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Air Technical Industries has solution to company’s back injuries

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Company has had a rash of back strains and injuries from daily production application. ATI finds solution with their standard lift table. The customer was moving sheets of plastic from the press to a skid. The first few units made the worker bend over to lay the plastic sheets on the skid. As the pile approached table height they were able to relax a little until the stack got to the point the worker would have to lift the sheets to place the very top ones. These sheets only weighed about 50 pounds each, but the continued bending, stretching, and lifting started to take its toll.

ATI’s solution was a standard lift table with an automatic height gauge. This way the worker could slide the sheets straight from the press to the skid. As the sheets came on the lift table would automatically lower itself waiting for the next sheet. This simple solution has both decreased injuries and increased productivity at the same time.

These lift tables increase productivity and safety while reducing worker fatigue. Wheels optional for extra mobility and versatility. Ideal when table is frequently transferred from one location to another. Self-propelled are also available.

Capacities available from 500 pounds to 50,000 pounds and lift heights as much as 74 inches.

Here is a link to our lift table section of our website.

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