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Tele-Mast Straddle Crane

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    Compact, towable models 25HP 230/460V 3-phaseModelCapacity (lbs)Span(ft.)Length(ft.)Under beam ht (ft.)Vertical Travel (ft.)Raised Under beam (ft.)
    38HP propane engine, air cooledTMSC-PPG6
    26HP diesel engine, water cooledTMSC-PDE6
    Self-propelled models
    Powered steering, diesel powered
    Two-wheel driveTMSC-60101420-D260,000101214620
    Four-wheel driveTMSC-60101420-D460,000101214620
    Two-wheel driveTMSC-60101624-D260,000101216824
    Four-wheel driveTMSC-60101624-D460,000101216824
    Two-wheel driveTMSC-60101828-D260,0001012181028
    Four-wheel driveTMSC-60101828-D460,0001012181028
    Two-wheel driveTMSC-60102032-D260,0001012201232
    Four-wheel driveTMSC-60102032-D460,0001012201232
    Options & Accessories
    Tow barTMSC-T6
    Cross beams with (4) adj hook platesTMSC-CR6
    Spreader bar for 20 ft containerTMSC-SBR6Powered lock, radio controlled push button
    Telescopic lifting forks (set of 4)TMSC-LF6
    Extra span, per foot, up to 16 ft consult factory
    Extra length, per foot, up to 24 ft consult factory
    Four-pulley & hook cable lift systemTMSC-PC4-66 (12)
    Vertical travel:TMSC-PC4-88 (16)
    Mast travel (cable travel)TMSC-PC4-1010 (20)
    TMSC-PC4-1212 (24)

    The Next Generation Portable Gantry CraneWhen Air Technical Industries sensed the need for a more effective and affordable alternative to drive systems and hoists, it led to the creation of the Tele-Mast Straddle Crane. The hydraulically operated telescopic mast portable gantry crane is a great way to simplify awkward material handling requirements. Our customers vouch for the dependability of this crane even in the toughest material handling environments.

    Industrial Applications

    The Tele-Mast Straddle Crane adapts to your unique requirements thanks to the various options and accessories available on it. While our crane can seamlessly integrate with most standard applications, it can also be customized per your requirements. Our portable gantry crane is currently being used in applications such as:

    • Handling shipping containers
    • Loading and unloading trucks
    • Lifting or moving heavy castings
    • Handling large molds
    • Lifting or moving large generators
    • Other cumbersome loads

    Designed for Usability

    Much of the usability of material handling equipment depends on intelligent design. Our mobile gantry crane is no different. The rugged structural steel construction of the crane enables indoor as well as outdoor use. So you can confidently employ it on a construction site, dockyard or even a warehouse.

    Designed for Mobility

    Air Technical Industries offers towable or self-propelled models to suit your precise mobility requirements. The self-propelled models are available in 2-wheel and 4-wheel drives complete with powered steering for easy maneuverability. It moves with its own power source or with a tow motor.

    Designed for Performance

    This workhorse has a load lifting capacity of 60,000 lbs with a vertical travel range of 6 feet to 12 feet. It is available with options such as a 230/460V 3-phase electric, propane or diesel engine.

    Designed for Flexibility

    Air Technical Industries understands that every worksite is different. So, we’ve made it possible for you to use the Tele-Mast Straddle Crane as a portable gantry crane anytime you want. The crane features an assortment of lifting features such as: a spreader bar for handling shipping containers, laterally adjustable cross beams with hook plates, telescopic lifting forks, and a cable lift system.

    Air Technical Industries: Smart Innovations, Executed Seamlessly

    Air Technical Industries (ATI) presents you with infinite possibilities when it comes to industrial cranes and related products. Precision, speed, and high-efficiency are three most valuable factors of industrial cranes, and ATI precisely manufactures and caters the same through portable gantry cranes.

    Our Flagship Product

    ATI comprehends the need for affordable and effective crane systems in various industries, and thus urged on to the creation of a device called as the Tele-Mast Straddle Crane. This is the smartest and most advanced innovation made by us. This type of crane adapts to the most demanding environments and unique requirements because of the various accessories and options available on it. Although our cranes can consistently incorporate with most standard industrial applications, we carry the ability to customarily customize our products as per customer requirements and demands.

    Our hydraulically operated telescopic mast portable gantry crane is the best way to simplify bulky and voluminous material handling requirements. Our worldwide customers assure for the reliability and dependability of portable gantry cranes even in the most demanding and harshest material handling environments. Crane being the most useful machine can be employed for different purposes, and Air Technical Industries stands tall to offering the same. We earnestly encourage you to discuss your portable gantry crane requirements with us. Call us today at 1-888-857-6265.

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