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Econo-Master Floor Crane

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A customer was faced with a challenge to lift a 1500 pound component onto a machine during a scheduled plant shutdown while fitting through an opening only 36” wide. This unit had to be raised so that the bottom would clear 8 ft of height. This maintenance was easily accomplished utilizing the Econo-Master Mobile Hydraulic Floor Crane (EM-6000) from Air Technical Industries. The Econo-Master floor crane is available in capacities up to 6000 pounds and can lift up to 10′-6” high. It is available manually powered, 12 VDC, 110VAC, or air powered depending on customer requirements. The Econo-Master is an inexpensive way to lift heavy capacities and is made in the USA.

Super-Master Mobile Hydraulic Floor Crane

4 Responses to Econo-Master Floor Crane

  1. Ryan Tanaka says:

    Does this crane meet ASME PALD section 9 safety standards?

  2. Charles P. says:

    We are planning to purchase a 10,000 lb capacity floor mounted crane for our forklift repair shop. What additional training, certifications or inspections will be required before our employees can use it? Thank you.

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