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Complete Portable Workstation Offers New Dimensions of Versatility

Portable Jib Crane Articularm

Mentor, Ohio December 5, 2016Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new, one of a kind Portable Jib Crane with Articulating Forearm, 360° rotation and telescopic mast.

The main benefit is portability which enables the portable jib crane to be used anywhere, anytime for indoor and outdoor use without permanent installation. The unit provides on the spot handling and it can operate in harmony with big and bulky overhead cranes.

The most exciting new feature is the 6 ft long articulating forearm feature that rotates 360° providing 100% coverage within the work area. The 10 ft main beam also rotates 360° for a total work area of 16 ft radius.

The unit is equipped with an optional load balancer making the load weightless. It is an ideal ergonomic tool to help lift and place any component with precise positioning for assembly.

It can be used for many industrial applications such as: machine loading, lifting, transferring, stacking, packing, holding parts for inspection, assembly, maintenance, etc.

The Portable Jib Crane Articularm is available in three versions:

  • Stationary, permanent floor mounted arm.

  • Portable, self-supporting counterweight jib crane with 4-way fork pockets.

  • Combination unit with unique telescopic mast.

Experience a new dimension of versatility. You can operate at different heights to reach over, above and beyond to reach around obstacles.

The telescoping mast can be used for actual load lifting without use of a hoist. It’s versatility comes into play where limited overhead space as well as higher ceiling heights exist. The telescoping mast feature is also useful for reducing the overall height of the crane for storage or transportation, and then extend it to full working height during operation. The lifting action is hydraulically actuated.

The combination of any version or options can be selected to meet the user’s need. Other options available are powered mast rotation and powered forearm rotation. Any selected combination can be used with optional electric hoist or load balancer.

Capacities available are 500, 1000 and 2000 lbs. The beam height is 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20 feet. The power options are 110 volts single phase, 240-480 volts 3 phase as well as air powered hoist and mast lift for hazardous environments.

The construction of this special jib crane is heavy duty steel welded construction for rugged industrial use. Corrosive or marine environment stainless steel construction is also available.

The mast rotation and forearm rotation are featured with precision bearings to enable easy and smooth operation. The Portable Jib Crane Articularm is an ergonomically designed tool to help in multiple tasks to increase efficiency, save time, make the job easier, and improve the morale of the work force the smart way – by having the worker use more brain than muscle.


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View Portable Jib Crane models here

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New Heavy-Duty Smart Jib Crane

Mentor, Ohio December 8, 2014 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) is excited to announce the development of a new Smart Jib Crane. This pedestal mounted crane is 300” tall with a boom span of 288” and capacity of 4,000 lbs. Equipped with 360° powered rotation that starts slow then accelerates the rotation through travel and comes to gradual slow to stop. The wire rope hoist and motorized trolley are equipped with a festooning system and rotation has collector ring so that the smart crane can rotate continuously clock-wise or counter clock-wise without stopping and not reversing to return in the opposite direction to avoid twisting the wire.

The controls are radio remote controlled, no umbilical cord necessary so that the operator has freedom of movement and can stand wherever necessary for safety and comfort or monitoring of the load.

In addition to the soft start, the rotation is equipped with 2 speed control. Slow speed for jogging or precise positioning of the load and fast for running. These parameters are controlled by a programmable Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and my be modified as desired. The lift action is likewise equipped with slow and fast operational speeds to give the operator better control on raising up the load. The hoist may also be equipped with optional overload prevention device.

The jib-crane capacity is available in 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, 6,000, and 10,000 pounds and span reach and height per the customer’s requirement. It is available with NEMA-4 washdown package and special coatings for outdoor use such as marine environments.

This unit is heavy duty industrial equipment that is welded construction, the I-beam is capped with structural channel for lateral stability. This crane is an ideal tool for on spot lifting, handling and positioning. The crane is energy efficient and quiet for indoor or outdoor operation.


Smart Jib Crane

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Canadian Company finds solution at Air Technical Industries

The application was simple and straight forward. They needed to lift a 40 foot tool straight up and rotate back and forth for testing before tool went out into the field.

ATI has a standard product line that would do just that, the Telescopic Mast Jib Crane. Although these are standard, there had to be some modifications to get the height they needed. The stored under beam height was 35 foot, with 30 feet of vertical travel for an overall under beam height of 75 feet. These modification were no problem as ATI not only has standard products but we are able and willing to modify our equipment to meet our customers ever demanding needs.

This allowed them to easily and safely lift their tool for testing. The Telescopic Jib Crane has 360 degrees of manual rotation for versatile and agile handling. Can be equipped with power rotation if needed. Telescoping action is hydraulically operated, electric or air powered.


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Industrial Material Handling Equipment

A customer in an extrusion operation approached with a problem. The components that they regualrly change in the cooling tanks have been updated from being manageble 40 pound units to now being 200 pound assemblies. This change has caused some back injuries among the maintenance crew members, as they were having to reach down into the cooling tanks, and pick up the assembly, lifting it up over the lip and setting it down manually in a narrow aisle. This maintenance is performed weekly on each of their 18 extrusion lines. The biggest challenge for this customer is that the narrow aisles, prevented them from being able to reach the assembly with traditional lifting equipment.

The solution is a modified portable jib crane with a counter weighted beam. The jib crane can be transported down the aisle on a pallet jack since a forklift can not fit in the aisle. The base was modified to be only 36” wide. They will be able to rotate the jib directly over the assembly, hook up their hoist, and lift without risking injury. This solution also pays for itself with increased efficiency due to now one maintenance worker can change the assembly working alone, where as before it took 3 workers. This was the right solution from both a safety and a financial standpoint.

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Portable Jib Cranes

Air Technical Industries announces the development of a new series of Portable Jib Cranes that are self-supportive and can be used anytime, any place, indoors or outdoors, without installation. The Portable Jib Crane has a counterweight built in to the base for stability and fork pockets for portability.

Portable Jib Crane

When the job is done, the crane can be easily moved out of the way, since it is not bolted to the concrete floor, as it is in the case with traditional jib cranes. The ordinary jib crane can only be used at one fixed location and is limited in flexibility that the new portable crane offers.

One crane that can be used at many locations adds great versatility and savings by not needing many cranes at different locations, and it also saves space on the shop floor. The Portable Jib Crane is also convertible and can be detached from the base and mounted to the floor.

The crane features a 360° boom rotation manually operated and there is an optional powered boom rotation available. The crane can be equipped with a manual hoist or electrical powered hoist, 110 volt single phase or 240-480 volts, 3 phase. For hazardous areas, air powered pneumatic spark proof hoists are available.

Portable Jib Cranes are built of heavy duty industrial welded steel construction for safe and long lasting use. The rotation is on a heavy duty Timken roller bearing and precision built cam followers for smooth, easy, effortless rotation. Cranes are available in capacities of 500, 1000 or 2000 pounds with a span length of 6 to 12 feet and an under beam height of up to 24 ft.

The cranes feature 2 different counter balance designs, one is counterweight built into the enlarged base for stability and the other is mounted on the rotating beam so that counterweight is always on the opposite side of the payload. The specially designed counterweight base has 4-way fork pockets for easy accessibility from any side.

The Portable Jib Crane is an ideal tool for on the spot lifting and handling of heavy components at different locations. It can be a great complement to a larger overhead crane to save the time for heavier lifts, while using the Portable Jib Crane under the overhead crane to help out.

View Portable Jib Crane models here

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