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Container Dumper: An Easy Ergonomic Solution

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A fiberglass product manufacturer presented ATI with a problem. One of their finishing processes involved removing loose particles from the finished product in order to have a clean smooth surface, this process creates about 600 pounds of scrap per week that is blown into a drum. Currently, employees bring the fork lift forks as close together as possible, push the drum on the forks and raise it to chest level then tilt the forks down and push against the bottom of the drum to dump it into a designated disposal container. This process has led to employee injuries as well as many extra man hours cleaning up spills.

The solution is the Container Dumper, one employee can easily take the drum over using a pallet jack and place it in the Container Dumper, step back and push the button to dump. This solution saves, man-hours, improves safety, and efficiency. Container dumpers are available in capacities up to 6000 pounds and also available in telescoping variety for higher dump heights.


Container Dumper

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