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Customer minimizes worker fatigue with ATI lift

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Our customer came to us with an ergonomic nightmare. They were lifting 50 pound bags of product off a production line on to a pallet that sat on the floor. As you can imagine the first few rows required a lot of bending and twisting. Plus, the operator needed to walk around the pallet as each row took 4 bags of products.

The solution to this application was a Low Profile Zero Low Lift Table. This unit allowed the customer to place the pallet inside the fenders and only a 1/2” off the ground. The Low Profile Zero Low Lift Table has a lower fender height then other standard Zero Low Lift Tables. However, this only solved part of the problem. They now needed the Low Profile Zero Low Lift Table to also rotate. ATI having built such a unit in the past knew exactly what to do.

So, in the end the customer was able to finish with the pallet at ground level to be removed with a standard pallet jack. At the same time during the loading of the bags the unit also rotated so the operator could stand in one place and load the pallet on all sides. This both improved worker safety, but also improved productivity. The customer paid for their units in less than 4 months.

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