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Customer finds safety answer and much more with Air Technical Industries crate positioner.

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Company was looking for a safer way to help their employees. Currently they were having to bend and reach into crates to remove small parts for the final stage of their process before the parts were to be shipped out. ATI pointed them into the direction of their crate positioners.

After coming up with the correct size and ideal height of the crate positioner this customer now sees an increase in both production and efficiency. While decreasing and almost eliminating worker injury. The crate positioner tilts their product to a easy to pick location for initial stage. While another identical crate positioner moving in the opposite direction allows them to package the empty crate before shipping.

The crate positioner has various table top configurations available. Standard table used to reposition boxes, crates, parts, and other containers v-shaped or round top used for upending. Ideal for repositioning in conveyor systems. Tilts lengthwise – up to 90 degrees making the worker’s job easier and more efficient. Outriggers, wheels, and stand mounting available as options. Along with manually, electric, or air motor operated.

Standard capacities range from 2000 pound to 10,000 pounds. Other capacities available upon request. Here is a link to view more information on ATI’s Crate Postioner. . A Zero Low Upender/Positioner is also available.

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