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A Silent Accomplishment…Which Needs To Be Heard!

A customer in the entertainment industry was struggling in their search to find a material handling equipment company that would produce a heavy duty capacity scissors lift that operated completely silent. They also requested that the heavy duty lift table also support a 15,000 lb load that would need to be lifted 8 feet high in 10 seconds or less. Our engineering team at Air Technical Industries met the challenge by customizing one of our standard models with an accumulator power pack, which was positioned 100 feet from the stage. The hydraulic scissors lift was also required to start and stop slowly. This was achieved by incorporating a programmable logic controller (PLC) in the engineered unit. The final scissors lift was built to an overall size of 84” x 144” and height of 16”, meeting all customer requirements. This lift with the unique and versatile accumulator powerpack raises and lowers whisper-quiet yet with turbo speed!

Challenges like this are common requests that customers make to Air Technical Industries. And we can answer the challenge, because we are also a customized manufacturer of material handling equipment. We just don’t deliver quality products… we deliver real solutions to every unique challenge! That’s where we excel – just like this customer found out. If you have a unique challenge…call us or go to our “Challenge Us” section on our website. Our engineering team is waiting to help you!

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The Show Must Go On

A theater in California was looking for a cost effective way to bring props up to their stage level that was about 10′ above the basement where the lift was installed. Some of the props consist of a grand piano that could weigh upwards of 2,000 pounds. They were limited to the amount of floor space in which they were going to put the lift table. We designed a double scissors hydraulic lift table that was rated for 4,000 lbs in a small footprint. The table was equipped guard rails and safety skirts to protect crew from the scissors mechanisms. The lift would assist them in moving heavy items to the stage level. This prevents anyone from injuring themselves having to carry large, heavy items up the stairs. You wouldn’t normally consider ergonomics a major factor in the performance arts industry, but ATI was able to make it happen!

Intermediate-Capacity Maintenance Lifts

Maintenance Lift

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ATI Takes a Harley for a Spin

Air Technical delivers yet another lift for Vegas entertainment. This time to display a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The scissors lift is built with a 102” diameter round top. The circular top also has a motorized 360 degree rotating turn table. It is set up with an automatic cycle package so that the turntable rotates continuously without holding down the button. The tables capacity is rated at 2,000 lbs to handle the weight of the turntable and bike. After raising the motorcycle up the desired height, the turntable keep it spinning nice and slow for an awesome attention getting display!

Here are some other interesting projects ATI has been involved on:

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Pair of Scissors Lifts Wows Entertainment Industry

A customer in the entertainment industry was looking for a custom stage lift to lift his drummer of his band 10′ in the air and then come underneath him so it appeared that the drummer was floating over top. At first it seemed as if only a magician call pull off a trick such as this. However the clever minds of the engineering team came up with a design that would position two double scissors lift parallel with each other and then mount a common platform over top. The lifts were synchronized with a hydraulic flow divider that enabled the lifts to go up at the same rate. The performer also wanted this to happen quickly so we outfitted them with a 15 HP motor enabling them to go up at a fast rate.

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Stage Lift

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio is announcing the development of an extra-large, circular stage lift. The moon-shaped circular deck adds a new dimension of excitement to a show or concert.

Orchestra Pit Stage Lift

Stage Lift from below Stage Lift from above

The unit shown is more than 7 feet wide and 42 feet long. It raises an entire orchestra cast with piano and all the instruments up to 144 inches in the air. The specially fitted curved platform perfectly matches the shape of the pit in which it is installed.

Capacity of the lift is 10,000 pounds with over 3:1 safety factor. The hydraulically operated lifting action is provided by six hydraulic cylinders featuring chrome plated shafts to provide smooth, quiet operation and to prevent corrosion. The cylinders are synchronized for uniform, level lifting by a precision-built flow divider. Each cylinder is equipped with a pilot operated safety holding valve to prevent the stage lift from accidental lowering in case of power or hydraulic failure. The hydraulic system is also equipped with a safety pressure relief valve to prevent overloading.

The electric powerpack is remotely installed in a separate enclosure to keep the operation quiet and clean. The 10HP electric motor is 480V, 3-phase, 60 Hz and the dual push button controls are 110V operated, one mounted on the lift and one located at the lower level.

The lift is all welded steel construction, built heavy duty for dependable, safe, and long-lasting, maintenance free operation. The tandem stage lift can be disassembled in three major sections that bolt together. The durable connecting rods keep the three sections mechanically synchronized for uniform, level lifting even when the load is not uniformly distributed (for example, the piano at one end is heavier than the violinist at the other!)

The lift has many other potential industrial applications with a great many benefits including increased performance, improved safety, reduced injuries and fatigue, time savings and increased visibility. For instance, large aircraft manufacturers are manually erecting scaffolding to assemble the fuselage of an aircraft. This is an expensive process with lots of wasted time and space that delays the manufacturing process.

The stage lift can be built into the ground and then elevate the workers with all the tools when and where needed immediately and safely with enormous time savings and improved performance.

Some other applications include large assembly works, cargo loading and handling, paint application of large items, second floor access with cargo, mezzanine work, or product displays elevated for greater visibility. There are many sizes, lifting heights, and capacities available to meet any specific and specialized needs.

See Tandem Lift Table models here

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