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ATI has answer with Mini-Scissor Lift Table

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Customer was looking for a way to quietly and smoothly raise cores in a noise sensitive environment. These cores only weighed 75 pounds. The answer was Air Technical Industries line of Mini-Scissor Lift Tables. They are designed for smooth, quiet, and efficient operation. Electro-mechanically operated; no drift, no leakage (does not apply to hydraulically operated units). Unit is extremely compact, yet offers higher lift with double scissor model. Light and portable for institutional, industrial, or laboratory applications. The Mini-Scissor Lift Table is available up to 250 pound capacity and up to 70 inch raised height. They are also available with casters for mobility.

2 Responses to ATI has answer with Mini-Scissor Lift Table

  1. Very nice – compact yet quiet. Do you have anything over 250 lb capacity?

    • airtechnical says:

      Of course! We offer hydraulic and mechanical lift tables from 1,000 to 50,000 pounds capacities. Thank you!