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Automatic 180° Upender Inverter

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Announcing the development of a new Upender Inverter, microprocessor controlled with powered roller conveyors for automatic loading, clamping, 180 degree rotation, upending, opening and unloading for automation in process handling operations.

Mini Upender Inverter with Auto Conveyors

The unit will automatically load large panels, doors, cabinets, stacks of sheet material, metal, paper wood, or pallets full of boxes, flip it upside down or down side up and discharge.

The typical size of the deck ranges from 4 foot by 4 foot to 5 foot by 8 foot with an opening up to 6 feet high adn capacities of 2000, 4000, 6000, and 10,000 pounds.  Smaller sizes are available for upending boxes, containers or machine parts and manifolds that need to be turned 90 or 180 degrees.

The sequence of operations, the clamping range, and the clamping pressure can be programmed for each specific customer’s need.  The power conveyors can be programmed to feed from left to right or vice versa.  The user may want to turn an item upside down, replace a new pallet and then turn it upside on a new pallet.

The power rotation of the Upender is electro-mechanically operated and it can be programmed for 90 or 180 degree rotation going clockwise or counterclockwise.  The clamping of the load is hydraulically operated with adjustable pressure to protect the item being rotated.

Electric operation is typically 220/440V, 3-phase.   Smaller units can be 110V AC.  Hazardous duty applications or handling flammable material or explosives can be accomplished with spark-proof air motors with an air logic system for automatic operation.

The units are constructed of heavy-duty, welded steel for dependable, continuous, industrial applications.  There are ten standard, pre-engineered units available in a variety of sizes and capacities.

The Upender Inverter is a very unique piece of equipment ideal for an application where large, heavy, awkward items need to be turned over for machining, processing, packing, finishing, assembly, or whatever the reason for turning it over.  The Upender Inverter will save time, increase efficiency, improve productivity and quality as well as maintain safety in the work force.

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