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Secure your Work at Hazardous Locations by using Appropriate Lifts and Cranes

Hazardous area applications, as companies continue to change work to make it more ergonomically correct there is an increase in the need for lifts and cranes in a variety of environments. Some of these environments require wash down motors that are required for extended life in applications requiring washdown such as food processsing, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturers, or other wet high humidity environments. This is accomplished using NEMA 4 enclosures, and Rust-Oleum coatings to prevent rust and corrosion build-up.

Another concern for manufacturers of flammable items is to prevent sparking during their operations. In order to prevent sparking bronze washers can be inserted into all pivot points, a rubber coating can be applied on all exposed surfaces, on cranes a bronze coated load hook can be used, an air powered motor can be used to replace an electrical motor, the optional air motor can be plugged into any standard compressed air line, it is quiet, highly efficient, and meets the requirements for working in a hazardous atmosphere where non-sparking equipment must be used.

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Ergonomic Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table for Easy and Safe Load Lifting

Many of the customers for Air Technical Industries are engineering firms. When special needs are requsted for a hydraulic lift table, scissor lift table, tandem lift table, or others at Air Technical Industries we will engineer a hydraulic scissor lift table to fit your requirements. A recent project required a hydraulic scissor lift table with a lowered height of 22 inches and a rasied height of 26 feet. On top of that platform was a requirment for a motorized platform that would spin at a slow speed.

Our engineering tHydraulic Scissors Lift Tableeam at air technical industries designed a 4 stage hydraulic scissor lift table that was able to satisfy all the customers requirements.

The main challenge of this desgn was that never before had a hydraulic lift table capable of a 1 ton capacity and 26 feet of raised height been designed. The multistage scissors were designed so that one set would set inside the next on this hydaulic lift. At air Technical Industries, we are ready to meet the next challenge.

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Portable Scissors Lift and Tilt Tables for Easy and Trouble-free Working

A customer who manufacturers electrical panels came to us looking for an ergonomic solution to bring the panel closer to the worker. The perfect solution for this was the scissors lift & tilt table. The customer also needed it to be portable. This or any of our lift tables can easily be equipped with polyurethane non marking wheels. They saw great benefit to this as it lessens the load of the working having to bend over while working on their panels.

The scissors lift and tilt table is also available in a zero low lift table. This enables the operator to load at ground level with a pallet jack. You can also have the lift & tilt table modified up to a 90 degree tilt. The tilt table can tilt in either direction lengthwise & side ways. The unit has a 8” retaining plate allowing the load to be safely positioned.

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Versatile Rotating Jib-Master Forklift Crane for Assisting your Critical Maintenance and Die Handling Applications

The JB-4R. The rotating Jib-Master forklift crane is a versatile solution for many different industrial needs. The most popular use is to pick-up the Jib-master forklift crane with a forklift, and effectively turn the forklift into a crane with up to a three thousand pound capacity and up to a 146” reach beyond the forklift’s capabilities and 150 degrees of rotation. This versatile lift is used in a lot of maintenance and die handling applications. A personnel basket can be used as an optional attachment in order to bring personnel closer to the work.

The JB-4R can also be pedestal mounted or truck mounted. If the rotating Jib-Master is mounted in this way it can have 360 degree rotation, and can be a versatile solution for working in between several workstations. The rotating jib master crane can be instrumental in increasing productivity, performance, plant capacity, and improving safety, efficiency, morale, and ergonomics.

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Straddle Crane for Stacking and Moving Heavy Duty Loads

A customer in custom manufacturing was looking for a way to transport Power stations in the final stage of production & then loaded on the truck. The finished product was 35′ long and 10′ wide weighing in upwards of 30,000 lbs. The straddle crane was the right solution for this job. The customer was also limited to space & turning radius exiting out of the building. We were able to make all the wheels swivel giving them the ability to make sharp turns when needed. The crane has a four point lifting system making it easy & safe to lift the load.

You can outfit the crane as a self propelled model two wheel or four wheel drive controlled by wireless remote. You also have the ability to equip the unit with a automatic locking spreader bar for container lifting. Tow bar is optional for applications where you can tow with a fork lift. You can also get a cable lift if any additional travel is needed. Lifting forks are also available. This heavy duty crane can be outfitted to handle capacities as high as 100,000 lbs and lift as high as 24′

Here is a link for your convenience for further information on our Tele-Mast Straddle Crane.

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ATI’s Portable Jib Crane Saves Company from Loosing their Profit

A New England company specializing in the installation and repair of Commercial Skylights and Space Frames has a project installing 400 feet of skylights on two sides of a building that is 40 feet off the ground. Initially they were looking to have a rigging company supply a crane to move up material and other items needed to do the job. However, the end customer informed them that they could not store material or tools on the roof overnight. This phase of the project will take 2 months to complete. It did not take long to see all profits quickly evaporating from the cost of having to rent a crane 5 days a week for 2 months.

ATI’s Portable Jib Crane is self-supportive and can be used anytime, any place, indoors or outdoors, without installation. The Portable Jib Crane has a counterweight built in to the base for stability and fork pockets for portability. With the use of Air Technical Industries Portable Jib Crane they were able to have the rigging company make two lifts instead of multiple lifts over the course of 2 months. They lifted ATI’s workhorse crane the Super Master Portable Jib Crane up to the roof. Once the Portable Jib Crane was placed in the desired position they no longer needed the rental crane until the project was over. Instead, they used the Portable Jib Crane along with a powered trolley and hoist to move material and tools up to the roof. At the end of the day they would use the crane to move the same material and tools back down for storage overnight. This simple solution saved them thousands of dollars off their bottom line and in the end they actually owned the Portable Jib Crane. Which meant, the next time they use it their profits would be even larger. One crane that can be used at many locations adds great versatility and savings.

The crane features a 360° boom rotation manually operated and there is an optional powered boom rotation available. The crane can be equipped with a manual hoist or electrical powered hoist, 110 volt single phase or 240-480 volts, 3 phase. For hazardous areas, air powered pneumatic spark proof hoists are available.

Portable Jib Cranes are built of heavy duty industrial welded steel construction for safe and long lasting use. The rotation is on a heavy duty Timken roller bearing and precision built cam followers for smooth, easy, effortless rotation. Cranes are available in capacities of 500, 1000 or 2000 pounds with a span length of 6 to 12 feet and an under beam height of up to 24 ft.

Here is a link for your convenience for further information on our Portable Jib Crane.

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The Next Generation Portable Gantry Crane

When Air Technical Industries sensed the need for a more effective and affordable alternative to drive systems and hoists, it led to the creation of the Tele-Mast Straddle Crane. The hydraulically operated telescopic mast portable gantry crane is a great way to simplify awkward material handling requirements. Our customers vouch for the dependability of this crane even in the toughest material handling environments.

The Tele-Mast Straddle Crane adapts to your unique requirements thanks to the various options and accessories available on it. While our crane can seamlessly integrate with most standard applications, it can also be customized per your requirements. Our portable gantry crane is currently being used in applications such as:

  • Handling shipping containers
  • Loading and unloading trucks
  • Lifting or moving heavy castings
  • Handling large molds
  • Lifting or moving large generators
  • Jet Engine building and repairs
  • Other cumbersome loads

Much of the usability of material handling equipment depends on intelligent design. Our mobile gantry crane is no different. The rugged structural steel construction of the crane enables indoor as well as outdoor use. So you can confidently employ it on a construction site, dockyard or even a warehouse.

Air Technical Industries offers tow-able or self-propelled models to suit your precise mobility requirements. The self-propelled models are available in 2-wheel and 4-wheel drives complete with powered steering for easy maneuverability. It moves with its own power source or with a tow motor.

This workhorse has a load lifting capacity of 60,000 lbs and up with a vertical travel range of 6 feet to 12 feet. It is available with options such as a 230/460V 3-phase electric, propane or diesel engine.

Air Technical Industries understands that every work site is different. So, we’ve made it possible for you to use the Tele-Mast Straddle Crane as a portable gantry crane anytime you want. The crane features an assortment of lifting features such as: a spreader bar for handling shipping containers, laterally adjustable cross beams with hook plates, telescopic lifting forks, and a cable lift system.

These units easily pay for themselves in a matter of days compared to having a rigging company come in with cranes to help assist the customer.

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One of the World Leaders in Gases for Industry, Health and the Environment Found a Solution with Air Technical...

The problem, they had many empty gas cylinders that needed to be packaged for transport. Currently they were using 3 or 4 employees and trying to band these cylinders together on a skid. Once they had 10 of these cylinders banded to the skid, they were using a forklift to tilt and lower the skid down so they could load it on the truck. Because of the time, safety, and energy that was being wasted they knew there had to be a better solution.

ATI suggested their Zero-Low Upender Positioner. They could, with one person place the skid in the upright position. Then, roll the empty cylinders onto the crate positioner making a triangle with the 10 cylinders. Next, they would band the cylinders to the pallet. This helped with keeping the cylinders together during rotation and getting them ready for shipment. Finally, they tilted the upender positioner 90 degrees so they could pick up the pallet and load it into the semi. Not only did they make this application more efficient by only needing 1 employee, they also made the whole process much safer for the worker and the gas cylinders.

Air Technical Industries’ Zero-Low Upender Positioners upend or reposition loads, providing easy loading and unloading in both positions. Can be equipped with conveyors for automatic loading and unloading at each end. Auto load conveyors available and Automatic sequencing available per customer’s requirement. These units have a capacity of 250 pounds and up. For easy reference please click on the link provided:

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Air Technical Industries has Solution for World Trade Center Dilemma

A general contractor in New York doing some work at the WTC figured there had to be a solution to the problem at hand. In the basement where 2 elevator doors open there is a drop off to the floor below. Often equipment and personnel are needed in this area to go to other parts of the building. Having to use the stairs to lug equipment and other products up and down was becoming very cumbersome and potentially dangerous.

They turned to ATI for the solution and as they normally do, ATI had the perfect product for their application. The Zero-Low Dock Lift Table was the answer. This lift table allowed them the ability to transfer virtually whatever they wanted to. Whether that be equipment, products, and/or people. The tricky part in the contractors eyes was the with the limited space available for the second lift table. Again, ATI had the answer. Air Technical Industries does modified and custom work and they were able to perfectly fit the right size unit in the space available.

The Zero-Low Dock Lift Table allows you to work from different elevations for easy raising and lowering of loads. Ground-zero loading without the need for ramps or cumbersome inclines. Easy and convenient to drive on to with a pallet truck, forklift, or roll on loads then lift from one elevation to another. This saves the expense and inconvenience of pit mounting and offers the versatility to be used any place on a solid floor for easy loading and unloading. Capacities range from 4,000 pounds to 50,000 pounds and above. Here is a link for the Zero Low Dock Lift Table for your convenience

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Company Looks to ATI for a Custom Hydraulic Lift Table

An Ohio company has a application that is causing wasted time and injury to their workers trying to complete routine maintenance on their furnaces. They currently have a lift table from ATI, but find that with some modifications their application would be more ergonomically correct and safer for the people involved.

They are removing recuperators from their furnaces. These pieces weigh around 200 pounds. Having to bend over the opening to remove these items and carrying them down a ladder to attach to their current lift table for cleaning is putting strain on workers backs and opening them up for further injury. Plus, they are using 3 or 4 people to do this cleaning job.

ATI and their engineers designed a mobile lift table with a telescopic platform to allow for a one person operation. Not only is this a safer option, but they can now better utilize their manpower in other areas. The lift table has a lowered height of 48” for any normal person to have easy access to the recuperator during the cleaning process. The lift table will raise 36” and telescope 30” into the furnace for easy removal. They then can reverse the process to put the piece back into the furnace. All this saves them time, money, injury claims, and efficiency.

ATI’s lift tables are highly versatile and ideal for a wide range of operations like lifting, feeding, accumulating, aligning, and many other production, assembly operations, and maintenance applications. Lift tables ease work and increase worker productivity. ATI’s lift tables range from 500 pounds to in excess of 50,000 pounds and a raised height up to 74 inches. For further information on our lift tables here is a link for your convenience (

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