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Extra Large Lift & Tilt Table

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A customer that manufactured the cardboard cores that would go inside rolls of paper was looking for an ergonomic way to tilt these rolls in the cutting process. When the rolls are made they are made in lengths of up to 20 feet long and then are cut down to sections of 5 feet or smaller. We manufactured a a custom tandem lift and tilt table that was 7 feet wide by 21 feet long and would tilt up to 15 degrees. The table was equipped with sockets on all for corners to secure the crate that was set on top of it. As the table was tilted it would easily allow for the cores to slide off the platform. This task was originally done by and overhead crane & because of safety concerns, the mis-application of the overhead crane, and not tying up the overhead crane time, they changed to a safer and ergonomic way to handle the application.

Lift-and-Tilt Tables


Extra Large Lift & Tilt


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