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Customer finds lifting solution with ATI’s Zero-Low Three Point Entry

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A customer in the Northeast turns to ATI for solution. They needed a lifting device to lift 50 pound bags of product up 80 inches to a mezzanine and to the operator. They wanted to roll a cart full of these 50 pound bags from one side and have the operator be able to remove them from an adjacent side.

ATI turns to one of its standard product lines, the Zero-Low Three Point Entry lift table. A standard Zero Low would need to be 90-plus inches long and the customer did not have that much room. With some minor modification ATI was able to meet what the customer needed. With the addition of guardrails, chains, and holding valves the unit was safe for the operator to step on.

The Zero-Low Three Point Entry is easiest to use lift table of all time! ATI’s 3-Point Entry, Zero-Low Lift Table permits the load to be placed on the table from three sides and raised close to the operator. 1,000 & 2,500 lb. capacities, up to 48 in. lift height. Loads can be placed on the table from three sides providing easier access by operator. A wide variety of deck sizes available to fit any size load. Double roller lifting chains give maximum lifting stability. Lifting table travels on rollers eliminating rubbing, friction and binding. Rollers are adjustable; level lifting is maintained at all times. Manual, electric, or air-over-hydraulic operation is available.

Zero-Low 3-Point Entry Lift Table

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