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Company turns to Air Technical Industries for solution and cost savings

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Customer has an application that requires above normal lifting heights. They went out and got quotes for modified scissor lift tables and they were coming back over $20,000. ATI found a more stable and safer answer to their problem.

The customer was looking to lift mixing materials for their mixer that the opening sits 193 inches above the floor. They have an operator that stands on a platform and dumps these components into the mixer. However, they want to run these items on a conveyor and transfer them up to him. The solution is ATI’s Zero-Low 3 Point Entry lift table. They can access the lift from 3 sides giving them tremendous flexibility. By attaching gravity conveyors to the Zero Low 3 point they are able to feed the unit from their current conveyors to the platform and lift up to the operator. Once he is done loading the mixer the platform will return to the home position waiting for another load to be delivered. The customer ending up saving over $6,000 per unit.

The Zero Low 3 Point Entry lift table is the easiest to use lift table of all time!ATI’s 3-Point Entry, Zero-Low Lift Table permits the load to be placed on the table from three sides and raised close to the operator.

  • 1,000 & 2,500 lb. capacities
  • Loads can be placed on table from three sides providing easier access by operator
  • Wide variety of deck sizes available to fit any size load
  • Double roller lifting chains give maximum lifting stability.
    Lifting table travels on rollers eliminating rubbing, friction and binding. Rollers are adjustable; level lifting is maintained at all times.
  • Manual or electric operation


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