our floor cranes range in lifting capacity from 1,000 lbs to 20,000 lbs, and come in lift heights between 8 ft. and 26 ft. All of our floor cranes are designed for optimal safety and durability. The different types we offer include:

  • Econo-Master
  • Husky-Master
  • Port-O-Giant
  • Reversible Boom Crane (counterbalance floor crane)
  • Super-Master
  • V-Master

All of our floor cranes are highly customizable, with hydraulic options, and provide a versatile solution where portability is important. Floor cranes work well in spaces where heavy loads need to be lifted without any footing room.

Truck-Mounted Cranes

Truck-mounted cranes load and unload goods from the deck of a truck on which they are mounted. They lift and lower and can move materials vertically or horizontally. The transportation industry frequently uses truck cranes for loading and unloading payloads. They are also widely used throughout the construction industry to move heavy construction materials. Truck-mounted cranes move conveniently to different job sites, and are equipped with outriggers that prevent them from tipping when moving heavy loads.

The types of truck-mounted cranes available at Air Technical Industries range in load capacity from 500 lb. to 6,000 lb. and feature lift heights of up to 18 ft., with certain models having a reach of up to 146 in.  The types of truck-mounted cranes we carry include:

  • Rotating Jib-Master Forklift Crane
  • Truck-Mounted Foldable Crane
  • Truck-Mounted Knuckle Crane
  • Truck-Mounted Pick-Up Crane
  • Truck-Mounted Super-Master Crane

Each of these types provides versatile and efficient access to worksites and cost less than purchasing a dedicated mobile crane. Another advantage of truck-mounted cranes is that they can be folded for portability and provide an ideal solution for loads that are large and bulky or awkwardly sized.

Gantry and Jib Cranes

Gantry cranes are a type of overhead crane consisting of a single or double girder configuration. The girders are supported by freestanding legs, which can be stationary or move either along a track or rail system or on caster wheels. Gantry cranes are typically used in indoor or outdoor applications and don’t need permanent support columns or runway beams as they do not need to be tied into a building’s support structure. Gantry cranes are most commonly used for heavy fabrication applications such as shipping and container yards, as well as rail, steel, and scrapyards.

Jib cranes are another type of overhead lifting machine. They can be used to move items within a small radius, such as during assembly processes. They are a space-saving option that can be installed either indoors or outdoors. Jib cranes are frequently used at loading docks, marinas, and for machining and assembly operations. Jib and gantry cranes are similar; however, their key difference is in their points of contact. Gantry cranes are anchored at both ends while jib cranes have only one point of contact.

ATI carries gantry and jib cranes in 500 lb. to 10,000 lb. capacities, and up to 20 ft. span and heights. The specific types we carry are:

  • A-Frame Gantry Crane
  • Floor-Mounted Jib Crane
  • Portable Jib Crane
  • Tele-Mast Straddle Crane
  • Telescoping Mast Jib Crane

With over five decades of experience, Air Technical Industries is the expert in material handling solutions. We create customized equipment for even the most challenging applications, constructed with heavy-duty welded steel. Our inventory consists of hundreds of products, many of which are available within 7-10 days. We also offer prompt replacement parts service. Our sales engineers are always available to help find the right solution to your handling problems. To find out more details about the types of cranes we offer, please visit our products page.