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Forbes Top 100 Company Turns to ATI for Lift Table Solution

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Having purchased a scissor lift table in the past from Air Technical Industries and from other vendors, this Forbes Top 100 Company knew what they wanted and who could deliver it for them. They had an application that required personnel to be lifted off the ground to an elevated platform. Their concern was the sway an economical lift table could have when the unit is in its fully raised position.

We decided to beef up the scissors to a heavier material than is normally used for the capacity required. This minor change helped to substantially reduce the sway of the scissor lift table when in the raised position. Obviously, guard rails and other OSHA related safety features were added to insure the safety of their workers.

Air Technical scissor lift tables are highly versatile. They are ideal for a wide range of operations like lifting, feeding, accumulating, aligning, and many other productions and assembly operations. They are also used for loading dock applications or personnel lifts when properly equipped.

Here is a link to our website for further information; Zero Dock Lift

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