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Aircraft Maintenance Lift for Hazardous Area

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A military customer was looking for an easy way to service the C-130 Hercules aircraft. They wanted to be able to position maintenance staff anywhere along the body of the plane at various work heights. This system would go into a hazardous area with jet fuel present. We developed a modified double scissors lift on an air powered self propelled linear drive system on flanged wheels that travels along a 30 foot track. The hydraulic system is powered completely by compressed air so there are no electrical components that could create a spark hazard. The capacity of the platform is rated for 500 pounds & raises to a height of 8 feet. The custom maintenance lift is also equipped with bumpers along the top edges to prevent any damage to the aircraft. The lift was also equipped with a sidekick platform to allow for additional tooling and personnel.

Intermediate-Capacity Maintenance Lifts

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