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Cranes are essential machines that are used to lift heavy loads without much efforts and saves lot of time. Particularly, the overhead cranes are extremely useful to load and unload objects in the factory or warehouse above the ground level.

Air Technical Industries presents you with infinite possibilities in terms of material handling equipment and crane products. We specialize in beam cranes which are made of the finest quality of materials and are also available at moderate prices.

A beam crane mainly includes:

  • Bridge type single beam crane
  • Bridge type double beam crane

Considering the former crane type, that is, the main beam for single beam crane it is considered to be a device that consists of compound section combined by a structural steel or joint steel and a steel plate. Along with this composition there is also one lifting trolley by chain block and an electrical hoist attached to the overall assembly.


Normally, beam cranes generally consist of two types:

  • Hanging type
  • Bridge support type

The overall crane span structure of the former navigates along the rail suspending below the workshop roof, whereas, the crane span structure of the latter navigates along the crane rail on the beam.

However, in addition to the above, ATI also offers four special crane models that offers effective performance and load-lifting capacity. They are namely:

  • Floor-Mounted Jib Crane
  • Portable Jib Crane
  • A Frame Gantry Crane
  • Telescopic Mast Jib Crane
  • Tele-Mast Straddle Crane

Air Technical Industries offers you a feature-rich inventory of all the aforementioned beam crane models and other industrial crane models with the highest degree of code-compliancy and industrial standards. To learn more about our crane products get in touch with Air Technical Industries today.

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