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How about Telescopic Platform Lifts? No Problem!




When a Toyota manufacturing facility needed special, customized, hydraulic scissor lift platforms for their assembly line, which would not only raise production workers up and down to work around the vehicle…but would also transport workers out closer to the vehicles on the assembly line, and then back… the Air Technical Industries engineering team came through with customized scissor lift designs that would increase capacity and deliver safe, ergonomic, and efficient cost/time saving solutions.

The fact is…Air Technical Industries has the complete ability to manufacture customized solutions for almost any material handling equipment challenge…for customers throughout the world! Yes, we manufacture many standard products too, Including lift tables, lift platforms, jib cranes, mobile cranes, etc., but sometimes standard may not always be the most cost effective solution for our customers.

The fact is… Air Technical Industries sales engineers first ask their customers many questions about their challenge, so they can recommend and deliver the best solution…standard products, modified standard products… or totally custom manufactured products. Manufacturing the right product to deliver the best solution…that’s what we do!

To learn more about the…”Telescopic Platform Lifts” created for Toyota, Contact Us.

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A Silent Accomplishment…Which Needs To Be Heard!

A customer in the entertainment industry was struggling in their search to find a material handling equipment company that would produce a heavy duty capacity scissors lift that operated completely silent. They also requested that the heavy duty lift table also support a 15,000 lb load that would need to be lifted 8 feet high in 10 seconds or less. Our engineering team at Air Technical Industries met the challenge by customizing one of our standard models with an accumulator power pack, which was positioned 100 feet from the stage. The hydraulic scissors lift was also required to start and stop slowly. This was achieved by incorporating a programmable logic controller (PLC) in the engineered unit. The final scissors lift was built to an overall size of 84” x 144” and height of 16”, meeting all customer requirements. This lift with the unique and versatile accumulator powerpack raises and lowers whisper-quiet yet with turbo speed!

Challenges like this are common requests that customers make to Air Technical Industries. And we can answer the challenge, because we are also a customized manufacturer of material handling equipment. We just don’t deliver quality products… we deliver real solutions to every unique challenge! That’s where we excel – just like this customer found out. If you have a unique challenge…call us or go to our “Challenge Us” section on our website. Our engineering team is waiting to help you!

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