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Stage Lift

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio is announcing the development of an extra-large, circular stage lift. The moon-shaped circular deck adds a new dimension of excitement to a show or concert.

Orchestra Pit Stage Lift

Stage Lift from below Stage Lift from above

The unit shown is more than 7 feet wide and 42 feet long. It raises an entire orchestra cast with piano and all the instruments up to 144 inches in the air. The specially fitted curved platform perfectly matches the shape of the pit in which it is installed.

Capacity of the lift is 10,000 pounds with over 3:1 safety factor. The hydraulically operated lifting action is provided by six hydraulic cylinders featuring chrome plated shafts to provide smooth, quiet operation and to prevent corrosion. The cylinders are synchronized for uniform, level lifting by a precision-built flow divider. Each cylinder is equipped with a pilot operated safety holding valve to prevent the stage lift from accidental lowering in case of power or hydraulic failure. The hydraulic system is also equipped with a safety pressure relief valve to prevent overloading.

The electric powerpack is remotely installed in a separate enclosure to keep the operation quiet and clean. The 10HP electric motor is 480V, 3-phase, 60 Hz and the dual push button controls are 110V operated, one mounted on the lift and one located at the lower level.

The lift is all welded steel construction, built heavy duty for dependable, safe, and long-lasting, maintenance free operation. The tandem stage lift can be disassembled in three major sections that bolt together. The durable connecting rods keep the three sections mechanically synchronized for uniform, level lifting even when the load is not uniformly distributed (for example, the piano at one end is heavier than the violinist at the other!)

The lift has many other potential industrial applications with a great many benefits including increased performance, improved safety, reduced injuries and fatigue, time savings and increased visibility. For instance, large aircraft manufacturers are manually erecting scaffolding to assemble the fuselage of an aircraft. This is an expensive process with lots of wasted time and space that delays the manufacturing process.

The stage lift can be built into the ground and then elevate the workers with all the tools when and where needed immediately and safely with enormous time savings and improved performance.

Some other applications include large assembly works, cargo loading and handling, paint application of large items, second floor access with cargo, mezzanine work, or product displays elevated for greater visibility. There are many sizes, lifting heights, and capacities available to meet any specific and specialized needs.

See Tandem Lift Table models here

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Automatic 180° Upender Inverter

Announcing the development of a new Upender Inverter, microprocessor controlled with powered roller conveyors for automatic loading, clamping, 180 degree rotation, upending, opening and unloading for automation in process handling operations.

Mini Upender Inverter with Auto Conveyors

The unit will automatically load large panels, doors, cabinets, stacks of sheet material, metal, paper wood, or pallets full of boxes, flip it upside down or down side up and discharge.

The typical size of the deck ranges from 4 foot by 4 foot to 5 foot by 8 foot with an opening up to 6 feet high adn capacities of 2000, 4000, 6000, and 10,000 pounds.  Smaller sizes are available for upending boxes, containers or machine parts and manifolds that need to be turned 90 or 180 degrees.

The sequence of operations, the clamping range, and the clamping pressure can be programmed for each specific customer’s need.  The power conveyors can be programmed to feed from left to right or vice versa.  The user may want to turn an item upside down, replace a new pallet and then turn it upside on a new pallet.

The power rotation of the Upender is electro-mechanically operated and it can be programmed for 90 or 180 degree rotation going clockwise or counterclockwise.  The clamping of the load is hydraulically operated with adjustable pressure to protect the item being rotated.

Electric operation is typically 220/440V, 3-phase.   Smaller units can be 110V AC.  Hazardous duty applications or handling flammable material or explosives can be accomplished with spark-proof air motors with an air logic system for automatic operation.

The units are constructed of heavy-duty, welded steel for dependable, continuous, industrial applications.  There are ten standard, pre-engineered units available in a variety of sizes and capacities.

The Upender Inverter is a very unique piece of equipment ideal for an application where large, heavy, awkward items need to be turned over for machining, processing, packing, finishing, assembly, or whatever the reason for turning it over.  The Upender Inverter will save time, increase efficiency, improve productivity and quality as well as maintain safety in the work force.

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OMNI-TRAX Knuckle Krane

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio announces an advanced design of a new, high tech OMNI-TRAX MOBILE PLATFORM for heavy loads of up to 20,000 lbs. The unit is capable of accelerating or decelerating in any direction (360 degrees) at infinitely variable speeds as if it were a flying saucer.

OMNITRAX Knuckle Crane

This piece of equipment adds a new dimension of flexibility and maneuverability in an industrial environment. The Knuckle Crane has the capability of reaching far into, high over, under and beyond hard to reach places. It can reach into pits below the floor and into nooks and crannies.

These capabilities make it a tremendous tool for complex and precision assembly work, to handle and articulate components into the exact position desired.

The advanced design of OMNI-TRAX mobile transporter is fully self-contained. It is powered by a heavy-duty industrial battery with a built in battery charger. It has the capability of 8 hours of intermittent operation.

On top of the platform is a turret capable of 360° rotation so that the boom of the crane can be positioned in any direction regardless of the direction of travel.

The crane has a basic boom lift, and a knuckle boom with telescopic action. All of the crane functions are hydraulically operated. The hydraulics, battery and counterweight are built into a streamlined power pack that is always in the opposite direction of the boom position to keep the unit stable during operation.

Units are available in 1000 to 20,000 lb. capacities. Boom lengths available are from 6 to 20 feet with lifting heights of up to 24 feet. Controls available are pedestal or pendant with push buttons and joysticks or optional radio remote control. The crane is an innovative tool that will help to improve safety and efficiency in unique industrial environments.

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Triple Boom Self-Propelled Mobile Crane

Introducing a new Self-Propelled Mobile Hydraulic Crane by Air Technical Industries in Mentor, Ohio.

RBC with Triple Telescopic Boom vintage

The crane has a New Triple Section Telescopic Boom for higher lift, longer reach beyond obstacles into nooks and crannies and hard to reach places where no other crane can go.  The base design is very narrow enabling it to pass through doorways, isles and for travel in crowded places between other pieces of equipment.

The crane has maximum maneuverability with the capability of steering 90 degrees to either side making sharp turns around corners.  The crane has infinitely variable speed control from zero to 4 miles per hour.

The functions of the crane are as follows: boom lifting and lowering, telescopic boom action in and out, optional cable winch lift and optional powered mast rotation left and right.

The crane is battery operated for clean and quiet operation.  Optional battery chargers are available.  All of the functions of the crane are hydraulically operated for smooth lifting.

The crane comes in a variety of capabilities from 1000 pounds to 20,000 pounds and boom lengths with lifting heights up to 35 feet.

The crane is very flexible, maneuverable and completely self sufficient in operation.  It comes ready to work.  No need for installation or assembly.  Just use it!

It’s an ideal tool for assembly work, positioning heavy parts, machine loading, truck loading – it reaches way in, or maintenance work such as aircraft repairs, etc.

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Mobile Portable Crane

A.T.I of Mentor Ohio introduces a new adjustable straddle crane in 2000, 4000, and 6000 lbs. capacities

Husky-Master Portable Crane Adjustable Legs

Utmost in versatility, foldability, and portability, with telescopic boom, it has adjustable straddle from a narrow 32″ up to 64″ width and lifting height up to 144″. Real back savers, these portable hydraulic cranes are economical material handling equipment that can be used any place, any time by folding up into a small sub-assembly so they can be taken anywhere you want.

The unique design allows it to disassemble or reassemble in a few minutes. Take-it-with-you in a service van to the field, or use it in the shop to lift parts, molds, dies, engines, transformers, lab equipment, or use on assembly line to position sub-assemblies, it is a true ergonomic tool.

With a narrow straddle adjustment it can pass through regular doorways or through narrow aisles, and then reach into, over, or under the nooks and crannies and hard to reach places.

It features smooth hydraulic operation with chrome plated cylinder shaft. The manually operated hydraulic pump can be used anywhere there is no power available or in a hazardous operation. Optional powered lift is available with a battery powered 12 or 24 volts DC, 110 volt AC or 240/480 volt 3 phase, as well as air powered motor for hazardous or flammable areas.

The adjustable straddle in wide position provides for stability when raising 144″ high, also it permits the user to straddle the item being lifted for tight access in crowded areas. An optional powered telescopic boom lift option allows the boom to be extended or retracted under load. The cranes may also be equipped with optional manual or powered winch cable lift to reach down below ground level in to the Manhole or basement, or from second or third floor reach to ground level.

Unit is installed on roller bearing mounted wheels for easy mobility and swivel T-Bar tow handle provides ergonomic mobility. Non marking, polyurethane-coated wheels are standard. Optional wheels are available with mold-on rubber or pneumatic tires.

Units are built of heavy duty welded steel construction for long lasting dependable service. They are engineered for maximum safety and durability, lightweight for portability, and quality crafted of the finest materials by expert craftsmen. They also meet or exceed ANSI standards for portable automotive lifting devices (PALD 12).

These cranes will reduce workers injuries and fatigue by avoiding heavy lifting, bending, stretching of back arks and muscles…a truly ergonomic handling tool.

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Versatile Multi-Tasking Jib-Master

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio announces the innovative development of the new, convertible Jib-Master Forklift Crane. The unique Jib-Master starts as a forklift crane used for lifting large parts, bundles of long material, or with the optional personnel basket. The Jib-Master then converts to a pedestal mount for fixed installation as a workstation crane. Finally, take the Jib-Master on the road by mounting it on a truck for field work.

Jib-Master Forklift Cranes

The model JB-4R has powered articulating mast rotation, hydraulic boom lift and powered hydraulic telescopic boom retracted 3000 pounds capacity, extended 2000 pounds capacity and lifts up to 144″ plus height of fork truck lift. Unit is self-contained battery powered 12V or 24V DC battery included and features push button remote control. Available options include a personnel basket to lift a person over obstacles and into hard to reach places for maintenance or assembly work. With optional pedestal base, unit can be mounted in a fixed location in the plant or it can be installed on a truck for field work.

These unique options and configurations make the Jib-Master a very versatile piece of equipment idea for many applications. It can be used for bulk handling, the handling of long structural or roll items, maintenance work with personnel basket, assembly work, or used as all-around crane for lifting, handling and transporting large parts or other miscellaneous items.

Several models are available to fit any customer’s application and budget:

  • The model JB-1 features fixed horizontal, manual telescopic boom for lifting and carrying long tubular items or long rolls of material with a forklift.
  • The model JB-2 has manually adjustable boom angle for lifting higher, taller items with a forklift. It also features a manual telescopic boom.
  • The model JB-4 has powered hydraulic boom lift and powered telescopic boom action for straight up and down lifting without rotation.
  • The model JB-4R has powered hydraulic boom lift, powered telescopic boom action, and also features powered rotation allowing up to 150° when installed on a forklift and full 360° rotation when mounted on a truck or pedestal base.

The battery powered unit is totally self-contained with batteries included. All units are built of heavy-duty welded steel construction for hard industrial use. The Jib-Master Forklift Crane is an ideal industrial tool where a variety of products or services must be handled. It is an economical tool to do big jobs and truly is one tool that will handle many different tasks, hence MULTI-TASKING!

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Ergonomic Assembly Positioning and Articulating Workstation

Air Technical Industries develops many new features for its unique ergonomic assembly workstation. Initially designed for General Electric’s large control panel assembly, the workstation is used to position any side of the panel at any angle and height desired for convenient, easy to see and reach accessibility, at the same time increasing efficiency and reducing fatigue.

GE's Multi-Axis Workstation

With optimum versatility, it can tilt 90° from horizontal to vertical position, and can rotate 360°. Operation can be manual or powered, it has a lifting feature, side shift left and right, it can self load and unload, it can be used for palletizing, and it can up-end or invert cabinets or enclosures upside down or place it on any of it’s sides. It truly is a multi-functional workstation.

The deck frame is equipped with smooth bearing type work surface to protect the panels and the framing. The open deck design allows the worker to assemble or fasten the items by placing the fasteners from the bottom when necessary.

The lifting, tilting and side shifting are hydraulically operated. The 360° rotation has 90° automatic stops, or it can be hydraulically powered rotation that can stop at any point desired on the 360° rotation.

The power is a convenient 110 volts plug-in with available 3-phase 220/460 volt power. The controls are push button or foot control to keep the operators hands free for the assembly process.

The workstation is 32” high in horizontal position and the deck size is 54” wide x 84” long. Many other sizes are available to meet specific customer requirements, the GE unit is 4000 pounds capacity.

This kind of job makes our design engineers’ mouths water at ATI. It fits perfectly with our mission to design ergonomic equipment for the most challenging handling problems. ATI has a track record and energy to have designed/developed over 2,500 unique proprietary products that serve many different industries, such as nuclear power plants, utility companies, aircraft manufacturers, electronics, appliance industries, and many domestic manufacturing company’s are increasing capacity and efficiency, improving safety and improving moral at the work place.

The project for GE was an Ergonomic Success. ATI’s total solution from manufacturing, assembly and installation of the large heavy panel provided an integrated handling system that is user friendly in its ergonomic design.


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International Space Station Unites Nations

Mentor, Ohio October 11, 1996 – Hands of many different colors and creeds have clasped together to develop the first ever international space station. The cooperative effort has teamed Russia, Japan, Canada, Europe and the United States together to develop living quarters for year-round stay in space, equipped with everything from high tech scientific tools for space study to workout equipment for leisure activity.

RBC for International Space Station

At one and a half football fields in length, it will be the largest manned object ever sent into space. In fact, because of its enormous size, component modules (each the size of a typical school bus) must be pre-fabricated and spun into orbit individually. As each new component arrives in space, it is linked with the existing components.

It goes without saying that the scope of this project is immense. Within the United States alone, over 550 companies have been contributors in the U.S. National effort and include the lead contractor, Boeing, as well as McDonnell Douglas, Rockwell and Lockheed. These contractors have in turn, solicited and relied upon the contributions of manufacturers to brainstorm and design solutions for the intricate challenges they faced.

For example, each component module has just over a 4 foot square access-opening making it difficult to install the interior panels. Like trying to install a new radiator through the grill on the front of a car, the challenge of limited access led Boeing engineers to Air Technical Industries (ATI).

A manufacturer of specialty material handling equipment, ATI designed a uniquely modified version of their RBC-6000-SPB self-propelled floor crane that could meet the challenge. “We needed to be creative yet practical in respect of Boeing’s budgetary and timeline boundaries” says Design Engineer, Pete Novak Jr. of ATI. “What we developed was the perfect solution. We designed a Mobile Crane that stands over 13′ tall with a powered telescopic boom that extends over 19′ in length to reach well into a module, and can lift vertically to 30′.”

In addition, a cable lift was used to pick up panels from ground level and carefully lift them to align with the access opening for installation in the interior of the module. The design of the crane was engineered to be extremely maneuverable with 180 degrees steering for precise positioning of the interior panels during their installation.

When asked how such a feat was accomplished, Novak explained “The international space station is a testament to the idea that where there’s a will there’s a way. Our 33 year history of success was founded on this premise. I guess that made us the perfect fit for the application.”


See RBC models here


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