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Company looks for safer way to move carts

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An American supplier of tooling and industrial materials had an application where they were rolling carts with very fragile material on them up a ramp to a platform where the material was needed. Even though the grade was gradual, they had a couple close calls with the material shifting as the cart angle increased.

This is where Air Technical Industries came in to provide a safer and more efficient solution. With the use of one of ATI’s standard products, the Low-Profile Zero Low lift table was able to provide a ground level loading of the carts. The Low-Profile Zero Low lift table would raise to the desired height and they could push the cart directly off the lift and on to the raised platform, completely eliminating any tilting of their carts. To meet any OSHA requirement for personnel lifts the Low-Profile Zero Low lift was outfitted with guardrails, velocity fuses, and other safety standards to protect both the load and personnel riding on the Low-Profile Zero Low lift table.

Air Technical Industries Low-Profile Zero Low lift table is similar to their standard Zero Low lift tables, but the fenders are both narrower and lower to the ground on the Low-Profile Zero Low lift table. This allows easier access by the operator.

Here is a link to this product from our website

Low-Profile Zero-Low Lift

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