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New Mobile Lift Platform Transporter

Mentor, Ohio September 26, 2018Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a unique and versatile material transport platform with built-in hydraulic lift up to 10,000 pounds capacity. The unit is completely self-sufficient and battery powered 24 or 48 volts with a built in charger that charges itself automatically at a docking station. This newly developed feature allows the unit to be used 16 hours a day, increasing efficiency and saving time!

The unit has infinitely variable speed travel control from zero up to 3 mph and is equipped with an automated braking system with gradual acceleration and deceleration. No jolting and jerky starts or stops!

Wireless remote controls are available for convenience of the operator with up to 100 feet of range. Similar to a TV remote, the transmitter controls the travel as well as lifting and lowering functions.

The platform deck comes with a variety of options; plain flat surface, “V” shape top for transporting cylindrical rolls, and can be equipped with gravity or powered roller conveyor for loading and unloading. A powered rotating platform can change the orientation of the load, or an upender function can pick-up the load in a horizontal position and deliver it in vertical position or vice versa.

The unit travels on a subsurface mounted track or can travel on a surface mounted flat bar track attached to the floor. The wheels are steel double flanged to travel a straight line for dedicated application. It can also run on crane rail or inverted angle track if equipped with V-groove wheels. When the unit is equipped with power steering for more versatility, the wheels are polyurethane for quiet, smooth operation, and to protect the floor.

The “New Mobile Lift Platform Transporter” is a true state-of-the-art modern self-propelled platform that will deliver your load effortlessly to where you want it. This will increase performance, improve safety, eliminate lifting, stretching and pulling. ATI is dedicated to innovating the way to make your job easier, safer, time-saving – all which improves efficiency and increases morale in your work force.

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Self-Propelled Mobile Lift

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Rough-Terrain Lift Table Helps Renewable Energy

A customer in the wind turbine industry was looking for a way to safety and efficiently perform maintenance on turbine blades in the field. They needed a low-profile, rough-terrain scissors lift so they can transport and position the blades. The huge windmill blades can span up to 200′ length, so they are quite awkward and cumbersome to handle. The lift table is only 8 feet long and is positioned under the middle at the center of gravity to do the positioning. The wheels are 21” diameter pneumatic wheels and it has dual self-contained drive wheels with power steering and a joystick pendant control for remote operation. The blade is removed from the windmill head and placed onto the lift table. Then the lift table is maneuvered to a work area where it places the blade on supports to perform the work.

The self-propelled mobile scissors lift table is an ideal tool for improving the efficiency and rapid turnaround of wind turbine blade maintenance. By combining proven lift table design with the custom features required for the specific application, we are able to provide a simple and cost-effective engineered solution.


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Portable Band Saw Feeder Table

A research laboratory had a challenge for Air Technical Industries, they required a table able to lift sheets of steel up to 38” and feed them into a band saw. ATI outfitted a standard hydraulic scissor lift table with wheels, gravity conveyors, and powered push arms. This table will be able to lift the sheet of steel to the height needed and be able to feed it into the band saw utilizing the powered pusher. This table reduces the number of handling iterations by being able to be loaded at the source, conveniently pushed to the saw raised to the proper height, and then the load can easily be pushed using the chain driven pusher/puller.


Zero-Low Scissor Lift Tables

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Mobile Zero-Low Lift for Aerospace

A customer that manufactured helicopters was looking for a way to lift and weigh their helicopters. They were doing this operation not only to check the weight ,but also to check the balance and center of gravity of the helicopters. They wanted something that was mobile so that they can wheel it into place and then remove when not in use. The also wanted the Zero Low feature so that they could roll right on the the lift at the ground level. We were able to equip the Zero Low lift table with a wheel package and utilize what we like to call the 5th wheel design. This would allow them to engage or disengage the wheels when the scissors table was in use. They also mounted a low profile scale on top to perform the weight test that was needed. The Zero Low lifts were powered by air because this was compressed air was readily accessible. You can see this family of lift tables at

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Zero-Low Lift with wheels

A maintenance engineer approached Air Technical Industries with a challenge. They remove and replace pumps on a monthly basis that need lifted a few feet in the process. In order to do this the maintenance crew has had to use several pieces of equipment including two mobile cranes. Since these pumps are on wheels and can be pushed or pulled the solution is the Zero-Low Lift with wheels. This unit will lower flush to the ground for easy loading and unloading, and can be raised slightly to be used as a cart. This solution makes it possible to use only one piece of lift equipment for the removal and replacement of the pumps.

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