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Customer finds ATI’s Zero-Low Crate Positioner to be ergonomic answer

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This customer was looking for a safer more ergonomic way to both remove and insert parts into a container with fork-pockets on the bottom. For a long time they were just bending over and over throughout the day to get their work done. As of late they have had a couple of strains and pulled muscles.

They did not have much money in their budget and turned to Air Technical Industries to help find a solution. After running through a few options it was determined that an inexpensive solution could solve their dilemma. Keeping the cost down ATI recommended a standard product the Zero-Low Crate Positioner.

The Zero-Low Crate Positioner has capacities up to 4000 pounds (standard models), up to 60 degree tilt and can raise crate to different working heights. The retaining plate is adjustable to different heights as well; when table is tilted up to 60 degrees, the load is at the proper level for easy access by the user.

Serves as an economical “lift” table. Designed to lift loads up to 36 inches high without a more costly scissor lift mechanism attached. Lowers to zero ground level for easy loading and unloading with a two wheel dolly or pallet truck.

In the end the workers became more efficient and less prone to injury. Even though they were looking for an economical solution they paid for their purchase of the Zero-Low Crate Positioner in the first month after delivery. That is a great ROI.


Here is a link to to ATI’s Zero-Low Crate Positioner for you conveinence.

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