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New Mobile Barrel Lifter-Dumper

Husky-Master Mobile Barrel Lifter-Dumper

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Omni-Directional Scissor Lift Tables

Omni-Directional Scissors Lift Table

Announcing all models of hydraulic scissor lift tables now available with omni-directional mobility.  Capacities are available from 500 lbs. to 10,000 lbs. with deck sizes as small as 24″ x 36″ up to 72″ x 120″ with vertical lifts up to 160″. Optional rubber bumpers are available for the corners of the table to protect nearby objects from collision damage.

Lifting is hydraulically operated and battery or electric AC powered. The controls are pendant remote control or radio remote control and it can be equipped with GPS for remote distance positioning capabilities.

Mobility is provided by a very unique omni-directional undercarriage which allows the unit to travel in any direction desired to provide maneuverability in a tight spot for precise positioning in hard to reach places.

The mobility is variable speed from 0 to 4 MPH and is controlled via a joystick. The Omni-wheel provides superior mobility over any other undercarriage ever designed.

Units equipped with a camera can be controlled by the operator from a secure place to transport dangerous, toxic, explosive, or flammable materials or armaments.

Designed for national defense applications as well as departments of energy and many other industrial, commercial, and security force uses.

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Self-Propelled, Stand-Up-Rider Hydraulic Crane

Rider-Type Reversible Boom Crane

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio announced the introduction of its NEW, versatile, self-propelled, rider-type, hydraulic crane. Its boom length is telescopic from 72″ to 120″, angles up to 60°, and has a maximum reach beyond its base of 82″. The units maximum lifting height is 15 feet. The boom can swing 45° left and right and comes equipped with stowable outriggers. Unit lift capacities are from 1,000 to 20,000 pounds. The propulsion is a 24V DC battery system that is fully self-contained, smooth and quiet. It has variable speed controls and can travel up to 4 mph. It is designed to be extremely maneuverable & versatile.

Extraordinarily compact, the overall width of the unit is only 34 inches for improved handling versatility and easy passage through doorways, narrow aisles, and between machinery. The steering is powered for effortless operation turning up to 60° to either side for a small turning radius in crowded areas of operation. Lifting action, as well as telescopic boom action and boom swing is hydraulically operated. The unit can be easily transported, the boom is removable for compactness and can be reattached quickly for operation.

An optional, hydraulically operated wire rope winch is available for working into manholes or any other below ground operation. The unit is equipped with an overhead guard for the operator’s safety and has a dead-man brake as standard equipment.

Air Technical Industries’ equipment has heavy steel construction and it is quality built for years of trouble-free performance in tough industrial working conditions. A high performance design at a low cost, it will increase productivity, save time, improve safety and make impossible tasks possible.

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Mini-Scissor Lift Table


Mini Scissor Lift announcement

A new miniature series of lift tables has been developed by Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio. The unique and compact lift table lowers down to 4″ and is electro-mechanically operated. The gearbox-driven screw lifts gently, smoothly, and firmly up to 250 pounds of load.

The small scissor lift featured in the picture is 15″ wide x 19″ long x 4″ lowered height and it lifts up to 16″. Other sizes are available from 18, 20, and 24 inches wide and 24, 30, 36, and 48″ in length, and vertical lift from 12″ up to 32″ in height.

Power source can be 12 or 24 volt DC battery operated or 110 volts single phase. Rocker switch remote control, and optional adjustable limit collars are available.

The construction is welded structural steel. It is also available in stainless steel and aluminum construction for non-corrosive applications or where lighter weight may be needed.

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Telescopic Mast Jib Crane

Telescopic Mast Jib Crane

The New Telescopic Mast Jib Crane was developed by ATI at Mentor, Ohio. The unique Jib Crane has a hydraulically operated mast that serves a dual purpose where the beam has to rotate under obstructions or reach into a cavity to pick up a load; then it rotates and can raise to higher levels over those obstructions. It can operated without a hoist or additional expense of electric wiring. Because it can be operated with a sling and trolley on the beam, it can work in hazardous, hot or corrosive environments.

The 360-degree manual rotation provides agility and versatility in on-the-spot handling. The hydraulic system can be electrically powered by 110 volt AC, 220/440 volt 3-phase, or air powered for hazardous areas. The control for lifting and lowering is remote push button on pendant for operator convenience.

These units are available in capacities of 500, 1000 & 2000 pounds. Beam reach from 6′ to 12′ and lifting height from 6′ to 20′.

The new Telescopic Jib Crane will help to increase efficiency, save time and improve safety in the handling of unusually challenging tasks.

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Mobile Articularm with Unique Attachment

Mobile Mini-Articularm with Unique Gripper

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio announces the development of a NEW mobile Articularm manipulator with a unique attachment that allows gripping and rotating 360 about the vertical and horizontal axes.

The Articularm has a 72″ reach and 72″ of vertical lift. The mast also has 360 rotation and the forearm rotates up to 270. A counterweight is provided for stability and effortless lifting of loads up to 250 pounds. Units are available electrically operated 110V AC or 12V DC battery powered.

Mobility for the unit is provided by a platform truck 42″ wide by 72″ long. It rolls smoothly on roller bearing mounted wheels and is equipped with floor locks and push handle bar.

This unit can be used any time and any place without installation and it is an ideal tool for lifting, handling, positioning, complex articulating, assembly, and feeding operations. Increase safety and worker productivity by having the lift do the lifting instead of the worker.

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Reversible Boom Crane with Knuckle Boom


Reversible Boom Knuckle Crane

With the development of the new Reversible Boom Crane (RBC) with Knuckle Boom combination ATI now offers one of the most versatile pieces of handling equipment in the industry. The very narrow tracks of the self propelled counterweighted crane makes it accessible in very narrow aisles and crowded areas. The knuckle boom can reach into nooks and crannies; over, under, above and beyond obstacles where no other piece of handling equipment could ever go before!

The self-propulsion is a variable solid state speed control that can go as slow as one foot per minute and then accelerate up to 4 MPH. The steering capability is 90° to each side, so that it can practically turn on a dime.

The knuckle boom gives the RBC a whole new perspective allowing it to reach further and closer than ever. It can pick up loads as close as 18” from the base and reach out 200” from the base. It can lift loads from 48” below ground level, from pits, holes, or lower levels of a building and rise up to 200” above ground level.

The boom has double knuckle and telescopic sections. Lifting and telescoping action is all hydraulically operated. Available capacities vary from 1000lbs to 20,000lbs. Powered mast rotation is available as an option for additional versatility; mast rotation comes with telescopic outriggers for stability.

Another versatile option is the hydraulic powered cable winch. It can lower a load up to 100’ below the hook into a man hole, to a lower level, or from the top of a building several stories high to ground level.

The unit is completely self-sufficient battery operated 24V DC with available battery charger. It provides smooth, quiet, and clean ergonomic operation. All the controls are push button on the control handle. Optional remote control pendant is available.

This is one of the most versatile handling tools for when a variety of different loads need to be lifted, articulated, and positioned, such as assembly work, machine loading, repair & maintenance work, construction, aircraft maintenance, etc. This unit is an ergonomic tool that will improve safety, take loads off workers’ bodies and at the same time increase efficiency and productivity by saving time. If you could only have one crane in your shop, MAKE IT THIS CRANE.

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Double Mini Scissor Lift

Double Mini Scissor Lift

Announcing a new light, compact, safe, and ergonomically designed double mini scissor lift engineered by Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio.

While the unit is small, it can lift 150 pounds up to 70″ high. Lowered heights are 6″ or 7″ and it lifts briskly and smoothly by a gearbox driven screw. Table sizes range from widths of 15″ to 24″ and lengths of 19″ to 48″. The units weight from 60 to 120 pounds depending on the size and power system.

A variety of optional power sources are available. Battery powered units are ideal for mobile units. For stationary operations electric 110V AC is available as well as an air-operated hydraulic system for spark-proof, hazardous operations. For additional safety, accordion style safety skirts are available as an option on one, two, or all four sides.

This lift is designed to be lightweight for portability and is all welded steel construction. It is also available in stainless steel for corrosion resistance or aluminum to further reduce the weight. The lift can also be equipped with wheels and casters for mobility as an added option.

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Increased Manueverability with Compact RBC

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio has developed a new variation to its popular line of Reversible Boom Cranes. Still the most versatile equipment for reaching above and beyond obstacles, the counterweighted crane is now available with a shorter overall length to allow for tighter turns in narrow aisles.

Compact Reversible Boom Crane

The optional boom rotation combined with the 90 steering capability of the self-propelled drive gives the Reversible Boom Crane an astounding level of flexibility in operation. It can now squeeze into the most confined areas imaginable and allow the operator to perform the required tasks quickly and efficiently.

The extra reach beyond the wheels is a great asset enabling a user to handle large boxes, containers, or parts without the legs of a typical floor crane to get in the way. It is ideal for assembly work where a crane needs to come in close to the work and precisely maneuver the load to reach over other objects.

The Reversible Boom Crane is available in capacities from 1000 pounds to 20,000 pounds with lift heights up to 180″. Lift and telescopic boom action is hydraulically operated with a built-in pressure relief valve for safety to prevent overloading.

Propulsion is electro-mechanically operated and battery driven with solid state controls for smooth acceleration up to four miles per hour and gradual deceleration. When the control handle is released, the mechanical brake is applied automatically. All the controls are push button conveniently located in the steering handle.

The unit is completely self-sufficient and can be transported any time any place wherever it is needed. The crane is all steel, heavy construction and quality built for years of trouble-free operation at low cost for high performance operations.

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Telescopic Container Dumper

This new telescopic container lifter dumper is an exclusive design with unique telescopic lifting and tilting capability.

Its stream lined, simple design is also compact and incorporates a tapered chute for dumping powder, liquid or solid materials.

Telescopic Container Dumper

The tilt capability is 125 degrees or 35 degrees below the horizontal. The lift and dump height reaches up to 104″. It is ideal for situations where loads need to be dumped at a variety of different heights such as 48″ 60″ 72″ 84″ or 96″; this unit will accommodate all of these applications.

The unit is available in capacities of 1000, 2000, 4000, and 6000 lbs with the container size up to 54″ wide and up to 54″ long. It will handle metal, plastic, fiberboard drums, cardboard boxes or any kind of container.

To dump, simply place the container onto the zero-low deck lift to the desired height and dump.

It is electrically operated 110 volts AC or 220/440 volts 3 phase. Optional air powered for hazardous duty operation.

The lifting and dumping action is hydraulically operated. The hydraulic system is protected for safety through use of a pressure relief valve. Cylinder shafts are chrome plated for smooth operation and to prevent corrosion.

The dumpers are built out of durable all carbon steel welded construction and optional stainless steel chutes are available.

The units are practical, convenient, compact, and will increase productivity and reduce worker injuries.

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