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Double Mini Scissor Lift

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Double Mini Scissor Lift

Announcing a new light, compact, safe, and ergonomically designed double mini scissor lift engineered by Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio.

While the unit is small, it can lift 150 pounds up to 70″ high. Lowered heights are 6″ or 7″ and it lifts briskly and smoothly by a gearbox driven screw. Table sizes range from widths of 15″ to 24″ and lengths of 19″ to 48″. The units weight from 60 to 120 pounds depending on the size and power system.

A variety of optional power sources are available. Battery powered units are ideal for mobile units. For stationary operations electric 110V AC is available as well as an air-operated hydraulic system for spark-proof, hazardous operations. For additional safety, accordion style safety skirts are available as an option on one, two, or all four sides.

This lift is designed to be lightweight for portability and is all welded steel construction. It is also available in stainless steel for corrosion resistance or aluminum to further reduce the weight. The lift can also be equipped with wheels and casters for mobility as an added option.

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