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Ground Level Work Positioning

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A customer who manufactures high-tech bearings for automotive and industrial was looking for a way to lift carts full of these bearings to an ergonomic working height. The carts were 24” x 48” long and weighed as much as 1,000 lbs completely loaded. This is a simple application of our Zero-Low family of ground-level lift tables. The operator could roll the cart directly onto the lift without the use of ramps or a forklift. However, they needed something that was sleek and narrow so the operator would not have to reach far over the sides of the lift to get to the parts. Our Low-Profile Zero-Low Lift Table was the perfect solution! We also installed locking bars to prevent the carts from rolling off when on the lift table. Utilizing the unique solution of the Low-Profile Zero-Low Lift table with ground level platform entry and low-profile, narrow fenders, this customer was able to accomplish everything they needed to improve ergonomics and work performance. You can see more about this particular product at

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