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Hazardous Area Lifting Solutions

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Applications for the oil, gas, mining, pharmaceutical, and food industries sometimes requires that machines working in certain areas be non-hydraulic and/or non-sparking. It is very understandable why these rules are needed in these types of businesses, however it does create a dilemma for production managers when certain tasks need to get done in these spaces. Something as simple as a scissor lift table can pose multiple problems on its own. Electric motors that spark and cylinders with hydraulic oil are two that come to mind first.
My client from Canada had a need for just such a lift with 4000 pounds capacity, no spark, no oil. Luckily he found Air Technical Industries. Not only have we been using mechanical Acme ball screw designs with our Mini-Scissor lift tables for over 10 years, but we have just recently came up with a Zero Low lift table concept with the acme screw drive system. Although our prototype model only had a 2000 pounds capacity and was a Zero Low type lift and was using an electric motor, I knew we could modify a lift table to suit his application. As a company that has innovated many of the machines used in the industry over the last 50 years, you have to keep innovating and improving.

After listening to the clients needs and determining how this table will be used best in the flow of his operations. We built the client a 4000 lb cap. air powered, Acme Screw Scissor lift table with a manual turntable.

As a company that has made its living with Hydraulics, this new product really excites us. The ability to address and solve more involved and complicated problems is an exciting part of the innovating and improving process. I am confident that this new idea will keep ATI relevant for years to come.

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Zero-Low Mechanical Lift Table


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