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Narrow Aisle Rover Fits in Hard-to-Reach Places

Skinny Mini Crane goes where no other lifting device can

Mentor, Ohio November 2, 2022 – Air Technical Industries announces the development of a unique, ultra-compact mobile shop crane designed specifically for navigating narrow aisles and tight machine clearance to perform part feeding, storage/retrieval, or maintenance operations.

Narrow Aisle Rover

The Narrow Aisle Rover (NAROVR) can go places where no other lifting device could go before, reducing cumbersome and potentially un-safe lifting operations to routine tasks. At only 24” wide, it can squeeze into tight spaces and with its articulating boom, thread the needle to reach into a machine door or swing to the side to pick a component around a corner. It can lift and maneuver up to 500 pounds effortlessly.

The NAROVR is a battery powered self-propelled crane available with either walk-behind tiller handle or optional remote joystick control. Power source is 24VDC and the drive unit offers fully-variable speed control with smooth acceleration and automatic parking brake. Lifting is electro-mechanically operated for smooth, quiet lifting operation. The mast and boom articulation functions come standard in manual free rotation, but can be upgraded to electro-mechanical powered rotation as well.

The Narrow Aisle Rover has a 500 pound lifting capacity and a maximum horizontal reach of 56 inches with a 24 inch articulating forearm reach. With the standard boom lift, it can raise 30 inches vertically. The optional mast lift feature enables reach as low as 6” from the floor and increases the maximum lifting range by 36 inches for a total vertical travel of up to 66 inches. The base size is only 24 inches wide x 48 inches long with a minimum folded length of under 6 feet. Lifting is accomplished with a standard low-profile mounted eye hook, but the articulating forearm can be equipped with optional attachments such as a compact platform scoop, or other attachments as required which can be custom designed for the user’s specific application.

This revolutionary design is a customer-driven innovation purpose-built for hard to reach areas and tight machine access. It improves safety and saves time over potentially haphazard rigging or manual labor that may be otherwise necessary to reach areas with limited access.



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November 2, 2022

NEW Free-standing Bridge Crane Kits

Overhead workstation cranes offer great value, quick and easy assembly

Mentor, Ohio September 15, 2021 – Air Technical Industries announces the development of a comprehensive series of free-standing workstation bridge cranes. These cranes empower workers with dedicated X-Y-Z movement in any work cell or department. They are offered in do-it-yourself kits or turnkey installation is available.

For most common, economical applications, a simple monorail design is offered. However, the differentiating factor for ATI designs is the unique, low-profile bridge. This double-girder design carries the hoist inside the bridge between the beams so that only the hook hangs below the bridge allowing for low headroom clearance and maximum utility.

The double girder bridge comes fully assembled, electrically wired and tested, all you need is the electric or pneumatic power source. The new design of the double girder with hoist built-in offers great benefits with low headroom and greater working height.

The self-supporting feature is an ideal solution in a rented building. When you move, take it with you. It requires no modifications to the building structure and can be installed independent of any existing structural supports. Another great feature is that the crane can be used indoors and moved outdoors if necessary.

The bridge span is available in a variety of widths to suit. The runway is also available in any length to meet the user’s requirements. The bridge and hoist travel can be manually operated for smaller capacities and can be upgraded to motorized bridge and trolley travel.

Capacities available are 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000 and 10,000 pounds. Power is 120VAC single-phase for lighter capacities or 240-480VAC 3-phase for larger, heavier capacities. Pneumatic compressed air operation is also available. Standard control pendant is wired and can be upgraded to wireless radio controls. Customization is offered for special environmental considerations, for example hazardous areas, clean rooms, food processing, etc.

Free-standing bridge cranes can be installed quickly and removed if you are moving or need it in a different location. These new cranes are an ideal, simple and economic solution for many lifting, handling, assembly, and work positioning operations.


Founded in 1964, Air Technical Industries is a manufacturer of a broad line of standard and custom material handling equipment. The company specializes in providing innovative, engineered solutions that meet the specific needs of their customers.

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September 15, 2021


Variation on Company’s First Product Expands on Tradition of Simple, Useful Lifting Solutions

Mentor, Ohio June 22, 2021Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new V-Master crane model that lifts 2000 pounds up to 12 ft high. While this version won’t fit in the trunk of your car like the original, it can be disassembled for storage or transportation. The new VM-2000 crane is ideal for shop maintenance or assembly or it can be taken out in the field for work in customer’s facilities or remote work areas. It’s small foot print and simplistic design belies its tremendous capability for increased lift height and capacity. It is mobile and portable and can be used any time any place.

VM2000 PR image

ATI started business in 1964 with a simple value proposition. The V-Master Mobile Hydraulic Floor Crane, model VM-1000, lifts 1000 pounds up to 8 feet high, weighs only 150 pounds, and can be disassembled to fit in 2 square feet of floor space.

With the launch of the VM-2000, the original shop crane gets a big brother. The VM-2000 can lower its swivel eye hook all the way to the floor level and raise up to 12 feet high. With the short gooseneck extension, the boom offers additional reach and clearance for larger loads. The crane has removable, telescopic 2-position legs. The short position provides for more compact operation with 1500 pounds capacity, and the extended position offers the full 2000 pounds capacity and requires no counterweight to be added.

The unit is equipped with non-marking polyurethane coated roller-bearing mounted wheels and a tee-screw floor lock. The lifting action is hydraulically operated, electrically powered by 12VDC battery power unit. This provides for easy, effortless operation under self-contained power. Alternative 120VAC plug-in power is also available.

The new over-sized V-Master Portable Floor Crane is an outstanding solution for a variety of lifting and positioning operations. It enables simple, safe, efficient operation in a compact, economical package.


See the V-Master page here

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June 22, 2021

ATI Obtains ISO9001 Certification

Mentor, Ohio May 19, 2021Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the recent certification to ISO9001:2015 quality management system. The internationally recognized standard provides the framework for a documented system of managing quality control and continuous improvement of the manufacturing process.


As a leading manufacturer of specialty-type material handling equipment, ATI is proud to achieve this certification, which is a significant milestone in the commitment to provide customers with high-quality, heavy-duty products. ATI’s broadly diversified line of lifting and handling products are designed to help customers improve performance, efficiency, ergonomics and safety, which saves time and improves the bottom line.

ATI has registered through Advantage International Registrar, an ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) accredited registrar. The implementation process took place during the slow period of the 2020 pandemic, taking that opportunity to invest in the future of the company.

This new initiative provides greater accountability to customers and a systematic method of controlling the critical processes to ensure customer satisfaction. The discipline of this process requires regularly surveying customers to obtain necessary feedback on opportunities for improvement as well as internal auditing to ensure compliance is maintained year after year.


Founded in 1964, Air Technical Industries is a manufacturer of a broad line of standard and custom material handling equipment. The company specializes in providing innovative, engineered solutions that meet the specific needs of their customers.

May 19, 2021

Innovative Self-erecting Portable Overhead Crane

Ships folded in 20’ ISO container, deploys with push of a button, ready to use in 10 minutes, pronto!

Update 4/6/2021see the Hoist interview with President of ATI

Mentor, Ohio, February 19, 2020 – Air Technical Industries announces the development of a revolutionary double or single girder gantry crane, available up to 20,000 lb. capacity, that is pre-assembled, tested, certified, and folded to fit in a 20’ ISO container for shipment and storage. With the simple push of a button—presto!—it transforms into a full-featured, ready-to-use overhead crane … requiring no tools, skilled personnel, or auxiliary equipment in the set-up process.

Self-erecting gantry crane

It’s a phenomenal new design, with many unique features, such as omni-directional mobility or just x-y axis for indoor or outdoor use on flat surfaces. It gives the user flexibility of multitasking in unusual environments or circumstances.

It offers immediacy of use whenever you want it: It is not fixed to the floor or building columns. It does not need a runway. And, if you move or need it in a temporary or field location, you can take it with you!

The pronto presto overhead crane is available in capacities of 4000, 6000, 10,000 and 20,000 lbs. with a span width limited only to the size of the container. If a 40′ ISO container is used, spans of 20′ to 38′ are available. It comes in under beam heights of 12, 14, 16 and 18 ft. The electrically powered hydraulic unit can be 110 volt AC single phase; larger capacities can be 240 – 480 volt AC 3-phase or 12V DC powered for use in remote locations where power is not available. The push button controls are 110 volt AC or 12 volt DC. Wireless controls are available.

Mobility is provided on 8 polyurethane swivel wheels with swivel locks and wheel brakes. Smaller units can be manually manipulated. Heavier units are self- propelled with power steering control.

The base unit has a chain hoist with a manual trolley. A chain hoist usually requires more head room. Options for a wire rope hoist and motorized trolley are available. For example, if head room is limited, the wire rope hoist can nest

between a double girder configuration, reducing the headroom by approx 12-18”, enabling low-profile overhead clearance and higher lift.

The foldable, self-erecting gantry crane is an ideal tool where heavy duty lifting, mobility, and expediency of prompt deployment are essential and critical. Call us! We are here to help with the most challenging projects.

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February 19, 2020

ATI Launches Online Store

September 10, 2019 [Mentor, Ohio] Air Technical Industries (ATI) launches online shopping functionality on its website The online store features a powerful Product Configurator enabling customers to customize product features to fit their specific requirements.

eCommerce page

Air Technical Industries designs and manufactures a broad line of specialty-type material handling equipment including scissor lift tables, upenders, mobile cranes, portable floor cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes, and rollover units. This revolutionary new tool enables users to completely configure the product options, pricing, and even place orders directly on the website.

Traditionally, the ordering process requires an in-depth sales consultation to ensure that the user is considering all the facets of the product application. Expert application engineering ensures that the product has the right features and performance to do the task required and to meet applicable safety requirements. This service is still available and is necessary on some unusual lifting applications. The guided process of the product configurator brings much of the sales consultation to the internet.

Convenient “help” icons are located next to all the menu prompts to guide customers through the configuration process. These simple-to-use pop-out frames provide additional images and explanations of all the features available. The product configurator works in the background to prevent conflicting selections, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience.

Today’s industrial user, plant engineer, or systems integrator is tech savvy. It is especially true of the younger generation, now firmly entrenched in the industry, to be self-reliant. These users want to jump online and figure it out for themselves. ATI’s new platform enables this behavior and puts the necessary tools at their fingertips.


Click here to try it out for yourself!

September 10, 2019

NEW Mini-Articularm with 6-Axes

Your Economical Solution for Complex Projects

Ohio June 11, 2019

– Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of an
exciting, unique, multifunctional mini-Articularm. The unit is agile
and flexible with an articulating arm reach of 72”. It can be a
worker’s best friend by giving the operator extra muscle strength of
150 lbs of lift, and ability to position effortlessly in X-Y-Z-R axis
in a 12′ circle area.

Mini-Articularm with finger gripper

unit helps the operator ergonomically to use more brain power
instead of his muscle power for lifting, reaching, bending, pulling,
and pushing. This prevents injuries as well as increasing
production, performance, saving time, improving moral, getting the
job done easier and faster.

6 axes of articulation are:

  1. Lifting
  2. Wrist
    rotation 360°
  3. Forearm
    swing 270°
  4. Vertical
    tool arm swing 360°
  5. Gripper,
    lifting hook or fixture action
  6. Tool
    arm roll axis

mini-Articularm can be electrically powered 110 volt single phase,
240-480 3 phase or air powered for hazardous areas. The controls are
momentary rocker switch built into the control handle.

mini-Articularm is an ideal tool for machine loading, assembly work,
precise positioning, inverting and upending an item, picking it up
from a horizontal position, rolling to vertical, or any angle

variety of end-effector or lifting tools are available and custom
built for specific projects or multi tasks of different items to be

your operation today, for a better future in the growing
manufacturing sector, made in the U.S.A.


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June 11, 2019

New Self-Propelled Platform Truck-Tug

Transport or position precisely and effortlessly.

Mentor, Ohio April 11, 2019 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of an exciting new heavy duty self-propelled platform truck-tug. In addition to carrying heavy loads, it is powerful enough to pull along several trailers or loads simultaneously, saving time by doing it in one trip instead of multiple trips. The propulsion is battery powered 24 volt DC and controls are built-in below the platform which can open at one end for service access.

Self-Propelled Platform Truck-Tug

The travel speed is infinitely variable from zero up to 4 mph and the unit is equipped with automatic braking.

The capacities available are 2000, 4000, 6000, and 10,000 lb and the sizes from 32” to 72” wide and 48” to 120” in length. The platform height is from 14” to 24” high depending on capacity and size required. Optional lift platform can be built-in to lift the load to the desired height and is a valuable new feature.

The self propulsion with added features of tug or pulling eliminates the need for the more expensive fork truck. The great benefit of the new platform truck-tug is that it carries a load and pulls other trailers along. The feature of 60° steering to each side allows for sharp angle turns to operate in narrow isles or crowded areas.

Ergonomically designed to make the job easier and safer, the new platform truck-tug eliminates the need for pushing and pulling manually — make it safe!


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April 17, 2019

Meet “MIRA” – Mobile Industrial Robotic Arm

The versatile and self-propelled cherry-picker is up to the task.

Mentor, Ohio February 26, 2019 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of an exciting new mobile, industrial, robotic crane, affectionately called “MIRA”. The robotic knuckle boom has 9-axes of articulation that give it the versatility and agility to perform a multitude of tasks that are difficult or dangerous for humans to perform.

MIRA - Mobile Industrial Robotic Arm

MIRA – Mobile Industrial Robotic Arm

The unit has an extended reach of 156” and height of 192”. It’s functional capabilities are mobility, steering, mast rotation, main arm lift, knuckle reach, automatic end effector leveling function, pitch, roll, and gripper or other end effector function such as fire hose nozzle or electromagnet, vacuum cup, expanding coil ram, etc.

Optional attachments include round ram for lifting coils, scoop to pick-up bulk items, or lift platform, lifting forks, or other custom attachments.

According to the needs of particular, unique requirements, MIRA can be a good craftsman and can handle loads in hard to reach areas, can handle a saw, drill, and can lift and position items for assembly. It can be equipped with suction cups to handle large or delicate fuselage components on an assembly line.

MIRA is capable of handling many unusual tasks too high or far for people to reach. It has an arm length of 152” and reaches up to 192” high.

MIRA is battery powered, 24 volts DC and has joystick and push button operated radio controls. It can be equipped with a search light and camera so that the operator can remotely see all the tasks at hand.

For operations in dangerous, flammable or explosive areas, MIRA can also operate on air pressure pneumatically for spark proof operation and underground for mining or some type of smooth surface.

MIRA is radio remote controlled and the operator can be hundreds of feet away in a safe area, controlling and manipulating MIRA to do dangerous tasks in areas that are toxic, explosive, flammable, chemical, etc, and can remove items from the area.

MIRA can of course perform conventional tasks such as loading, unloading, stacking, reaching on high shelves, or into enclosed containers, typical lifting and positioning of parts. Capacities available are 250 lb, 400 lb and 1000 lb and 3 arm length sizes 156”, 120” and 96” long.

Traveling speed is infinitely variable from zero to 4 mph and is equipped with automatic braking, red running light, battery gauge/hour meter, and a horn.

MIRA can really make the most routine, extraordinary, or dangerous job safe and easy with finger tip control and for sure – it can save human backs and lives.


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February 26, 2019

New “Tug Master” Industrial Tractor Trailer System

Mentor, Ohio January 22, 2019 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) has developed a new innovative tow truck and cart transport system that will streamline product flow through facilities. The Tug Master system is composed of a self-contained industrial tug tractor combined with a variety of unique, mobile trailers that form a train to simultaneously moves multiple containers of material or parts to each individual workstation. It offers quick, ergonomic, safe and cost effective movement of products. It eliminates multiple trips than would be taken with a more expensive fork truck.

Tug Master System

ATI’s engineers are continuously working on innovative designs for transforming manufacturing and material handling, material flow, and transportation systems to help meet the challenges of modern shop floor and warehouse environments.

Multiple styles of trailers are available including a lift-and-carry, high lift, and tilt version. Wheeled baskets, pallets, boxes or even equipment can be loaded or rolled on the trailers easily and effortlessly. Once the trailers have been loaded, the containers will be raised for travel between 3” to 8” for the lift-and-carry variation. After the Tug Master pulls the trailers to a destination, the trailers can lower wheeled containers so they can be rolled right off the trailer. The high lift version raises the load 36” to a comfortable working height while the tilt version provides a 90° container tilt enabling workers to pick up parts without bending or reaching into the containers. Workers will increase efficiency and safety without much effort.

The trailers can be equipped with lifting forks, Zero-Low platform for ground level loading, coil rams, cradles or flat platforms, etc. The Tug Master saves time, increases efficiency, improves safety and on-time delivery with improved profits. Depending on the weight of the load, one person can transport 3, 4, or 5 trailers at the same time. The lift trailers can be manually operated for economy. A popular time-saving upgrade offers trailer lifts with battery operated push button control.

To transport the train of mobile trailers, ATI has developed several variations of the Tug Master tow trucks. They are all battery powered and have variable speed control. For stock picking, the recommendation is the stand-up rider type with overhead guard and 80° steering to each side – allowing sharp turns. We say it … “turns on a dime”. Not released yet is the walkie-type tow truck with manual steering.

The most sophisticated design is a low-profile, remote controlled Tug Master where the operator can control the Tug Master by wired or radio remote control without needing to leave the workstation. The Tug Master can be steerable or is available to travel along a

submerged track in the floor. All of the Tugs are equipped with an automatic braking system, and the stand-up rider type has a foot control brake in addition to the automatic braking system for safety.

The most popular cart carries collapsible container sizes 50” long x 40” wide and 40” high, which is caster-equipped at all four corners. The cart can handle different types and sizes of containers. Cart capacities are available in 2800 pounds and 4200 pounds.

Since ATI is the manufacturer, they can make custom made trailers to meet customers’ specific needs. Challenge ATI with your unique requirement. The more challenging the project, the more eager they are to solve it! The new Tug Master trailer transport system is a product of the future. If you are interested in being more cost effective and growing your business today and tomorrow, this product will take you to the next level.


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January 22, 2019

New Mobile Lift Platform Transporter

Mentor, Ohio September 26, 2018Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a unique and versatile material transport platform with built-in hydraulic lift up to 10,000 pounds capacity. The unit is completely self-sufficient and battery powered 24 or 48 volts with a built in charger that charges itself automatically at a docking station. This newly developed feature allows the unit to be used 16 hours a day, increasing efficiency and saving time!

The unit has infinitely variable speed travel control from zero up to 3 mph and is equipped with an automated braking system with gradual acceleration and deceleration. No jolting and jerky starts or stops!

Wireless remote controls are available for convenience of the operator with up to 100 feet of range. Similar to a TV remote, the transmitter controls the travel as well as lifting and lowering functions.

The platform deck comes with a variety of options; plain flat surface, “V” shape top for transporting cylindrical rolls, and can be equipped with gravity or powered roller conveyor for loading and unloading. A powered rotating platform can change the orientation of the load, or an upender function can pick-up the load in a horizontal position and deliver it in vertical position or vice versa.

The unit travels on a subsurface mounted track or can travel on a surface mounted flat bar track attached to the floor. The wheels are steel double flanged to travel a straight line for dedicated application. It can also run on crane rail or inverted angle track if equipped with V-groove wheels. When the unit is equipped with power steering for more versatility, the wheels are polyurethane for quiet, smooth operation, and to protect the floor.

The “New Mobile Lift Platform Transporter” is a true state-of-the-art modern self-propelled platform that will deliver your load effortlessly to where you want it. This will increase performance, improve safety, eliminate lifting, stretching and pulling. ATI is dedicated to innovating the way to make your job easier, safer, time-saving – all which improves efficiency and increases morale in your work force.

See it in action! Click here


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Self-Propelled Mobile Lift

September 26, 2018

ATI Innovates for the New York Aquarium with a One-of-a-Kind Shark Crane

Mentor, Ohio August 15, 2018Have you ever visited an aquarium and wondered how the animals found their way in there? Engineers at Air Technical Industries (ATI) learned first-hand by designing a creative solution for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in New York City: the first continuous, double-rail, serpentine crane system of its kind.

ATI thrives on customized designs, with a 50-year history built on tackling the projects that others have called “impossible.” They pride themselves on their “Challenge Request” form on their website, which was how WCS found them.

WCS needed a magical system of continuous motion to gently move sharks weighing up to 600 pounds from one pool to another, as well as from outdoors to inside the pools in the building without compromising the sensitive indoor environment.

In addition to the unique requirements of the space, the business of moving sharks called for very special adjustments. The motion of the crane had to be smooth to keep the animals calm, not jerky or loud-like traditional models. The trolley needed to move at a continuous, but slow pace so the caretakers could walk alongside the moving sharks. The hoist had to lower carefully and smoothly into the pools without splashing down and the materials used could not interfere with the pH of the water or oxygen levels.

Due to the staggered pools, the path of the track had to pass over each pool in an offset formation, as well as miss the gates located between pools.

ATI’s solution arrived as an S-shaped double-girder bridge crane track with a zero-headroom hoist and trolley system. The hoist was built directly into the trolley, saving headspace with only the hook hanging below.

Due to the sensitive nature of the environment, special considerations were necessary to prevent contamination of the aquarium pools including: a special food-grade epoxy coating, wash-down motor, and stainless steel lifting chain and hook, as well as non-toxic and environmentally friendly lubricants.

The trolley travel was probably the biggest challenge in the whole project,” explained Vida Novak, Lead Engineer at ATI. “After making several adjustments to the trolley, we converted it to ‘four-wheel drive,’ enabling all the rollers to navigate the curves in the track smoothly and effortlessly.”

The months of creative collaboration resulted in the first ever double-girder, ceiling mounted, serpentine crane system that perfectly fit the needs of the aquarium.

It was time for the first live shark to go for a test ride on the Shark Crane. Read the New York Times May 16, 2018 article for more details. It worked! People and sharks alike sighed in relief. The Shark Crane was perfectly designed for its unique space.

The Shark Crane is used regularly at the New York Aquarium. Customizing the Shark Crane for such a specific environment was certainly an enormous challenge, but the engineers at ATI know that anything is possible!


Download the full case-study here

Shark Crane

August 15, 2018

ATI Initiates Apprentice Program

ATI Initiates an “Apprentice Program” to Teach Manufacturing

Skills to the Next Generation of Skilled Trades People

Mentor, Ohio April 16, 2018 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) is pleased to announce the establishment of an “Apprentice Program” where you get paid while you are learning skills in: metal working, fabrication, welding, machining, and assembly (hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, mechanical). Do you need experience? The simple answer is NO! Just a willingness to come to work and a desire to learn! ATI understands that the labor market is getting tight and many manufacturing jobs are coming back to the USA. We also know there are a lot of people out there that do not have any particular skills and can not afford trade school or college.

ATI would like to be part of the solution and do our part to help train a new generation in a valuable trade they will have for a lifetime!

Air Technical Industries thrives on customized designs, with over a 50 + year history built on tackling the projects that others have called “impossible.” They pride themselves on their “Challenge Request” form on their website. Well now, we are challenging ourselves to help grow the next generation of Skilled Trades People.


For more information, Contact Us

Applicants may apply in-person:

7501 Clover Ave

Mentor, OH 44060

or e-mail resume to:

or mail resume to:

PO Box 149

Mentor, OH 44061

April 16, 2018

New “STOW-N-GO” Grilling for the Ultimate “Glamping” Experience

Mentor, Ohio November 29, 2017Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of an all new “STOW-N-GO” – RETRACTABLE GRILL PLATFORM AND LIFT which will allow RV enthusiasts to electro-mechanically transport out and store away their camping gas grill right from inside their RV, all with the push of a button!

When RV owners hit the open road or rent their favorite campground pad, they can be the envy of all. Simply open the storage unit on the RV, push a button, and out comes your grill for an awesome grilling experience.

The Stow-N-Go is actually a mechanical screw-operated mini scissor lift ergonomically engineered and manufactured entirely by ATI.

The lift is designed to mechanically slide out of the RV storage or luggage compartment and then raise most any gas grill (mounted on top of the lift) to the perfect grilling height. Lift options include multi-position and rotatable platforms designs, powered or manually extending tray and fold down accessory tables.

The Stow-N-Go comes in a variety of sizes and is conveniently powered by 12 volt DC battery power or 110 AC power. The lift holds a 250 pound grill and is available in widths of 15-24 inches, and in lengths between 19-48 inches. Vertical lift travel is from 12-30 inches in height. Push button control is standard. Wireless remote control or dash mount switch is optional. ATI is a custom manufacturer, so unique challenges and production enhancements are always welcome.

RV enthusiasts can enjoy the ultimate “Glamping” experience with the convenience of showing then stowing their grill with ease! Call ATI today to order your personalized Stow-N-Go lift and the porterhouse steaks will be grilling before you know it!


November 29, 2017

NEW ERGO-ECO Crawler Crane with Knuckle Boom

Mentor, Ohio September 7, 2017Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new all-terrain crawler crane for outdoor and indoor use. The unique features of the Crawler crane include ergonomic and eco-friendly (ergo-eco) clean operation, quiet movement, remote controlled walk along functionality, turning on the dime (360°) and ability to travel in any direction for multi-use applications.

The knuckle boom crane (KK) comes with a telescopic extension boom reaching up to 18 ft with a lift height of 20 ft above the ground level. The knuckle allows it to effectively reach 5 ft below the ground level into man holes or below ground operation. Adding a hydraulic winch option allows reach up to 50 ft below ground level.

The crane functions are hydraulically activated and includes 350° mast rotation for the boom lift, the knuckle, and telescopic boom actions.

The controls are all remote pendant or wireless controlled. The pendant controller is attached to a 20′ long cable to give the operator flexibility to reach out to where a load needs to be handled or rigged.

An optional application for the Crawler is a removable plow blade which can be used for light ground grading or snow plowing.

The Crawler is powered by a 48 volt heavy duty industrial battery with a built-in charger for overnight charging. Alternative power options are LPG-gas propane or diesel for outdoor use only. The lifting capacity of the crane is available in 2000, 4000, 6000, and 10,000 lbs.

Other options include cable lift and gooseneck attachments which will extend the reach to 24 ft and the lifting height to 25 ft. The capacity is substantially reduced with the gooseneck attachment. A personnel basket can be attached to the boom for this lift. The track is available in steel and/or rubber to protect the floor as well as to reduce noise level while traveling.

The versatile Crawler has many features to assist various, unique material handling applications including assembly, maintenance work, transporting, loading, unloading and is ideal for aircraft service maintenance. The Crawler is an excellent workhorse for special industrial applications and is engineered to improve safety while making the job easier and faster.


September 19, 2017



XL Lifting Capacity Reaching New Heights

Mentor, Ohio May 26, 2017 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new, extra large double scissor lift platform with a 10,000 lb capacity.  It lifts from 48 in lowered height, 210 in vertical lift and maximum raised height of 258 in.

The scissor mechanism is manufactured from heavy duty rectangular tubing for sturdy, smooth lifting, and robust side-to-side stability, with 3:1 structural safety factor.

Lifting is actuated by four hydraulic cylinders with precision built cylinder body and smooth inner walls equipped with durable urethane seals.  The 2 in OD cylinder shaft is made of high carbon tough steel.  The shafts are chrome plated for smooth operation and to prevent corrosion.

The non-skid deck is available with optional railings on all sides with a gate on each end or two-sided with safety chains.  The deck size is 102 in wide by 168 in long with flexible platform sizes and lifting heights available.  A telescoping deck extension feature  is also available to provide added reach.  The deck extension is hydraulically actuated for smooth, effortless operation.

The unit shown is stationary for permanent installation.  Optional mobile units are available wheel mounted, towable or also self-propelled walkie or rider type, as well as self-contained drive with remote joystick controls.  When the unit is installed on wheels there are optional outriggers that may be necessary for added stability.

There are a variety of power options that can be used for stationary installation primarily electrical 240-480 volt 3 phase.  Mobile units can be deep-cycle or industrial battery DC powered, propane engine or gasoline engine.  For hazardous duty environments there is an air powered hydraulic system that is spark proof.

This is an ideal, versatile, and economical way of lifting large heavy items to greater height while the mobility provides additional flexibility to be used any time or place needed.

X          X          X

See Double Scissors Lift models here.


May 30, 2017



Powerful Lift in a Compact Package

Mentor, Ohio April 28, 2017 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new, compact drive system that is smaller in size and more powerful with infinitely variable speed control and automatic braking when the control handle is released.  The steering is 90° left and 90° right making sharp turns on a dime for operating in tight areas and precision positioning of the load.

The unit is light, compact and is available with adjustable legs that adjust from narrow 34 in and up to 60 in wide when lifting to 12 ft height for stability.  Other options include hydraulically powered telescopic boom extending from 54 in out to 96 in long.

Powered cable lift is also available to be able to reach up to 25 ft below floor levels into utility holes or from a second floor it can lift up from the lower level.

The Super Master variation offers the additional feature of mast rotation with outriggers.

The unit is available in 2000, 4000 and 6000 pound capacities.  The large wheels are roller bearing mounted polyurethane-coated, for smooth, quiet operation and to protect the floor.

Lifting and telescopic boom action is hydraulically actuated and the drive system is electo-mechanical battery powered 24 volts DC.  A built-in charger is available to make the unit completely self sufficient.

The Husky Master is a handy flexible tool where heavier loads need to be lifted, positioned and transported with effortless finger tip controls making the job easier and safer.


X          X          X

See Husky-Master models here

April 30, 2017


Reaching In, Over, Above and Beyond

Mentor, Ohio March 16, 2017 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new, heavy duty mobile reversible crane with a unique triple section powered telescoping boom.  The RBC-20000SPBW-TSB offers the user many unique benefits with its mobility, portability and compact, narrow design, yet delivers big on lifting capacity and height.   

The cylinders are built inside the boom for protection and to make the unit have a modern, slick, appearance.  This heavy duty crane can go where no other crane can go, because of its narrow width of 60” and exceptional mobility with 90° powered steering to the left and right so that the large crane can turn on the proverbial dime.

To add to the uniqueness and versatility, the crane has infinitely variable finger tip speed control.  It can go so slow so that you can not see it move like a foot per minute for precise positioning around aircraft or other sensitive equipment and then it can speed up to 4 miles per hour to get where it needs to go. The crane has smooth acceleration and deceleration to prevent swinging a load and an automatic parking brake that engages when the crane is brought to a stop.

The crane has 168” long boom with 240” telescopic capability out to 408” height and then it has optional fold-able jib extension 96” long giving it a total of 504” boom reach.  At 70° boom angle, it can reach the height of 540” high into the sky.  An optional hydraulic cable winch with anti-two-block safety feature is also available.

The unit is powered by a 48 volt large industrial battery and is suitable for indoor and outdoor operation.  It operates smooth and quiet and is self-sufficient with built in battery charger.  Mobility is provided with large and wide polyurethane wheels, that  are roller bearing mounted for easy and quiet mobility and to protect the floor.

The controls are push button pendant remote controls with a 40 ft long cord to give the operator agility and flexibility to control the lifting and telescopic action.  The operator can be positioned where the load is to precisely pin point the assembly.

The lifting and telescoping boom action is hydraulically operated with overload protection and safety relief valves built in. The cylinder shafts are chrome plated for smooth operation and to prevent corrosion.  The crane is equipped with two electric motors and hydraulic pumps to enable increased lifting speed and provide added assurance for continued operation in case one pump or motor fails.

The RBC cranes are available in smaller size and lighter capacities which include 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 10,000 and 15,000 lb.

This crane is an ideal tool to help increase productivity, improve safety and make the job easier, safer and faster.


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See Heavy-Duty RBC models here

March 14, 2017



Reaching New Heights yet Rugged, Compact and Portable

Mentor, Ohio January 19, 2017 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new, top notch lifter that is an economical alternative to help raise productivity and profits.  The Sky-Riser offers a variety of unique, versatile features which include:  vertical telescopic mast action, powered boom rotation, telescopic boom, 12 ft longer goose-neck attachment for higher lift and further reach, adjustable straddle for narrow passage thru doorways/aisles, and tow bar steering with 90° swing to left and right for sharp turns and precise positioning.  The unique telescopic outriggers are 120” wide for stability when lifting to the sky and are retracted when not needed.

The crane is equipped with large foam-filled pneumatic tires for outdoor use on rough gravel.  All the features of the large crane can be folded into a smaller package for strategic deployment and fast transport to any location.

The crane can be easily disassembled by removing the two legs with tires, the boom is removed and the adjustable stabilizers are caster equipped so the crane mast with the base is mobile even in its disassembled condition.

The vertically telescopic mast provides higher reach over obstacles and lowers for easy passage through the doorway and loading on a truck for transport.  The adjustment is from 88” up to 126” mast height.

The Sky-Riser Mobile Crane lifts up to 4000 lb with the boom retracted to a height of 20 ft.  With the boom telescoped out, it lifts 1000 lb up to 30 ft height.  With the goose-neck attachment in a straight out position it will lift 500 lb to 40 ft height and with the goose-neck attachment  set at 45° angle the unit will reach up to 14 ft beyond the wheels and a height of 36 ft.

The power mast rotation is equipped with telescopic outriggers and the rotation is limited to 45° left and 45° right.  All the powered features are hydraulically operated action and include the boom lift, telescopic boom, vertical mast lift and the mast rotation.

The power source available is 110 volt AC single-phase, 240-480 3-phase, battery powered, gasoline, diesel engine, and propane operated.  For hazardous locations, spark proof air power is also available.

Controls are mast-mounted manual spool valves or push button remote pendant to help the user be where they need for precise positioning of the load or parts.

Take your pick:  Options available are powered cable lift, telescopic outriggers, walkie or rider style self propelled drive, operational safety amber light, and custom goose-neck attachment can be made to suit the user’s needs.
The Sky-Riser will help to speed up maintenance work on aircraft or construction applications with all new versatility in assembly work to increase productivity and mobility at a lower cost.  It is an ideal tool where portability and higher lifts are required.



For more information, Contact Us

View Sky-Riser specs here

January 19, 2017



Complete Portable Workstation Offers New Dimensions of Versatility

Portable Jib Crane Articularm

Mentor, Ohio December 5, 2016Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new, one of a kind Portable Jib Crane with Articulating Forearm, 360° rotation and telescopic mast.

The main benefit is portability which enables the portable jib crane to be used anywhere, anytime for indoor and outdoor use without permanent installation. The unit provides on the spot handling and it can operate in harmony with big and bulky overhead cranes.

The most exciting new feature is the 6 ft long articulating forearm feature that rotates 360° providing 100% coverage within the work area. The 10 ft main beam also rotates 360° for a total work area of 16 ft radius.

The unit is equipped with an optional load balancer making the load weightless. It is an ideal ergonomic tool to help lift and place any component with precise positioning for assembly.

It can be used for many industrial applications such as: machine loading, lifting, transferring, stacking, packing, holding parts for inspection, assembly, maintenance, etc.

The Portable Jib Crane Articularm is available in three versions:

  • Stationary, permanent floor mounted arm.

  • Portable, self-supporting counterweight jib crane with 4-way fork pockets.

  • Combination unit with unique telescopic mast.

Experience a new dimension of versatility. You can operate at different heights to reach over, above and beyond to reach around obstacles.

The telescoping mast can be used for actual load lifting without use of a hoist. It’s versatility comes into play where limited overhead space as well as higher ceiling heights exist. The telescoping mast feature is also useful for reducing the overall height of the crane for storage or transportation, and then extend it to full working height during operation. The lifting action is hydraulically actuated.

The combination of any version or options can be selected to meet the user’s need. Other options available are powered mast rotation and powered forearm rotation. Any selected combination can be used with optional electric hoist or load balancer.

Capacities available are 500, 1000 and 2000 lbs. The beam height is 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20 feet. The power options are 110 volts single phase, 240-480 volts 3 phase as well as air powered hoist and mast lift for hazardous environments.

The construction of this special jib crane is heavy duty steel welded construction for rugged industrial use. Corrosive or marine environment stainless steel construction is also available.

The mast rotation and forearm rotation are featured with precision bearings to enable easy and smooth operation. The Portable Jib Crane Articularm is an ergonomically designed tool to help in multiple tasks to increase efficiency, save time, make the job easier, and improve the morale of the work force the smart way – by having the worker use more brain than muscle.


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View Portable Jib Crane models here

December 1, 2016


Small Business Helps NASA with 4-in-1 Lifting Solution


Mentor, Ohio September 9, 2016 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new “Reversible, Convertible Self-Propelled Mobile Crane” designed especially for NASA.

NASA has the unique and challenging task of lifting and maneuvering hydraulic cylinders on a test stand.  Multiple heavy cylinders from 800 to 2100 pounds need to be lifted and positioned at different angles for assembly.  Working in tight areas with little clearance and low headroom created a major challenge in accomplishing these tasks safely.

The RBC-3000SPBLL-M has been equipped with regular telescoping boom and swivel eye hook for some common crane boom tasks.  The crane is convertible and can be changed to a double parallelogram boom with three-axis manipulator for pitch, yaw and roll operations with a pair of special adjustable forks and holding straps to secure the cylinders during articulation.

The cylinder can be lifted in vertical or horizontal orientations and the yaw axis allows the cylinder to swing left or right for precise positioning.  The pitch axis adjusts the vertical alignment to allow the cylinder to be tilted backwards, then raised and plugged into the proper orientation in a tight spot for installation.

The yaw adapter of the manipulator can be removed and replaced with traditional lifting forks for handling standard pallets.  The conversion from regular boom to parallelogram boom takes about 15 to 20 minutes and provides NASA with more flexibility and cost savings by having one piece of equipment handling four different tasks.

The RBC is constructed out of heavy duty welded steel.  The tilt back mast allows for space saving and provides better safety with less counterweight requirements, making the equipment lighter for easier mobility and longer battery life.

The crane is self-propelled battery powered with infinitely variable speed control from 0-4mph and the steering is 90° to left and right which is ideal for making sharp turns in crowded areas, narrow isles and tight spaces.  The unit has built in battery charger that is 120-volt operated.

The propulsion is electro-mechanical with built in automatic braking.  The mobility is provided on roller bearing mounted cushion-type wheels for quiet, smooth operation,  protecting the floor, and minimizing point loads on the work platform.

All the functions are hydraulically activated which includes the boom lift, telescopic boom  and pitch actions.  The hydraulic cylinders are equipped with chrome plated shafts for smooth operation and to prevent corrosion.  Hydraulic cylinders are equipped with holding valves to prevent loss of load in the event of a hydraulic failure.  The hydraulic systems is protected with safety relief valve to prevent over-pressurizing.

All the control functions are push button pendant remote controlled so that the operator can be hands on where precision alignment is required.  Hydraulic controls are also built into the steering handle allowing complete operation of the boom and drive functions from one location.

The RBC is truly an ideal tool that is, unique, versatile, mobile, agile, ergonomically safe to help NASA in deep space exploration.


See RBC models here

September 27, 2016

NEW 4 – Point Entry Rolls, Reels and Container Upender

Mentor, Ohio June 6, 2016 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new “Zero Low” 4-Point Entry Rolls, Reels and Container Upender with 90° tilting capability.

4-Way Zero-Low Upender

You can load the container upender at zero ground level (for example a cylindrical roll of paper, eye to the sky), load in a vertical position and rotate to horizontal position onto a circular cart in the horizontal position. You can then exit from the front or 90° to the side. The operation can, of course, be performed vice-versa from horizontal to vertical position,  (for example roll the load onto the upender sideways and then upend it into the vertical position).

The 90° tilt is electro-mechanically operated for clean room operation.  The linear actuator is acme screw operated. The threaded screw is heavy duty and  enclosed to keep it clean and protected.

The double reduction gear box is worm gear operated to provide automatic braking to hold the position at any point of the 90° travel. This unit is electrically powered by a 120/240V single phase or 240/480V 3-phase motor.  The controls are remote pendants with push button or foot pedal control. The unit is also available hydraulically operated.

Capacity available are 500 lb, 1,000 lb, 2,000 lb, 4,000 lb and 6,000 lb. The deck of the “Zero Low” 4-Point Upender can be square or rectangular, depending on the application. The widths available are 24”, 36”, 42” and 48” with lengths of 36”, 48”, 54”, 60” and 72”. The back up plate is typically the same height as the width.

The “Zero Low” 4-Point Upender is an ideal tool where rolls, reels, coils, boxes and containers any shape can be palletized or placed on carts for transportation. It offers the convenience of loading and unloading from either the front or the side.  This unit makes the job easier and safer. It eliminates manual lifting, bending and straining that causes fatigue and injuries.

June 6, 2016

NEW Five-Function Articulating Manipulator with Gripper

Self-propelled Mobile Manipulator Improves Safety and Efficiency

 Mentor, Ohio May 3, 2016 Air Technical Industries (ATI) has developed a new unique five-axis tool to handle and articulate large items in any position needed.

RBC Flat Gripper

The five axes are lift, extend, pitch, roll and grip up to 2000 lbs and lifting from ground level height to 12 feet.  The addition of available yaw axis as well as powered mast rotation offers up to seven total functions.  The manipulator with the gripper is installed on ATI’s Reversible Boom Crane (RBC-6000-SPBW).  This unit is self propelled with infinitely variable speed control and 90° steering capability to the left or right, giving the unit the ability to turn on a dime.

All the axes of the articularm are hydraulically actuated.  The pitch axis has a range of 130°, roll axis is 180° and yaw axis is 90° to the left and 90° to the right – parallel to the boom.  The power source is 24 volts DC battery powered.

A variety of grippers are available.  The one featured in the picture has parallel flat jaws with a minimum opening of 8” and maximum opening of 16”.  The most popular gripper is the round jaws to grab and hold cylindrical items.

The controls are remote pendant push button so that the operator can be close to the item lifted in order to closely monitor the articulation for precise positioning.

This is an ideal tool for ergonomic handling and safety to avoid using the wrong equipment in a make shift application.  It takes the load off the operator’s back and uses the finger tip push button control in handling heavy objects effectively.

See RBC models here

May 3, 2016



Crawler Crane Knuckle Boom




March 28, 2016

Tele-Mast Learns to Drive by GPS

Straddle crane is slim, self-propelled, diesel engine powered

 March 17, 2016 Mentor, Ohio  Air Technical Industries announces the development of a  unique mobile gantry crane for indoor/outdoor use.  When used outdoors, the 4 telescopic legs raise the crane up to 30 feet high for stacking containers or other large items, lifting over them to maximize storage space, or for loading and unloading trucks.  When used indoors, the Tele-Mast lowers the crane’s overall height for in-building applications.  It has a very narrow design to maximize usable span while maintaining a narrow overall width for passing through overhead doors.  It ranges in size from small to large to humongous, depending on the customers requirements.

Self-Propelled Straddle Crane

The crane is diesel engine powered and all actions are hydraulically actuated including lift, propulsion, steering and optional cable lift.  Controls are remote pendant with variable speeds up to 4 MPH.  Tires are large cushion-type rubber, 16” wide and 28” OD for smooth and quiet operation.  It is all heavy duty steel construction with a 3:1 safety factor for demanding industrial use.  The modular design makes the crane easy to transport and to assemble and disassemble in the field.

The crane functions are user-friendly easy to learn, with a short operator training time.  The operator can easily manipulate the fingertip controls to move large and heavy loads.  The removable, umbilical pendant control station can be safely stored when not in use.

The crane comes in a variety of sizes and capacities which are customized to the users specific need.  Standard models are offered in 25,000 and 60,000 pounds capacities with custom designs available up to 100,000 pounds  The simplicity of the modular design gives ATI an advantage and flexibility to meet the user’s needs depending on the environment, size of the building, and  type of access doors as well as the size and condition of the outdoor yard.

Optional features and attachments include a spreader bar for lifting standard ISO shipping containers, 20′ or 40′ size, remote radio control hook up including a safety light indicating positive engagement.  Other optional equipment include large conventional or custom spreader bars, universal spreader bars with a variety of lengths for 2 and 4 lifting points as well as “C” shape lifting rams for large, heavy coils for turning, handling, lifting and positioning of items.  The Tele-Mast is an ideal tool for lifting heavy and large items, and for easily and safely transporting, loading, and manipulating in unusual environments.


March 17, 2016


Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a new version of its popular Reversible Boom Crane (RBC) mobile counterbalanced floor crane with new unique features that enable it to extend and retract its base to adjust the overall length of the crane. The great benefit of this feature us the reduced overall weight for ease of transportation and handling, as well as reduced ground loading for use on floors with limited capacity.

RBC Extending Base

Short mode is desirable to operate in crowded areas, can fit in freight elevators, or for use on floors with light capacity. Long mode can operate in open areas with more room, provides greater capacity with the counterweight extended for increased leverage, more safety and stability. These new features greatly increase the versatility to meet the user’s need.

The unit features polyurethane bearing mounted wheels for floor protection and smooth easy travel. Steering capability is 90° to left and right, which enable it to make sharp turns in crowded areas.

The propulsion is battery powered and controls are infinitely variable speeds from 0-4 mph. The unit has the ability to travel very slow for precision alignment of load. The hydraulically actuated telescopic boom option enables the boom to be extended and retracted under load.

These units are available in capacities from 1000 lbs to 20,000 lbs. The boom lengths and lifting height are dependent on the capacity and size of the unit and can range from 8 ft height up to 24 ft. The most important feature of the RBC is the reach beyond the wheels. This enables the user to reach into, over, and beyond nooks, crannies, into enclosures, trucks, or other areas where no other handling equipment can.

The other important features of the RBC mobile crane is its slim build enabling it to pass through doorways, narrow aisles, tool room or other locations that are not easily accessible. The optional features are powered telescopic boom, powered telescopic base, hydraulic powered mast rotation, winch cable lift, outriggers, remote operated push button control, or wireless radio control.

The new RBC is indeed a valuable tool to help lift and carry any kind of load to make the job easier and safer. Now even a construction site with limited floor capacity can benefit from the tremendous versatility of the best shop crane ever.

November 23, 2015


Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces a new Low Profile Self Propelled Lift Table. The propulsion system, power remote steering, lifting mechanism, wheels, and batteries are all built into it like a shoe box, completely self-contained.

Self-Propelled Lift Table

What makes these mobile lifts unbelievable is the change of technology to help the user lift and transport large and heavy items through narrow aisles, doorways, and crowded areas. Ergonomics are improved by eliminating the need for any physical exertion by the operator pushing around a cart. The unit features a 10,000 lbs capacity, 52” wide x 120” long, lowered height is 14”, vertical lift is 60”, and raised height is 74”.

The unit is flexible and can transport and steer with a load in the raised position. Mobility is provided by roller-bearing mounted polyurethane wheels. Propulsion is hydraulic, as is lifting and power steering. Propulsion has variable speed control and automatic braking system. The battery charger can be built in or it can be externally installed at a designated charging station.

Hydraulic system has safety relief valves to prevent overloading, and hydraulic cylinders have chrome plated shaft for smooth operation and to prevent corrosion. Maintenance-free composite bushings are installed in the scissors pivot points. Wireless remote controls or pneumatic powered hydraulic systems are available for lifts used in hazardous environments.

Low Profile Self-Propelled Lift Tables are available in a variety of different capacities and sizes. The new lift is an ideal ergonomic tool to improve safety from manual lifting, steering, and pushing. Push button controls are more efficient which saves time and increases production while reducing fatigue of the worker.

July 30, 2015


Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces a unique combination of the extra heavy self-propelled high lift scissors platform with its own Piggyback Jib Crane creating a completely self sufficient mobile elevating workshop.

Mobile Lift Table with Piggyback Jib Crane

The lift platform has 10,000 lb capacity, measuring 54” wide x 168” long and raises up to 144” high. It has 42” high safety railings with mid rail and kick board on the two long sides. At each end there are entrance steps for easy access, self closing safety gates that open only inward, and stops to prevent accidental opening if a person leans on it. The deck of the lift has a safety floor plate or skid resistant coating.

Propulsion is provided by two flanged wheels with a hydraulic drive motor built into the wheels that provide an abundance of torque for moving heavy loads. The hydraulic valving is spring loaded return to center for automatic braking in case of power failure. The unit can travel on recessed crane rail track, surface mounted track, or it is also available with poly wheels and steering for total mobility and versatility. The lifting is hydraulically operated and the cylinders are equipped with safety holding valves that will keep the large deck locked in position in case of hydraulic leak or failure. The cylinders have chrome plated shafts for smooth operation and to prevent corrosion. The hydraulic system is equipped with safety relief valve to protect from overloading or any unsafe build-up of hydraulic pressure.

The mounted jib crane attaches to the base and travels along with the platform offering the versatility to reach out a distance of 12′ to pick up components up to 1 ton that need to be loaded onto the platform and transported to where they are needed. The jib crane is equipped with hydraulically operated power boom rotation for precise positioning and lining up the load with a push of a button instead of manually pushing, pulling, twisting, and swinging. The rotating mechanism of the beam is equipped with automatic braking so the beam is always locked in the desired position. The crane is equipped with counterweight for added stability.

Lifting with the jib boom is provided by a cable hoist on motorized trolley for in and out hoist travel offering effortless load positioning. The hoist and trolley is equipped with a dual festooning system of which one is main power 240-480 volts AC 3-phase and the other is low control voltage 110 volts AC with built-in step down transformer.

The unit is equipped with manual override propulsion ability in case of power or hydraulic system failure. This feature allows the platform to be moved out of the way in the event of loss of propulsion or power.

The construction is heavy duty welded steel which provides for years of industrial use. It can carry heavy tool boxes, welding equipment, work benches with wire and cutting torches to provide complete shop needs when and where needed. In the design, much attention is given to safety and ergonomic efficiency with versatility in use for multiple applications.

March 13, 2015


Air Technical Industries (ATI) is excited to announce the development of a new Smart Jib Crane. This pedestal mounted crane is 300” tall with a boom span of 288” and capacity of 4,000 lbs. Equipped with 360 degree powered rotation that starts slow then accelerates the rotation through travel and comes to gradual slow to stop. The wire rope hoist and motorized trolley are equipped with a festooning system and rotation has collector ring so that the smart crane can rotate continuously clock-wise or counter clock-wise without stopping and not reversing to return in the opposite direction to avoid twisting the wire.

Smart Jib Crane

The controls are radio remote controlled, no umbilical cord necessary so that the operator has freedom of movement and can stand wherever necessary for safety and comfort or monitoring of the load.

In addition to the soft start, the rotation is equipped with 2 speed control. Slow speed for jogging or precise positioning of the load and fast for running. These parameters are controlled by a programmable Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and my be modified as desired. The lift action is likewise equipped with slow and fast operational speeds to give the operator better control on raising up the load. The hoist may also be equipped with optional overload prevention device.

The jib-crane capacity is available in 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, 6,000, and 10,000 pounds and span reach and height per the customer’s requirement. It is available with NEMA-4 washdown package and special coatings for outdoor use such as marine environments.

This unit is heavy duty industrial equipment that is welded construction, the I-beam is capped with structural channel for lateral stability. This crane is an ideal tool for on spot lifting, handling and positioning. The crane is energy efficient and quiet for indoor or outdoor operation.

December 8, 2014


 Air Technical Industries (ATI) is excited to announce the innovative development of a Versatile Die and Mold Handling Transporter with a new “twist”. It can rotate a heavy die, molds, a motor or any other heavy, industrial item 360 degrees. This new feature is very important when long dies or molds have to be transported through narrow aisles. They can be stored lengthwise, which takes much less space than storing them crosswise. The new unit can store, retrieve and transport the die lengthwise for easier maneuverability and then it can rotate crosswise at the press for installation.

Die Table with Rotating Base

With increased lift, dies and molds can be stored on the shelf or racked two high, thereby doubling storage space. The ability to rotate dies 90 degrees increases storage capacity up to 400%.

The die transporter unit is equipped with 4 push-pull arms; two short arms that hold the die close in and two long arms that can push the die into the press of the die transporter up to 24” deep. When the operation is completed, the die transporter retrieves the die out of the press back on to the transporter. The die is then rotated 90 degrees from the way it comes out of the press to lengthwise for transporting it to the storage area. The push-pull arms are folded up or down manually, or can be powered (optional). The arms can also be made adjustable laterally to handle various widths of molds.

Rotation and storage of the dies improves safety and efficiency by a push of the button, instead of 3 or 4 people pushing, pulling, stretching and reaching which can cause injuries, pain, lost time, and worker’s compensation claims.

During transport of the die, the short arms are holding the die securely. The lifting and lowering of the die to press height or shelving is hydraulically operated, as well as pulling and pushing of arms. The transporter deck is equipped with roller conveyor or polyurethane bearing material with a smooth finish.

The transporter is installed on polyurethane roller bearing wheels equipped for easy and quiet mobility. Propulsion is solid-state variable speed from zero to 4 mph. Steering is 90 degrees to each side for cutting sharp angled turns or maneuvering in narrow aisles. Propulsion and lifting is battery powered with available built-in battery charger that makes the unit self-sufficient.

Capacities available range from 2000 pounds up to 50,000 pounds and deck sizes range in width from 24” up to 96” and length from 48” up to 144” long. The new and unique mold installation retrieval and transportation system can be built custom for any special or unusual requirement.

The equipment is specifically designed with ergonomics and safety consideration in mind. It provides safety, efficiency, time savings and storage space savings for installation of heavy dies and molds. In addition, the unit can be used for handling many other heavy items, such as manifolds, castings, motors, and machine loading of heavy parts making the job easier by taking the load off of peoples’ backs.

See it in action here:

or Contact Us for more information

October 29, 2014

ATI’S NEW Mobile Crane: Port-O-Giant

Air Technical Industries, Inc. has developed the Port-O-Giant Mobile Crane with special features to provide increased lift height and available features for outdoor use or hazardous applications. The crane can be folded or disassembled for easy transportation, storage and movement into crowded areas for on the spot handling, can be put on cargo elevators or it can be used on top of buildings. The crane is equipped with a hydraulic winch to lift and lower the loads from the top of the building to ground level or to work below ground level.

Port-O-Giant galvanized

The capacity is 6000 lbs with the boom retracted, 3000 lbs capacity with the boom extended and 1000 lbs capacity with the goose-neck attachment. Lifting height is 150” with boom retracted, 216” with the telescopic boom extended and 288” with adjustable goose-neck boom at maximum height. The mobile crane is battery powered, self propelled, 24volts DC with variable speed control. Steering is 90 degrees to left and right for sharp turns. The load wheels are 16” OD mold-on rubber installed on roller bearings for smooth and easy mobility. The unit may be equipped with power telescopic boom, hydraulic winch cable lift, and powered mast rotation. All functions are hydraulically operated.

The crane is built for heavy duty industrial applications and is welded steel construction for long lasting tough applications. The crane may also be hot-dip galvanized for excellent corrosion resistance. The drive unit is available in an EE rated model and the power components may be installed 18” above floor level for sensitive aerospace applications. The entire unit may be compressed air powered hydraulic operation (yes, even the drive unit!) for extremely hazardous operations.

The crane is ideal for medical loading, truck loading, assembly works, maintenance and repair operations, transporting long bundles of material, or service work in the field. It is an all around heavy handling machine that will make any heavy handling job easier.


July 11, 2014


 Air Technical Industries (ATI) is excited to announce the development of a new series of Zero-Low Ground Level Lift Tables, affectionately known as the magic carpet lift of Aladdin. The lift is powered by an electric motor with lifting action by machine or ball screw instead of hydraulics.

Zero-Low Mechanical Lift Table

The Benefit of eliminating hydraulics includes everything built-in. No more hydraulic oil, sweat or drips, drifting, and no more remote power pack. The operation is quiet, smooth, clean and suitable for laboratory, food processing and pharmaceutical operations. The new Zero-Low design is also available in stainless steel or aluminum construction for these special applications. In addition, the heavy duty design is suitable for industrial applications with ergonomics in mind.

The lift is available in capacities of 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, and 6000 pounds with various standard and customizable sizes from 26” x 36” up to 60” x 72” wide and heights from zero up to 48”.

The power source is 110 volts AC, 230/460V 3 phase or battery powered 12 or 24 volts. The controls are momentary contact hand-held pendant or foot pedal for up and down.

These new versions of the popular Zero Low Lifts are truly a magical development for ergonomics, reliability, and cleanliness. Our goal is to make the job easier, safer, more convenient and improve productivity. The units are low-maintenance, versatile, and can help in any operation where the load starts at ground level and is raised to your desired working height, making this model suitable for forklift free operations.

June 4, 2014



President/Founder, Pero Novak, with son Vida, at the company's 50th anniversary open house on March 28, 2014.

President/Founder, Pero Novak, with son Vida, at the company’s 50th anniversary open house on March 28, 2014.





April 9, 2014

Die Table with Powered Pusher



Die Table with Pusher Arms






December 2, 2013


Air Technical Industries announces the development of a unique, low profile Gantry Crane, with hydraulic cable lift and mobile trolley built right into the double girder boom. Only the hook hangs below the boom for low headroom requirements, lifting heavy loads in crowded areas such as boiler rooms, auxiliary power generators, or compressors.

Low-Profile Gantry Crane

The Gantry Crane is constructed out of aluminum and breaks down into five major components so that one person, with help of the V-Master portable foldable mobile hydraulic crane, can load and unload the crane from a flat bed truck, carry it to the desired location and then assemble it in about ten minutes.

The trolley’s mobility is on six flanged wheels and is propelled by a continuous chain with worm-gear drive to keep the trolley locked in the desired position.

The bridge span is available in 8, 10 and 12 foot widths and 8, 10 and 12 foot under boom heights. The hydraulic cable lift has a 6, 8 or 10 foot lifting range and the end of the cable is equipped with a swivel safety eye hook. The capacity is available in 4,000, 6,000 and 10,000 pounds.

The power available is portable battery power 12 volts DC, with push button remote control, 110 volts AC single phase, or 230-460 volts 3-phase AC power. For hazardous operations, the unit can be air powered. The trolley is continuous hand-chain operated and optional powered trolley traversing is available.

The low profile gantry is an ideal tool where heavy loads in low headroom or crowded areas must be lifted and handled effectively by one person.

March 6, 2013

Compact Mobile RBC with Tele-Mast

Air Technical Industries announces the development of a New Compact RBC Reversible Boom Crane, with many new versatile, useful, and unique features:

RBC with Telescopic Mast

  • Shorter base allows for operation in crowded industrial environments.

  • Telescopic mast allows lifting and lowering the boom in a horizontal position without changing the angle of the boom.

  • Triple Section Telescopic Boom allows for reaching deep into nooks & crannies into, under, or above hard to reach places.

  • Mast rotation allows the boom to swing left and right beyond aisle ways, machines, or obstacles.

  • In addition to the vertical mast lift, the boom lifts from the horizontal position up to a 15 angle for greater height.

  • Telescopic outriggers keep the unit stabilized when the boom is rotated.

The battery operated unit runs smooth, clean and quiet. The self propulsion has infinitely variable speed control from zero up to 4 mph with smooth acceleration and deceleration.

All of the crane functions are hydraulically operated, including the optional hydraulic winch cable lift that can reach far below floor levels into man holes, pits, basements, or lower levels.

Mobility is provided on durable polyurethane roller bearing mounted wheels for easy mobility and to protect the floor. Units are available in many capacities from 1000 lbs up to 20,000 lbs with a maximum height of up to 20 ft.

The new version of the RBC adds great versatility for challenging industrial applications where items need to be lifted, transported and articulated in assembly or maintenance operations.

It is especially useful in applications with low headroom or tight clearances. It makes the job easier, safer, faster, and it helps to limit worker injuries and fatigue by eliminating manual lifting, bending and stretching.

January 29, 2013

Portable Jib Cranes

Air Technical Industries announces the development of a new series of Portable Jib Cranes that are self-supportive and can be used anytime, any place, indoors or outdoors, without installation. The Portable Jib Crane has a counterweight built in to the base for stability and fork pockets for portability.

Portable Jib Crane

When the job is done, the crane can be easily moved out of the way, since it is not bolted to the concrete floor, as it is in the case with traditional jib cranes. The ordinary jib crane can only be used at one fixed location and is limited in flexibility that the new portable crane offers.

One crane that can be used at many locations adds great versatility and savings by not needing many cranes at different locations, and it also saves space on the shop floor. The Portable Jib Crane is also convertible and can be detached from the base and mounted to the floor.

The crane features a 360° boom rotation manually operated and there is an optional powered boom rotation available. The crane can be equipped with a manual hoist or electrical powered hoist, 110 volt single phase or 240-480 volts, 3 phase. For hazardous areas, air powered pneumatic spark proof hoists are available.

Portable Jib Cranes are built of heavy duty industrial welded steel construction for safe and long lasting use. The rotation is on a heavy duty Timken roller bearing and precision built cam followers for smooth, easy, effortless rotation. Cranes are available in capacities of 500, 1000 or 2000 pounds with a span length of 6 to 12 feet and an under beam height of up to 24 ft.

The cranes feature 2 different counter balance designs, one is counterweight built into the enlarged base for stability and the other is mounted on the rotating beam so that counterweight is always on the opposite side of the payload. The specially designed counterweight base has 4-way fork pockets for easy accessibility from any side.

The Portable Jib Crane is an ideal tool for on the spot lifting and handling of heavy components at different locations. It can be a great complement to a larger overhead crane to save the time for heavier lifts, while using the Portable Jib Crane under the overhead crane to help out.

View Portable Jib Crane models here

November 12, 2012

Earthquake-Proof Seismic Crane

[March 28, 2012] Mentor, Ohio – Air Technical Industries announces the manufacturing of the unique telescopic mast articulating crane, constructed mostly from aluminum.

Aluminum Telescopic Mast Jib Crane for nuclear plant

The crane will be used by a California Nuclear Power Plant for replacing the fuel rods in Combustion Engineering reactors rated at 1100 Mwe supplying electricity for 1.4 million homes. The modular design of the crane has several unique features: The telescopic mast that can raise up to 57′ high. The telescopic action is hydraulically operated. The mast has 300 powered mast rotation with a soft start and stop for smooth boom travel. The beam rotation is equipped with a mechanical slip-clutch to allow it to “break-away” to prevent damage in the event the crane comes in contact with other objects or is subject to excessive side-loading.

The lifting is provided by a high-lift chain hoist with 2000 lbs. capacity and 60′ of vertical lift. The hoist is mounted on a motorized trolley for positioning the fuel rods as precisely as needed.

The crane is equipped with an operator platform at the height of 40′ for visually controlling and manipulating the placement of the fuel rods.

All of the controls are remote, pendant-mounted, push button for flexibility and convenient use. The beam is equipped with dual festooning systems, one of which is for the low voltage multi-conductor cable for all the function controls. The other festooning is for the high voltage 3-phase power source.

The crane has three flange mounting points for installation that uniquely fit directly on to the nuclear reactor flange. The crane is not installed on the floor of the building for seismic considerations, so even if the floor collapses in the event of an earthquake, the crane stays put.

The modular form of the crane with telescopic mast allows it to be quickly assembled, pinned, and ready for operation in just a few hours, and then conveniently removed and stored out of the way in a corner of the building or other storage area until the next use.

The construction of the crane is 90% aluminum 6061 and 10% stainless steel, mostly welded sub-assembly, which are then bolted by stainless steel fasteners. The modular components utilize quick-release pins to avoid the need to turn nuts and bolts, which would also require that the crane be re-certified after each assembly. The attaching flanges to the reactor were built out of A36 steel welded construction providing a heavy-duty rigid mounting connection.

All the tests were performed at Air Technical Industries in Mentor, Ohio on a simulated nuclear reactor flange test fixture.


See Telescopic Mast Jib Crane models here

March 28, 2012

Upender Inverter with Conveyors

A Texas manufacturing company making large gearboxes for the petrochemical industry needed to invert a large heavy gearbox casting up to 8′ long x 6′ wide x 4′ high, weighing up to 10,000 lbs, in their machining and assembly process. The precision-built component had to be inverted 180° or up-side down and then down-side up several times during the process. Machined surface had to be protected from damage or scratching. Safety was an important consideration, protecting workers from stretching, reaching, bending and heavy lifting that causes back injuries. And of course, efficiency and timely delivery is also an important factor.

Upender Inverter with Powered Conveyors

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio came to the rescue, designing and manufacturing a special Upender Inverter equipped with heavy-duty powered conveyors for automatic loading. The Upender Inverter then securely clamps the casting, inverts it 180°, un-clamps it, then discharges the heavy machined parts automatically on to the awaiting conveyor.

The process is then repeated in reverse after one end is finished being machined. The whole process only takes two minutes of time. The mission repeats itself over and over again safely, securely and efficiently, producing quality components without any damage or injuries.

Hopefully, many more machines will be built for the petrochemical industry to help America become more self-sufficient and less dependent on foreign oil imports. There are thousands of other components that need to be inverted in industry, this is why ATI has standard Upender Inverters available from a capacity of 250 lbs and up to 50,000 lbs and sizes from 24″ x 36″ up to 96″ x 144″ of humongous jaw bites.

When a standard unit will not meet the need, ATI is flexible in making modifications to satisfy the needs and offer effective solutions to meet the customer’s application. The more challenging the task, the more eager the ATI team is to develop a practical solution.

December 7, 2011


Air Technical Industries announces the development of a unique mobile universal lifter-dumper. The dumper will lift and invert up to 180°, dumping any shape or size of container desired, even a 55-gallon steel drum. Place any shape container in the specially-designed hopper, and it will transport, lift to desired height, and dump or invert the container.

Mobile Universal Dumper

Customers that utilize a variety of materials may receive them in a wide variety of containers. Even 30 to 40 pound containers that could be handled manually can cause serious fatigue from repetitive action. Materials of any kind stored in cardboard boxes, wooden crates, bulk bags, tote pans, 5-gallon to 55-gallon kegs and drums, plastic jugs, buckets, or anything that could not previously be grabbed and dumped, the Universal Dumper can handle it all.

The unit is mobile and self-propelled with variable speed control. The drive speed range is from 1 fpm to 4 mph and the steering is 90� left and right, providing a tight turning radius. It rides on 8″ diameter roller bearing mounted polyurethane-coated wheels. The unit is battery powered and the lifting mast tilts forward and back. All functions are hydraulically operated.

The dumper is able to dump to the left and right up to 180� – the unit can invert upside down. Dumping height is up to 7 feet. The uniquely designed dumping chute is V-shaped to retain control of the item, regardless of its shape. The “V” chute and the stop bars prevent the container from sliding out during dumping.

The benefit of this configuration is that it does not require grabbing and holding the container, because many types of containers are hard to grab or grip. Containers such as fiber drums, canvas bags, paper bags or smooth cylindrical items will now be easy to lift and dump.

The unit can also be loaded automatically by conveyor with the optional conveyor bottom. A container on a conveyor will roll right into the dumper hopper, allowing quick and efficient operation.

The unit is compact and slim enough to pass through doorways and narrow aisles. The overall height of the dumper in the lowered position is only 76″. A see-through mast allows the operator to see where the unit is traveling for precise positioning.

The Universal Dumper is an ideal tool for operations where there is a need to lift and dump many different shapes of containers at different or variable workstations. One machine will transport, lift, and dump. It will save time, improve safety, increase efficiency, make the job easier and improve the morale of the workplace by eliminating fatigue caused by manually handling cumbersome containers.

August 3, 2011



Tele-Mast Straddle Crane

Air Technical Industries announces the development of a new and one of a kind compact – economical Telescopic Mast Straddle Crane. The crane is mobile, designed for indoor-outdoor use. It is compact and can carry a variety of loads up to 50,000 lbs such as gen-packs or 20′ shipping containers through a 12′ x 12′ overhead door. It can straddle a flat bed or a semi truck. It can also lift the load up to 120″ high for loading, unloading or transporting large, heavy loads anywhere from one plant bay to another.

The crane is hydraulically operated with four telescopic masts synchronized for level and uniform lifting and positioning. The hydraulic cylinders are enclosed and the plumbing to the cylinders and control valves are all enclosed & protected.

The “Tele-Mast” slides on bearing material for smooth and easy telescopic action – even in the toughest industrial environment. The uniform level lifting is synchronized by precision-built hydraulic flow dividers, and it zeros in automatically each time the unit is fully lowered.

The two heavy wide-flanged I-beams are equipped with four laterally adjustable lifting hooks. Hook heights start at 105″ lowered position with a minimum of 72″ vertical lift and 177″ raised height. Optional cable lift is available; four cables, one at each leg with hooks that will lift from 28″ off the floor, a minimum of 144″ vertical lift, to a height of 172″ or higher.

For longitudinal spread adjustments, there are two adjustable cross beams with two plate hooks, each to allow hook placement anywhere from very center of the straddle crane, for smaller loads requiring handling.

Optional lifting forks with telescopic vertical arms provides versatility, these forks are inserted into fork socket for lifting shipping containers, large air conditioning units or gen-packs.

The unit featured is electrically powered by 440 volt / 3 phase motor, for indoor use or close vicinity of the building where power is available. The electric power provides clean, quiet, odorless power, no smoke and fume free for indoor use. Optional propane engine, gasoline or diesel are also available.

The unit travels on sixteen (16) polyurethane wheel. The multiple wheel configuration spreads out the loading to protect your floor from damage.

The propulsion on the economy model is provided by the user’s own tow truck or fork truck. Completely self-propelled units are available with power steering providing self-sufficient operation.

Standard controls are pendant push-button remote control for lifting and lowering. Wireless radio remote control is also available.

The capacity of the unit shown is 50,000 lbs, inside leg span is 114″, lifting hook height is from 105″ up to 177″, with cable lifts from hook height at 28″ vertical lift 144″ and raised height of 172″. Overall length of the unit is 184″. Other lift heights available are up to 20′, 24′, 28′ height. Spans are available 12′, 16′ and 20′.

The self-propulsion is hydraulically operated. It is available with two-wheel or four-wheel drive to meet the operating condition of the floor and grade slope. The unit is built of heavy steel welded construction, its modular design is simple and easy to assemble.

The Tele-Mast Straddle Crane is an ideal tool for bringing large lifting and transporting applications down to a manageable size.

March 21, 2011

Mighty Eco Ergo Mobile Crane

Mighty Eco Ergo Reversible Boom Crane

Mighty Eco Ergo Reversible Boom Crane

“NEW” Reversible Boom Crane, Eco-Conscious, For Indoor Use

[January 31, 2011] Mentor, Ohio-Air Technical Industries announces the launch of the NEW RBC-50000SPBW Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Mobile Crane. The first of its kind, it is Eco-Conscious and energy-efficient in lifting-transporting technologies with the mighty muscle power of 50,000 lbs capacity. Designed for indoor use where heavy components need to be lifted, transported, positioned, installed and assembled to help make your job easier, along with satisfying the green initiative. Keep the facility cleaner, quieter, and safer, with environmental overtone; no fumes, no gas, no smell, no smoke, just mighty power and flexibility.

The crane can lift up to 50,000 lbs and up to 240 inches high. It is self-propelled with infinitely variable speed controls. It features power steering with sharp turning to each side making it very easy to maneuver. The powered telescopic boom will reach beyond, over and under, or into hard to reach places. These features make it ideal for lifting components such as large castings, motors high up on to a pedestal, gen-packs, compressors, boilers, transformers and aircraft engines. It can be used for many applications such as assembly work, loading trucks, container handling, etc.

The unit is user friendly. It is very simple and easy to operate with dual controls for greater flexibility. All controls are push button operated and built into the steering handle. It has another control on a remote pendant so that operators can align the load precisely where needed. The unit featured is equipped with an optional Gooseneck Boom to reach into tight spots between the ceiling and highest positioned item for installation and removal. This is ideal for low-headroom applications.

The crane travels on ten (10) polyurethane wheels to reduce and spread floor loading and to protect the floor. All wheels are equipped with precision machine roller bearings for smooth, quiet and easy mobility. The propulsion is DC battery powered 48V. Solid state control provides smooth acceleration and deceleration. An automatic braking system is built into drive wheel motors, and is applied when the controls are released. The travel speed is from 0-3 MPH.

The boom lifting, telescopic boom action, and powered steering are hydraulically operated. The hydraulic cylinder shafts are made from high carbon tough steel, ground, polished and chrome-plated, which protects from corrosion and provides smooth, efficient operation. The Hydraulic system is equipped with safety relief valves to protect the system and to prevent over loading.

The RBC-series of cranes are available in a variety of capacities and sizes from 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, and 50,000-pound capacities. Smaller models start at only 34″ wide, narrow enough to fit through a doorway.

Built to make the job ERGONOMICALLY easier and safer in any operation, the RBC will help increase efficiency, productivity, save time, and energy. Made in AMERICA with heavy-duty steel welded construction for many years of tough industrial use.



January 31, 2011

NEW Mechanical Lift Table with Butcher Block Top

Air Technical Industries has developed a new series of mechanical scissor lift tables with a wooden butcher block top.

Mechanical Lift Table

The tubular scissor design provides structural stability, safety, and is lightweight for mobility. The wooden butcher block top is fastened to a metal frame to prevent warping and provide ample support for the load. The butcher block provides a soft touch and compatibility with lifting many products.

Lifting operation is offered with a choice between two different mechanical systems. One is an acme screw-type lift and the other is a cable winch-type lift with a worm gear drive that keeps the load at any position desired without drifting. The manual crank handle is conveniently located at working height and the crank handle has a molded plastic grip for comfort and safety.

Models are available with capacities from 250 to 1,000 pounds, deck sizes from 24″ x 36″ up to 36″ x 96″ and raised heights up to 87″ when installed on wheels.

The unit can be used stationary or can be installed on non-marking phenolic wheels and casters for mobility. When mobile, a floor lock is provided and it also includes two push/pull handles.

For ease in height adjustment when the load height needs to be frequently adjusted, the lift tables are available electro-mechanically powered by 110 volts AC single-phase power providing effortless operation.

In special applications, with smaller units installed on machines, on workbenches or for laboratory work, the lifting operation can be ratchet operated on an acme screw-type model.

A metal deck is available where the wooden butcher block is not appropriate.

These mechanical scissor lift tables are an ideal tool for assembly work where different heights of components or operators need adjustment. This mobile ergonomic table can be used in any work environment. It is a great tool to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce worker fatigue. They are economically priced so that every workstation can benefit from one.

August 30, 2010

New Loading Dock Lift, Zero-Low Ground Level


Zero-Low Dock Lift

Air Technical Industries announces a new design of the heavy duty dock lift table, with the lowered height of 0″ like a magic carpet laying on the floor, and then raising a load of up to 50,000 lbs.

The capability of the lift platform lowering to ground level significantly improves versatility and ease of operation where the load can be rolled directly onto the lift platform without the need of a ramp or pit in the floor.


The Zero-Low Dock Lift can be used any place, any time on a flat floor for indoor/outdoor use. Ideal for use in low lying areas where a loading ramp is not feasible or not available for loading and unloading trucks or transferring the load from one level to the next higher level up to 120″, depending on the size and length of the deck.

The lifting mechanism is a dual-type scissors mechanism, synchronized for level and uniform lift by a torsion bar and special hydraulic flow divider. The lifting is hydraulically actuated by hydraulic cylinders with chrome-plated shaft for smooth operation and to prevent corrosion. The hydraulic system is equipped with a safety pressure relief valve to prevent overloading.

Variety of power sources are available for any kind of operation. The most popular for smaller lifts are 110V AC / single-phase motors, 230-460V / three-phase motors for heavier lifts, air powered for spark proof or flammable environments, battery operated for outside or remote area operations, and gasoline or diesel engines to operate larger lifts.

The structure is built of heavy steel construction for long lasting and safe operation. For corrosive environments, stainless steel construction is available or marine grade paint as a more economical alternative.


The capacity ranges from 500 lbs for wheelchair lifts or lighter commercial use. Heavier capacities available are: 1000 lbs, 2000 lbs, 4000 lbs, 6000 lbs, 10,000 lbs, 25,000 lbs & 50,000 lbs. Deck sizes available from smallest 26″ wide x 36″ long all the way up to 96″ wide x 240″ long and any sizes in between.

The “ZDK” series of lifts are equipped with safety railings on two long sides 42″ high with 4″ high kick board and mid rail to meet OSHA requirements. There are safety chains at each narrow end. Hydraulic safety valves are included to protect the lift and operators in the event of a hydraulic failure.

On the exit side or the off-loading end, there is a hinged loading ramp, or dock plate, to close the gap between the truck and lift for safe and easy unloading.


The “ZDK” Zero Low Dock Lift, affectionately called “Magic-Lift”, is a solution to solve many lifting and handling problems and save workers’ backs from manual loading trucks without ramps or cumbersome inclines. It is convenient to drive right on to the lift platform with a pallet truck, forklift or roll-on loads at ground level and then lift in a minute to the desired height effortlessly. It also saves substantial costs associated with construction of a pit or loading dock.

The ZDK will save time, improve efficiency, eliminate back injury, stop workers compensation claims, reduce workers fatigue, and improve morale.

June 11, 2010

TMJC for aircraft manufacturing

Air Technical Industries has developed and built a very unique and versatile mobile Telescopic Mast Jib Crane with OMNI-DIRECTIONAL mobility for handling various components that need to be lifted during the aircraft manufacturing process.

Telescopic Mast Jib Crane for aerospace

The large prefabricated components weighing up to 3,500 pounds need to be lifted up to 36′ high, transported into position, and articulated into the precise orientation for assembly. ATI’s stationary Telescopic Mast Jib Cranes have been used in other similar operations. The new concept of modular design requires much more flexibility and OMNI-DIRECTIONAL mobility.

ATI developed a new design of Telescopic Mast Jib Crane with Omni-directional mobility that enables the production crew to reach over, under and if necessary, into the airplane to position components during the assembly process.

The new crane model with unique Omni-directional mobility allows the crane to travel in any direction 360° and it can turn within its own measurements (similar to the way a military tank turns). The crane’s mast, a rotating turret, is capable of swinging left and right fully loaded. The telescopic section of the mast is chrome plated for smooth travel and to prevent corrosion. It telescopes up to 36′ under-hook height. The beam of the crane has 13.5′ of reach and is equipped with dual hoists, one with a motorized trolley and the other a push/pull trolley to “float”, accommodating movement and articulation of the load. The two hoists are used to rotate components, such as the horizontal stabilizer, from vertical to horizontal position.

The mast rotation helps in placing the component precisely to the fuselage for fastening. The hoist lifting speed is variable up to 32′ per minute and the hoists operate independently. The beam of the crane is equipped with emergency stop bars to automatically stop operation in case it touches a stationary object to prevent any damage.

The mobile base has a round design since it travels in any direction. That makes it easy to go around corners and crowded areas. The base is built of heavy steel construction with built-in drive system. The power pack with counterweights, battery, controls, valves, battery charger, pump, and motor are all enclosed and protected while serving as counterweight. Opposite the power pack is a single mobile outrigger that rotates and travels with the mast. This system makes the unit a unique, compact, innovative, and functional design.

Propulsion is driven by two heavy-duty 24 volt DC gear motor driven polyurethane wheels controlled separately via joysticks for directional control and smooth acceleration and deceleration. It has infinitely variable speed from 0 to 3 MPH. The wheels have built-in automatic braking. The traction wheels can be retracted from the floor if towing should ever be required. The power pack consists of dual power systems. 24 volt DC (48V available) is used for propulsion, steering, turret rotation and telescopic mast action. The wire rope hoists, motorized trolley, and built-in battery charger are powered by 240/480 volts/AC/3 Phase.

In case of power failure, systems are all designed to hold the load securely and all functions stop and lock in its present position. Other safety features include: on-board fire extinguisher, battery monitoring gauge, audible alarm system, traveling amber warning light, emergency stop, and overload protection. Hydraulic system is equipped with a safety pressure relief valve and the telescopic cylinder has an over-center holding valve to prevent mast from lowering inadvertently in the event of a hydraulic system failure.

Various components need to be lifted and precisely positioned during the airplane building process:

  • Lifting the horizontal stabilizer from the shipping container, transporting it in a vertical position, then positioning it with the secondary hoist with the leading edge forward 90° to a horizontal position, and positioning it laterally with turret rotation for precise installation. Afterward, it is used for removal of the lifting fixture for storage and next use.
  • Lifting and positioning engine pylons and installing onto the wings to be fastened.
  • Handling and installing engine cowlings.
  • Lifting and positioning thrust reversers for installation.
  • Lifting, transporting, and positioning inboard & outboard flaps for installation.
  • Miscellaneous handling of tooling, jigs, or fixtures, with the ability to articulate into the proper orientation.

The Omni Directional Telescopic Mast Jib Crane is really a dream come true in helping to build planes of the future or for that matter handling, transporting, and positioning of large components in any operation precisely, safely and ergonomically.

March 29, 2010

RBC Travels by Remote Control

Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces an advanced design of Reversible Boom Crane operation with wireless remote or pendant control that offers safety and flexibility in lifting, handling, and transporting heavy loads in most narrow passage ways. The unit can be remotely controlled for all functions including propulsion, speed acceleration or deceleration, steering, boom lifting and lowering, telescopic boom action, cable lifting and lowering, mast rotation, powered outriggers and any other optional attachments such as jaw grabs, bundle grabs, large shovel scoop or forks.

Remote Control Reversible Boom Crane

The RBC comes in capacities from 1,000 to 20,000 pounds, with lifting heights of 24 feet and boom reach up to 18 feet. It comes battery operated 24 or 48 volts DC, completely self

sufficient, for quiet, clean operation with no exhaust or fumes creating unwanted pollution. Built narrow to pass through regular doorways and narrow aisles, it reaches over, under, beyond, or into small openings, deep into a truck, furnaces, or other hard to reach places.

The unit is mobile on bearing equipped non-marking polyurethane wheels for smooth, quiet operation and to protect the floor.

Most functions of the crane are hydraulically operated such as the boom lift, telescoping action, mast rotation, power steering, powered outriggers, and cable lift. The propulsion is electro-mechanically driven.

The RBC cranes are heavy-duty welded steel construction, quality built for years of tough, industrial use with low maintenance and high performance.

December 21, 2009


Air Technical Industries Introduces ‘Scorpion’, World’s First Universal
Combination Crane Lift, Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), and Aircraft Tug

Scorpion Aircraft Tug

Mentor, Ohio, May 14, 2009 – Air Technical Industries announces the launch of the Scorpion Aircraft Tug, a first-of-its-kind tug that includes a built in crane lift and auxiliary power unit (APU). The Scorpion enables fixed base operator (FBO) aircraft mechanics to move and more accurately position aircraft weighing up to 15,000 pounds.

Scorpion All-In-One Tug Reduces Fixed Base Operator (FBO) Equipment Costs

A fixed base operator (FBO) is a service center based at a private or municipal airport. Traditionally, FBO aircraft mechanics require multiple pieces of equipment in order to service small planes: an auxiliary power unit to start the craft, a tug tractor to move it, a crane to remove the engine for service and to load and unload cargo, and a tow truck or other utility vehicle with a winch to retrieve stranded aircraft.

By combining all of the above functionality into one compact, battery-operated unit, the Scorpion Aircraft Tug offers potentially significant cost savings over owning, maintaining, and storing four separate pieces of equipment. Because it is battery operated, it also eliminates aircraft tug gas or diesel fuel costs and exhaust. An overnight charge is sufficient for typical daily operations.

Scorpion Tug Moves Aircraft More Precisely

Currently, FBO mechanics need to use larger gas- or diesel-powered aircraft tug tractors in order to move a small plane (up to 15,000 pounds). They must connect the aircraft to the tractor via a tow assembly that is 15 to 20 feet long, making it cumbersome to maneuver.

The Scorpion Aircraft Tug is smaller, quieter, and more maneuverable than a traditional tug tractor, offering the operator the choice of walking behind or standing on its battery powered frame. It has hydraulic lifting arms that physically raise the front wheel of the aircraft off the ground, enabling precise positioning of the aircraft. Raising the front wheel also allows the operator to lower the tail of high-tail aircraft to clear low hangar doors. The drive handle pivots 90� for a zero turning radius and it offers variable speed control for precise acceleration and deceleration between 0 and 4 miles per hour.

Built-In Crane, APU, and Additional Features Make Scorpion Unique in Market

The Scorpion’s built-in crane folds out of the tug’s base and offers a 7-foot telescopic boom lift with a lift-arm capacity of up to 1,000 pounds. It was designed both for loading and unloading cargo, as well as to help aircraft mechanics safely and efficiently move aircraft engines.

In order to start aircraft for testing and for takeoff, the Scorpion offers a built-in auxiliary power unit (APU) with powerful batteries that will kick-start most general aviation aircraft in the coldest weather. To round out its feature set, the Scorpion also offers an amber running light, headlights for safe nighttime operations, and an on board fire extinguisher.

May 14, 2009

New Telescopic High-Lift Container Dumper



This new telescopic container lifter dumper is an exclusive design with unique telescopic lifting and tilting capability.

Its stream lined, simple design is also compact and incorporates a tapered chute for dumping powder, liquid or solid materials.

The tilt capability is 135 degrees or 45 degrees below the horizontal. The lift and dump height reaches up to 144”. It is ideal for situations where loads need to be dumped at a variety of different heights such as 48” 60” 72” 84” or 96”; this unit will accommodate all of these applications.

The unit is available in capacities of 1000, 2000, 4000, and 6000lb with the container size up to 54” wide and up to 54” long. It will handle metal, plastic, fiberboard drums, cardboard boxes or any kind of container.

To dump, simply place the container onto the zero-low deck, then lift to the desired height and dump.

It is electrically operated 110 volts AC or 220/440 volts 3 phase. Optional air powered for hazardous duty operation.

The lifting and dumping action is hydraulically operated. The hydraulic system is protected for safety through use of a pressure relief valve. Cylinder shafts are chrome plated for smooth operation and to prevent corrosion.

The dumpers are built out of durable all carbon steel welded construction and optional stainless steel chutes are available.

The units are practical, convenient, compact, and will increase productivity and reduce worker injuries.

High-Lift Container Dumper



See standard Container Dumper models here or

Contact Us for more information or a custom quote

July 25, 2004

Sky-Riser Crane for Nuclear Plant

Sky-Riser Polar Crane

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio announces a compact, high lift crane that can be mounted on the top edge of a nuclear reactor during routine shut-downs to assist on control rod maintenance. By using this unique crane, the normally used overhead polar crane can be used simultaneously for other important maintenance tasks, thus saving days or even weeks of approximately $1,000,000 per day down time.

The SKY-RISER crane travels on an I-beam ring and is capable of reaching every square inch of the reactor top surface. Electro-hydraulically operated by a remote push button pendant, all functions (boom lift telescopic mast up-down, telescopic boom in-out, cable up-down, rotation clockwise-counter clockwise) are smooth operating and are more easily and precisely controlled than an overhead crane located many feet above a reactor. The crane can install the 16’8″ long control rod any where in the circle of 14’6″ area.

Designed to be easily disassembled into smaller subassemblies for easy transportation, erection, and storage (the circular I-beam even comes in two pieces), the SKY-RISER can be built to fit any size reactor.

In addition to improved efficiency and reduced shut down time the unit improves safety and prevents possible damage to the control rods because of agility and dexterity of the unit which allows for perfect alignment of the control rods.

January 1, 2000

Container and Pallet Tilter

Tilt-Master Container Tilter

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio announces the development of a NEW container and pallet tilter.

The unique feature of this product is its low profile forks that can slide under a pallet, container, or skid and then tilt from zero degrees to 90 degrees or to whatever tilt angle needed. The full back up late prevents parts or boxes from sliding when the pallet is tilted. These features allow for easy unloading of a container without the operator having to bend over or reach to lift parts or boxes. This capability saves time, improves performance, eliminates back injuries and reduces fatigue.The unit is installed on roller bearing wheels for easy mobility and the tow handle is used for pushing the unit around and can fold out of the way when unit is in use.

Tilting is hydraulically actuated and the power source can be a manual hand pump, battery powered via 12 volts DC or electrically powered via 110 volts AC single phase or 220/440 volts 3-phase. Control for power up and down is push button operated.

This heavy duty ruggedly constructed unit is available in 2,000 and 4,000 lb. capacities. The forks are 36″ long and lower down to 3.5″. The unit can also be installed as a stationary unit without wheels which will lower the forks down to only 2″ off the ground.

The new container tilter will help increase productivity and profits, save time and improve safety all while reducing fatigue and boosting morale.

January 1, 2000

A Pair of Upender/Positioners run “like clockwork”

Zero-Low Upender Combo for 180° Tilt

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio is announcing an amazingly simple breakthrough in upending or inverting large containers, enclosures, or castings 90 or 180 degrees.

Recently, the top management team at one of the largest polymer manufacturers world-wide recognized a key bottleneck in production. Specifically, the problem involved the difficult task of moving, positioning, and up-ending large castings measuring 48″x48″x98″ and weighing a hefty 2,000 lbs. The most challenging aspect of handling these castings is the need to invert them 180 degrees to install the final cover before palletizing.

Air Technical Industries provided the solution by combining two modified Zero-Low Upender Positioners, with notched back-up plates so that one nests into the other. This allows the first unit to rotate the load smoothly and easily 90 degrees into the lap or deck of the second unit which then completes the turn the other 90 degrees to 180 degrees to the fully upended position.

The units are a modular design of one of ATI’s standard products, slightly modified to do the complex job simply, safely, and economically.

The equipment is built of heavy, welded-steel construction and is hydraulically operated and electrically powered via 110 or 220-440 volt AC. the hydraulic system is equipped with pressure relief valves for safety to prevent overloading. Standard sizes of the Zero-Low Upender Positioners are available from 48″x50″ to 60″x72″ and capacities in 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, and 10,000 lbs. Tilt is fully adjustable from horizontal position up to 90 degrees vertical and, with a combination of two units, can up-end loads, parts, or containers 180 degrees.

the special unique feature of the unit is that the deck is at ground level position and the back-up plate is also flat to the ground after 90 degree rotation. This makes it easy for loading and unloading.

Overall, this equipment will increase productivity, improve safety, protect products from damage in handling and reduce worker fatigue associated with manual positioning in tilting, rotating or upending materials, parts, or boxes.

January 1, 2000

ATI’s V-Master™ is the answer for the USPS

V-Master with extra-long boom

Air Technical Industries (ATI) of Mentor, Ohio is shipping 340 of their V-Master Cranes to provide a solution for Lockheed Martin who is under contract with the U.S. Postal Service for a piece of equipment that is user-friendly, compact and can lift up to 1,000 lbs. of load.

The V-Master Crane categorically meets every requirement as it weighs only 150 lbs. but can lift 1,000 lbs., up to 8 feet high at the main lifting hook. This impressive strength-to-weight ratio is achieved by constructing the crane of prime grade structural tubing. The result is a very light and maneuverable, user-friendly crane that can be disassembled in just 2 minutes and uses only 2 square feet of floor space when stored!

According to John Patrick, the manager of Automation for Lockheed Martin in Owego, New York, “The lift is utilized to remove the mechanical subassembly of the new postal sorting machines that direct mail to the appropriate locations. In the event that the subassembly needs maintenance, the crane can be used to lift the defective part and suspend it while it is being repaired.”

The multi-purpose functionality of the crane allows for maximized output. According to Michelle Johnson, Operation Support Specialist for the U.S. Post Office, “Productivity is improved because of decreased downtime when malfunctions occur with the sorting machine. It also eliminates possible back injuries to the 2 or 3 men it used to take to lift the sub-assembly which can now be done easily by the crane.”

For testing, evaluation and approval, the first three prototype V-Masters were built and shipped to on of Lockheed Martin’s testing facilities in Florida prior to the initial order. After rigorous testing and quality inspection, Lockheed engineers gave the units an enthusiastic thumbs-up which resulted in the purchase of 100 cranes, followed by another order for 240 more, for a total of 340 V-Masters!

ATI custom designed the units with an extra long 96″ boom that can reach 40″ beyond the front wheels allowing for the impressive lift height of 11 feet. ATI’s niche within the material handling industry of being able to custom design any unit was the key factor in securing the order from Lockheed.

January 1, 2000

The Universal Lift 11-in-1 Crane!

Universal Lift

This revolutionary new development in lifting technology was just unveiled by Air Technical Industries in Mentor, Ohio, U.S.A. for use inall industries. The Universal-Lift is a multi-purpose handling system that will take on most work loads at a fraction of the cost because of its versatile attachments. With just a screwdriver in hand, this lift can be converted into ELEVEN units in one! It is a:

  • Fork lift ( lifts 2,000 lbs. up to 12 feet high)
  • Platform lift ( lowers from ground zero to 12 feet high)
  • Crane ( lifts 2,000 lbs. over 13 feet high)
  • Cable lift ( lifts up over 13 feet high and down 50 feet below the floor)
  • Personnel maintenance lift ( basket lifts to working heights of 18-20 feet)
  • Coil reel and roll lifter ( 36 inch long, round ram lifts 2,000 lb. coils)
  • Shovel bucket ( lifts 2,000 lbs. 12 feet high and pitches 90° for dumping)
  • Extended gooseneck boom crane ( lifts up to 24 feet high for roof work)
  • Bulk-Bag Lifter
  • Powered Dumper
  • Personnel Basket Crane

As a fork lift, it can reach in, over, and beyond obstacles, something a standard fork truck cannot do. The lifting forks are 36 inches long and are adjustable for different pallet widths. The unit can reach eight feet into an enclosed semi-truck and in can load flat bed trucks from the rear or side. It has reach capabilities to stack loads double in depth, saving valuable floor space. It can be used indoors or out to simplify any handling project–economically.

As a platform lift, it lowers the 36 inch x 36 inch deck down to floor level and lifts up to 12 feet high. It simplifies mold and die handling, or the handling of any oddly shaped objects that need o be lifted for assembly or installation.

As a crane, the hook will lift over 13 feet high and can easily reach over machines or other obstacles for maintenance lifting and positioning or for removing the engine from a car or a truck. It will lift and carry large or awkward loads, load and unload materials stacked on a truck, feed bar stock into a machine and handle large coils or bundles that cannot be maneuvered by a standard fork truck.

As a cable lift, it can lift and lower loads up to 2,000 lbs. from ground level up to 12 feet high and can lower the loads up to 50 feet below ground level into a man hold, from the first floor to the basement or from the top of a building down to ground level. It can also install molds into injection molding machines, lift and stack 55 gallon drums and cater to just about any other unusual maintenance or operational needs.

As a personnel lift, it can lift a person safely to working heights up to 18-20 feet high. It will reach in and over hard to reach places and is equipped with push button remote control so that the operator can easily adjust to the proper height while in tow.

As a coil reel and roll lifter, the unit is equipped with a 2 1/2 inch round ram which is 36 inches in length, to lift coiled sheet steel, rolls of wire, paper, film, carpet, textiles, or fabric. It can reach into an enclosed semi-truck to unload long tubular or rolled materials.

As a shovel bucket, the Universal Lift is equipped with a 24 inch wide, 20 inch high and 24 inch deep, hydraulically actuated bucket that can lift powder, solids or steel chips up to 12 feet high and then pitch forward 90°, dumping the contents into a hopper or drum.

As an extended gooseneck boom crane, the unit can reach lifting heights of up to 24 feet for roof work, joist installation, hoisting HVAC equipment, duct work and many other miscellaneous maintenance tasks.

The above describes a very broad scope of operations and versatile functions the unit can perform and is by no means limited to the uses mentioned. The Universal-Lift truly offers a great magnitude of flexibility because it is available with your choice of lifting attachments, power methods and wheel options.

The power options available include battery operated and self-propelled for total mobility. It can be electrically powered by 110 volts single phase or 240/480 3-phase, air powered, gasoline, or propane engine operated. The two types of wheel configurations available are polyurethane tread wheels for indoor use and large pneumatic wheels for outside use on gravel. For outside use we recommend the gasoline engine powered unit with a hydraulic self-propulsion drive offering variable speeds up to 4 mph.

The battery powered self-propelled drive is smooth and quiet–ideal for indoor use. The 180° steering capability, 90° to each side, offers remarkable maneuverability in crowded areas. It is equipped with a two-position, spring loaded mechanical break, a safety belly-button switch and a horn to alert others if necessary. The lifting function controls are built into the steering handle for convenient raising and lowering.

Lifting is activated by a heavy duty, precision-built hydraulic cylinder with a chrome-plated shaft for smooth operation and corrosion prevention. The hydraulic system is also equipped with a safety pressure relief valve to prevent overloading.

The innovative design of this revolutionary new product will help improve performance, safety and even reduce fatigue. The Universal-Lift will become the tool to get the job done.

January 1, 2000

The Articularm


Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio announces the development of a new, 6-axes fully articulating manipulator which is available with a wide array of attachments that has the ability to handle virtually any type of load.

The highly versatile Articularm is the link between conventional handling equipment and expensive automation or robotics systems. It allows for full manipulation capability of a 500 pound load, achieving complete dexterity without the physical effort of lifting, stretching and straining that leads to fatigue and injuries.

The parallelogram arm which rotates 360° keeps loads parallel to the ground while they are being raised and lowered. The forearm, which is attached to the parallelogram arm, swings horizontally at will from 24″ out to 120″ of reach maintaining a horizontal orientation through the entire lifting range from ground level up to 96″ giving the user a sphere of use that is 240″ in diameter and 96″ high.

The vertical lifting arm is equipped with 360° rotation which can be coupled with hydraulically operated wrist attachments which provide a 90° pitch axis that can rotate loads from a vertical to a horizontal position. In addition, the wrist roll axes of 180° will rotate the gripper attachment horizontally, giving the unit omni-directional positioning. The Articularm is cost effective because it performs many functions of a robot without the high price, specialized training and costly maintenance typical with a robotic unit.

The hydraulically operated lifting and wrist action is smooth and steady, operated by 110/220 volts AC single phase or 220/440 volts AC 3 phase. Many of the six functions can be performed simultaneously such as lifting, turning and extending the arms while articulating the wrist all at the same time which tremendously increases flexibility while saving time and improving performance.

The Articularm can be fitted with a wide range of 24 different grippers and attachments to handle virtually any type of load. The attachments range from. . . a simple eye hook, forks, a ram for coils and wire reels, a tote pan handler, a drum lifter, a lift and turn device for 5 gallon pails and a spreader bar to . . .boom attachments like vacuum cups, magnets, and many other grippers including the soft-touch style.

With the wide variety of attachments and 6-axes of manipulation, this unit can be used for a great variety of applications such as:

  • Automotive assembly
  • Machine loading
  • Spot-welder positioning
  • Forging press feeding
  • Assembly of electronic panels
  • Textile roll handling
  • Casting and core setting
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Glass and delicate part handling
  • Machine assembly
  • Feeding hoppers
  • Lifting and dumping containers
  • Conveyor and pallet transferring
  • And many, many more!

This unit will increase productivity, save time and improve safety all while simplifying complex handling and positioning processes at an affordable price.

January 1, 2000

F-21 catalog: “Defining Reliability”

F-21C catalog

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio is proud to announce a NEW product catalog, the F-21C.

The catalog highlights the wide selection of Air Technical Industries’ total concept handling products, all of which are built to offer years of consistent, reliable use.

The new Reliability catalog features Air Technical’s most popular products. Among them are several of the LATEST units: Tandem Scissor Lift Table, Universal-Lift Multi-Purpose Unit, Articularm Six Axes Manipulator, and Upender Inverter.

Air Technical’s lines of products are engineered with the user in mind– to decrease worker injury through an ergonomic design, increase productivity through ease of operation, and eliminate downtime through reliable construction.

The catalog contains information on the many diversified product lines that are offered by Air Technical. For example, the ORIGINAL Zero-Low Lift line of Scissor Lift Tables; Tilters and Inverters; Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables; Positioners and Maintenance Lifts; Floor Cranes; Mobile Cranes; Truck-Mounted Cranes; Gantry Cranes, Jib Cranes and an assortment of lifting attachments.

Update: Request our most current catalog here

January 1, 2000

SUPER-LONG Tandem Table

Extra-Long Tandem Lift Table

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio was asked to be involved in a very exciting project for the military. The challenge was to design a piece of equipment that could be easily integrated into a helicopter blade testing system.

This helicopter blade testing system starts with a trolley that rolls onto an elevator and stages the blades for testing. The elevator raises the blades more than fifty feet into the air where the blades are positioned onto an Air Technical Industries’ extra-long Tandem Scissor Lift Table. From there, the blades are raised up using Air Technical’s table to a position where technicians can then test the rotor.

The extra-long Tandem Scissor Lift Table that engineers at Air Technical Industries designed for this military application has a capacity of 4,000 pounds, an overall table size of 63″ x 432″ with a vertical travel of 147″ and a total raised height of 165″.

Designed to handle long or very heavy loads, standard models of Tandem Scissor Lift Tables are available in capacities ranging from 2,000 to 50,000 pounds with a raised height of 44″ to 92″ and table sizes from 36″ x 120″ to 72″ x 240″.

January 1, 2000

Transit Authority Zero-Low Upender/Positioner

Zero-Low Upender for NYTA

Air Technical Industries (ATI) recently was able to keep north easterners moving by helping officials find a better way to maintain their subway motors. The Transit Authority is faced everyday with the daunting task of removing motors from underneath subway cars in order to rebuild the units. During the process, Transit Authority maintenance crews would sling the motors to an overhead crane and manually remove the motors.

The motors would be lifted from the subway car, moved to a designated working area and then lowered to ground level. Crews would hold the motors in place and manually tilt the motors to expose the bottom of the unit. The armature end bearing was removed from the bottom of the unit and the motor would then be lifted and carried away for rebuilding.

When ATI was asked to solve this problem, their engineers quickly decided that the units needed to be upended mechanically to eliminate the chances of crews being injured by a motor that might break loose from their grasps while being tilted. ATI engineers wanted to limit the amount of physical contact workers would have with the motors in order to ensure worker safety.

The motions a motor has to be put through are a 90° tilt from the upright position so that the armature end bearing could be removed and then a 90° tilt back to the upright position.

Any product can be easily tilted by using an ATI Zero-Low Upender/Positioner which allows a product to sit upright on a retaining plate with one side against a platform wall. When the hydraulic cylinders are activated, the product is tilted 90° to lay on its side. Zero-Low Upender/Positioners have less than an inch lowered height so that products can easily be loaded onto the retaining plate. The units come in capacities that range from 1,000 to 4,000 pounds standard, with platform sizes of 50 x 48 inches to 60 x 72 inches.

The upending part of the operation was easily solved, but ATI engineers still needed to address the problem of how to allow crew members to remove the armature end bearing. To allow for this, engineers designed a Zero-Low Upender/Positioner with modified retaining plate. The retaining plate was cut by ATI fabricators with a round, open end, fifteen inches in diameter. After tilting the motor 90° on its side, the bottom of the motor would be exposed and Transit Authority crew members could work on the bottom of the motor to remove the armature end-bearing.

This solution is an example of how ATI engineers can design innovative products for difficult or sometimes very specific needs. Should other customers or transit authorities have a need for a similar operation, ATI engineers can be relied upon to come to the rescue.

January 1, 2000

Lift & Tilt table helps in Automatic Processing

Zero-Low Lift and Tilt for Auto Processing

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio was recently able to help a customer by designing equipment that would automatically increase productivity, efficiency and profits by becoming an integral part of the plant’s operation.

The customer needed a lift table that could be raised up and tilted in order to receive thin sheets of cut foam from a slitter process and automatically stack up to 60 inches high. The requirement for the process was that the system needed to be automatic. Air Technical Industries was able to design a table that would receive each sheet and lower automatically to be ready for the next sheet to slide on.

Air Technical Industries supplied their customer with a 4,000 pound capacity Zero-Low Lift & Tilt Table. This unit was designed for instances just like this one in which a work line needs an adjustable height platform that can be lowered directly to the ground for easy loading and unlading with a standard pallet truck.

Engineers at Air Technical Industries equipped the table with an automatic height gauge. This gauge would “see” when a sheet was slid onto the table and then lower the table slightly to get ready for the next sheet. When the table was full, the process would stop, the table would lower flush to the ground, and could then be unloaded.

Unloading is no problem because the Zero-Low Lift & Tilt Table is designed with a lowered height of less than one inch and a beveled edge for easy, roll-on loading.

In addition, the unit is powered by a 5HP, 3-phase, 480 volt motor and the lifting motion of the Zero-Low Lift & Tilt Table is activat4d by precision built hydraulic cylinders with chrome plated shafts for smooth operation. This table is equipped with push button operation but is also available in a foot pedal variety.

By helping to efficiently handle the sheets of foam in this customer’s plant with the Zero-Low Lift & Tilt Table, Air Technical Industries shows again that with material handling equipment, productivity can always be increased. Air Technical Industries’ sales consultants are happy to listen to any situation and to provide innovative solutions to individual customer needs.

January 1, 2000

Mobile Crane with Unique Gripper

RBC with unique gripper

Air Technical Industries (ATI) has designed a new combination of its Reversible Boom Crane with a unique articulating gripper. The combination provides a versatile solution for special handling needs for awkward objects in assembling, lifting , moving, and articulating.

The gripper rotates 360° on its vertical axes, has 360° rotation on the horizontal, raises from ground level up to 8 feet in height and is equipped with a telescopic boom for precise positioning.

The equipment can be used anytime and any place. It is mobile and has a self contained, manually operated hydraulic system for the hazardous area of operations. Units are also available in electrically or air powered hydraulic systems with 110 volts AC or 220/440, 3 phase AC.

Recently, a customer came to ATI with a request for a product that could do a dangerous job in a hazardous area. Instead of putting employees at risk, the mobile articularm with the unique gripper came to the rescue.

The grasp of the gripper is adjustable from 5″ to 8″ and the gripper can be articulated to any desired angle or position.

The Reversible Boom Crane was the perfect choice for this application because the boom can be positioned close to obstacles and reach over or beyond them, making it ideal for use in confined or barely accessible spaces.

The Reversible Boom Crane comes in capacities ranging from 1,000 to 20,000 pounds and it is designed for lift heights of up to 14 feet.

The articularm with its unique gripper is a reliable and innovative solution for special material handling needs. It will protect workers from injury, make the job easier and increase performance.

January 1, 2000

Heavy-duty, self-propelled line of Reversible Boom Cranes

Heavy-Duty Reversible Boom Crane

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio USA (ATI), announces the introduction of three new models of heavy-duty, counter-balanced, mobile hydraulic cranes in 10,000, 15,000, and 20,000 pound capacities.

By popular demand, ATI is now making heavier capacities. The company is currently manufacturing smaller units in capacities of 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, and 6,000 lbs., however, those did not suffice for some industrial, construction, and maintenance uses.

The new heavy-duty units are self-propelled and battery operated, equipped with variable speed drives for propulsion making it capable of very slow speeds of only 10″ per minute for precision positioning or fine alignment. Then it can speed up to 4 mph. The steering control handle swings 90° to the left and right for turning sharp corners. The control handle is also equipped with an emergency automatic reverse feature. In addition, the unit has an automatic brake–when the handle is released, the safety brake is activated. Further, if the handle is pushed excessively up or down, the brake is activated to ensure safety.

The units are built to be very narrow at only 34″ wide for ease of passage through narrow doorways, aisles, or between machinery, making it versatile and maneuverable. The lifting action as well as the powered telescopic boom ins hydraulically operated for smooth and quick operation. The hydraulic system has a built-in safety relief valve to prevent overloading.

There is an optional winch cable lift available that is also hydraulically operated for working below ground level such as inside manholes or working on lower levels of building or on mezzanines.

The most desirable feature of the Reversible Boom Crane is the 82″ clear reach of the boom beyond its wheels when extended in addition to the lifting height of 128″ with boom retracted and 170″ with the boom fully extended. The rated capacities are based on the unit with the boom fully retracted while capacities drop by 50% when the boom is fully extended.

The units are built of heavy-duty steel construction for heavy industrial use, yet are very maneuverable and agile. The mobility is further enhanced by roller-bearing-equipped, polyurethane wheels for smooth, quiet operation that will also protect floors.

The new cranes are ideal for so many applications where heavy industrial maintenance and mobility are required such as. . .in lifting and removing heavy motors, compressors, boilers, air conditioning units, removing large flywheels, installing heavy molds and dies, machine feeding of heavy parts, assembly work, aircraft maintenance, removing and installing jet engines, construction on mechanical structure erection and so on.

The new Reversible Boom Lift will increase productivity, performance, improve safety, and make the job easier.


January 1, 2000

Upender Inverter turns large loads 180°

Upender Inverter

Air Technical Industries (ATI), of Mentor, Ohio announces the development of a NEW heavy-duty large Upender-Inverter pallet flipper rollover unit with 90° and 180° rotation. This unit was developed for smooth, precision-positioning of large heavy loads, from horizontal to vertical position, or from horizontal to upside down (180°). The unit can be equipped with a roller conveyor so that the load can be guided in automatically, then gently clamped together with the hydraulically-operated scissor platform. The load can then be inverter 180° to the upside-down position and it can then automatically exit on the powered roller conveyor.

The rotation is electro-mechanically operated, driven by a powerful gearbox for reduced speed. The circular structure rides on precision built cam-followers and roller bearings for smooth uniform rotation.

The load can enter and exit from the front or either of the two sides. Larger loads can protrude or overhang on either side if necessary. The platform sizes available are 48″ wide by 48″ deep, 72″ wide by 48″ deep or 96″ wide by 60″ deep with throat openings of 48″, 62″, and 74″, respectively. The units are available in 2,000, 4,000, 6,000, and 10,000 lb. capacities. They are electrically operated with 220/440 volts, 3 phase and controls are 110 volt operated.

The structure is heavy-duty welded steel construction, built for heavy industrial use and is ideal for inverting molds, castings, pallets, plywood sheets, glass, printed materials and other flat surfaces that need to be inverted in the manufacturing process. It can invert 4′ x 8′ x 4′ high stock of material all at once instead of individually inverting one piece at a time. This saves time and prevents the fatigue of physical labor. It will increase production performance in any operation where large materials need to be inverted.

January 1, 2000

High Density Storage and Retrieval System


Storage and Retrieval System sketch Storage and Retrieval System lowered Storage and Retrieval System raised

Saves labor hours plus double your warehouse capacity!

  • Heavy-duty power that delivers!
    Capable of lifting up to 4,000 lbs. of 48″ x 96″ materials up to a height of 200″, transport it to the desired slot, and then unload it into the live storage rack. It can retrieve one or more sheets or the whole stack, lower it, and deliver it to a designated drop-off area.
  • Safe & smooth loading and unloading.
    Pantographic design for uniform lifting. The top is equipped with a power roller conveyor for loading and unloading. Next to the conveyor is a 30″ wide skid-proof catwalk for the operator equipped with a 42″ high safety railing with kickboard.
  • Variable speed for ultimate control.
    Able to travel laterally along an inverted angle iron guide on V-groove wheels that are electro-mechanically driven. Variable speed propulsion guarantees smooth acceleration and deceleration. The controls can be located at either end of the safety railing on the operator’s deck.
  • True Lifting power!
    Lifting is done hydraulically, and powered electrically by a 220/440 volt AC motor. The hydraulic cylinders are precision machined out of DOM tubing. The cylinder shafts are chrome-plated for smooth operation and corrosion prevention. The hydraulic system is equipped with a safety pressure-relief valve to prevent overloading.
  • Double your warehouse capacity without sacrificing floor space.
    Unit lowers down to 16″ off the floor, and then lifts up to a maximum of 200″. it can also stop at any desired position in between for loading or unloading at either end of the unit. This allows for high-density storage by depositing the materials length-wise in the storage racks instead of crossways.
  • Provides for disciplined and orderly inventory of stock and saves labor hours in storage & retrieval of materials.
January 1, 2000

Reversible Boom Crane with Triple Telescopic Boom

Air Technical Industries, of Mentor, introduces this NEW self-propelled walk-behind mobile hydraulic floor crane now available with triple section telescopic boom action for extra reach beyond the wheels, and higher lift. Two great assets that enable the operator to reach further beyond obstacles, and lift higher to handle larger loads. The very flexible and maneuverable unit with 90° steering to each side enables the crane to turn in tight spots within its own length. It’s narrow track of only 34″ overall width enables the crane to travel through standard doorways and narrow aisles.

RBC with Triple Telescopic Boom modern

The new A.T.I. crane is available in capacities from 1,000 to 20,000 pounds with boom fully retracted. Capacity is reduced as the telescopic boom lift is extended up to 240″ on larger units.

The propulsion is electro-mechanically operated for smooth, quiet, and clean operation. The variable speed drive has a precision acceleration and deceleration control which allows the crane to travel at a very slow speed of 12″ per minute for precision positioning of loads, and can also accelerate up to 4 miles per hour.

The unit is battery powered with hydraulically operated lift and telescoping action. All controls are built into the steering handle and are push button activated. Remote control is also available when operator wishes to manipulate the load manually, and control the unit from that position.

Optional winch-operated cable lift is also available – battery or hydraulically powered! The cable lift enables the operator to reach below ground level. Difficult tasks such as reaching into a man-hole, working from the first floor into the basement, or laying pipe below ground level become easy with this attachment.

The unit is self-sufficient, self-supportive, and can be easily transported to different locations. It can be used any time, any place without any kind of installation.

This crane is of heavy-duty, welded steel construction, and quality-built for years of tough industrial use with a low cost, high lift, and high performance.

January 1, 2000

Hydraulic Knuckle Krane

Truck Mounted Knuckle Crane

The hydraulic KNUCKLE KRANE is available in 2000, 4000, and 6000 lb. capacities with powered options.

The heavy-duty hydraulic truck mounting crane can revolve 360° on its vertical axis. The unique knuckle boom with telescopic extension makes this crane extremely versatile. It can reach over, beyond, and beneath its own base mount.

This articulating unit is able to load, lift, and precisely position awkward loads of parts, cartons, pallets, or lay pipes into pits safely and efficiently.

The push button remote control permits the operator to be with the load to line it up precisely or be away from the unit yet have full control at his fingertips.

Fully extended boom reach is 144″ on KK-2000, 172″ on KK-4000, and 200″ on KK-6000, with a maximum lift height 16′ on KK-2000, 19′ on KK-4000, and 20′ on KK-6000 units.

All functions of the crane: A) Boom Lift, B) 360° Rotation, C) Knuckle Action, and D) Telescopic Boom Action are hydraulically operated for smooth efficient operation.

The power may be electric 110V or 230/460V 3-phase, gasoline engine, or by truck engine via PTO power take off.

This crane is built of heavy duty welded steel construction for industrial or construction use. Many times cranes are used in assembly lines for heavy installations, machine loading, feeding, heat treating, forging, and most of the time for truck loading and unloading. This is an efficient piece of equipment at an affordable price.

January 1, 2000

Three-axis, Heavy-Duty, Industrial Manipulator

Super-Master with Manipulator

A highly versatile, flexible, and easy to operate manipulator has been developed by Air Technical Industries in Mentor, Ohio at a 90% savings over robots that perform similar tasks. It is ideal for lifting, positioning, or manipulating awkward loads in hard to reach areas in an industrial environment without the technical ability required for robots.

The lifting force is electric/hydraulic powered by 110V single phase, or 220/440V 3-phase. Electric motor driven hydraulic pump is built into the head housing and is equipped with an overload relief valve..

The unit is base-mounted, but can be ceiling mounted upside down, or carriage mounted for complete mobility

The three-axis articulated arm moves freely in a three dimensional space. Capacity is 1000 lbs. and the arm is capable of reaching out 144″ and lifting from ground level up to 72″ high. The jointed arm is equipped with special roller bearings to allow for smooth, quick, effortless operation. As an option, the unit has a three axis wrist movement that allows for additional manipulation within the three-dimensional envelope.

Each movement is of modular design and can be configured in a variety of combinations. They include: —-Wrist Pitch: 90° for lifting parts or flat sheets to a vertical position
—-Wrist Roll: 180° with 90° left and 90° right rotation on a horizontal plane.
—-Wrist Yaw: 180° provides rotation of wrist or end effector on a vertical axis.

The New Crane Mounted Manipulator is a safe, yet economical method of lifting or positioning heavy loads safely, quickly, and efficiently without fear of employee injury. The applications are endless: machine loading, assembly work, crating, packing, unpacking, turning, up-ending cabinets or boxes and lifting plates of glass or awkward metal products.

January 1, 2000

Mini Articularm with Omni-directional Wheel System

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio and OMNIX International Corp. jointly announce the development of a new product consisting of the six-axis Mini-Articularm built by Air Technical mounted on top of the omni-directional platform built by OMNIX.

Omni-directional Mini-Articularm

This unique combination adds great versatility to the proprietary products of both companies to offer the user ultimate flexibility in the most unusual and challenging process of lifting, handling, positioning, transporting, assembling, stacking, loading and unloading operations. The unit will also be ideal for handling explosive, toxic or nuclear materials as well.

All the functions for mobility and articulation can be controlled via corded push button remote controls, joysticks or through a wireless radio frequency controller. These systems allow the operator to be a substantial distance away from a hazardous or inaccessible area.

The NEW highly versatile Mini-Articularm is the link between conventional handling equipment and expensive robotics systems. It gives the operator full manipulation capable of handling 100 pounds to 250 pounds at a 72″ radius. This allows for complete dexterity without the physical effort of lifting, stretching and straining to protect the operator from the danger of injuries.

The parallelogram arm allows the load to remain parallel to the ground while being raised or lowered. The unit also rotates 360-degrees and is manually operated; powered rotation is also available. The forearm attached to the parallelogram arm swings horizontally from twelve inches away from the mast out to a 72″ radius making a 144″ diameter circle. It can lift from ground level up to 72″ high.

The vertical lifting arm provides 360-degrees wrist rotation that carries the end effector or tools needed for a particular job. The end effector can be equipped with three-axis articulation: pitch, roll and yaw. The end effector can be equipped with a variety of tools, grippers, shovels or scoops. All of the functions are hydraulically operated and battery powered. For industrial applications, it can be electrically powered via 110 volt AC or 220/440 volts 3 phase.

The mobility is provided by a very unique and unparalleled Omni-Directional Platform, which allows the unit to travel in any direction desired to provide maneuverability in a tight spot and precise positioning.

The omni-directional transporter has a variable speed control for smooth acceleration and deceleration, and can climb up to a 20-degree incline. With the portable joystick control, the operator can position the unit in any desired location. The omni-wheel clearly demonstrates superior mobility compared to any other undercarriage ever designed.

With the wide variety of accessories and attachments, six-axis manipulation and omni-directional mobility, the unit can be used for a great variety of applications such as:

  • Automotive assembly      
  • Assembly of electronic panels
  • Machine assembly
  • Machine loading
  • Glass & delicate parts handling
  • Packing & unpacking   
  • Cargo handling  
  • Spot welding
  • Lifting & dumping containers
  • Luggage handling         
  • Drilling operations
  • Feeding hoppers
  • Military & Security industries   
  • Feed forging press
  • Handling explosives  
  • Aircraft service      
  • Casting & core setting
  • Handling toxic & nuclear materials
January 1, 2000

New Mobile Barrel Lifter-Dumper

Husky-Master Mobile Barrel Lifter-Dumper

January 1, 2000

Omni-Directional Scissor Lift Tables

Omni-Directional Scissors Lift Table

Announcing all models of hydraulic scissor lift tables now available with omni-directional mobility.  Capacities are available from 500 lbs. to 10,000 lbs. with deck sizes as small as 24″ x 36″ up to 72″ x 120″ with vertical lifts up to 160″. Optional rubber bumpers are available for the corners of the table to protect nearby objects from collision damage.

Lifting is hydraulically operated and battery or electric AC powered. The controls are pendant remote control or radio remote control and it can be equipped with GPS for remote distance positioning capabilities.

Mobility is provided by a very unique omni-directional undercarriage which allows the unit to travel in any direction desired to provide maneuverability in a tight spot for precise positioning in hard to reach places.

The mobility is variable speed from 0 to 4 MPH and is controlled via a joystick. The Omni-wheel provides superior mobility over any other undercarriage ever designed.

Units equipped with a camera can be controlled by the operator from a secure place to transport dangerous, toxic, explosive, or flammable materials or armaments.

Designed for national defense applications as well as departments of energy and many other industrial, commercial, and security force uses.

January 1, 2000

Self-Propelled, Stand-Up-Rider Hydraulic Crane

Rider-Type Reversible Boom Crane

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio announced the introduction of its NEW, versatile, self-propelled, rider-type, hydraulic crane. Its boom length is telescopic from 72″ to 120″, angles up to 60°, and has a maximum reach beyond its base of 82″. The units maximum lifting height is 15 feet. The boom can swing 45° left and right and comes equipped with stowable outriggers. Unit lift capacities are from 1,000 to 20,000 pounds. The propulsion is a 24V DC battery system that is fully self-contained, smooth and quiet. It has variable speed controls and can travel up to 4 mph. It is designed to be extremely maneuverable & versatile.

Extraordinarily compact, the overall width of the unit is only 34 inches for improved handling versatility and easy passage through doorways, narrow aisles, and between machinery. The steering is powered for effortless operation turning up to 60° to either side for a small turning radius in crowded areas of operation. Lifting action, as well as telescopic boom action and boom swing is hydraulically operated. The unit can be easily transported, the boom is removable for compactness and can be reattached quickly for operation.

An optional, hydraulically operated wire rope winch is available for working into manholes or any other below ground operation. The unit is equipped with an overhead guard for the operator’s safety and has a dead-man brake as standard equipment.

Air Technical Industries’ equipment has heavy steel construction and it is quality built for years of trouble-free performance in tough industrial working conditions. A high performance design at a low cost, it will increase productivity, save time, improve safety and make impossible tasks possible.

January 1, 2000

Mini-Scissor Lift Table


Mini Scissor Lift announcement

A new miniature series of lift tables has been developed by Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio. The unique and compact lift table lowers down to 4″ and is electro-mechanically operated. The gearbox-driven screw lifts gently, smoothly, and firmly up to 250 pounds of load.

The small scissor lift featured in the picture is 15″ wide x 19″ long x 4″ lowered height and it lifts up to 16″. Other sizes are available from 18, 20, and 24 inches wide and 24, 30, 36, and 48″ in length, and vertical lift from 12″ up to 32″ in height.

Power source can be 12 or 24 volt DC battery operated or 110 volts single phase. Rocker switch remote control, and optional adjustable limit collars are available.

The construction is welded structural steel. It is also available in stainless steel and aluminum construction for non-corrosive applications or where lighter weight may be needed.

January 1, 2000

Telescopic Mast Jib Crane

Telescopic Mast Jib Crane

The New Telescopic Mast Jib Crane was developed by ATI at Mentor, Ohio. The unique Jib Crane has a hydraulically operated mast that serves a dual purpose where the beam has to rotate under obstructions or reach into a cavity to pick up a load; then it rotates and can raise to higher levels over those obstructions. It can operated without a hoist or additional expense of electric wiring. Because it can be operated with a sling and trolley on the beam, it can work in hazardous, hot or corrosive environments.

The 360-degree manual rotation provides agility and versatility in on-the-spot handling. The hydraulic system can be electrically powered by 110 volt AC, 220/440 volt 3-phase, or air powered for hazardous areas. The control for lifting and lowering is remote push button on pendant for operator convenience.

These units are available in capacities of 500, 1000 & 2000 pounds. Beam reach from 6′ to 12′ and lifting height from 6′ to 20′.

The new Telescopic Jib Crane will help to increase efficiency, save time and improve safety in the handling of unusually challenging tasks.

January 1, 2000

Mobile Articularm with Unique Attachment

Mobile Mini-Articularm with Unique Gripper

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio announces the development of a NEW mobile Articularm manipulator with a unique attachment that allows gripping and rotating 360 about the vertical and horizontal axes.

The Articularm has a 72″ reach and 72″ of vertical lift. The mast also has 360 rotation and the forearm rotates up to 270. A counterweight is provided for stability and effortless lifting of loads up to 250 pounds. Units are available electrically operated 110V AC or 12V DC battery powered.

Mobility for the unit is provided by a platform truck 42″ wide by 72″ long. It rolls smoothly on roller bearing mounted wheels and is equipped with floor locks and push handle bar.

This unit can be used any time and any place without installation and it is an ideal tool for lifting, handling, positioning, complex articulating, assembly, and feeding operations. Increase safety and worker productivity by having the lift do the lifting instead of the worker.

January 1, 2000

Reversible Boom Crane with Knuckle Boom


Reversible Boom Knuckle Crane

With the development of the new Reversible Boom Crane (RBC) with Knuckle Boom combination ATI now offers one of the most versatile pieces of handling equipment in the industry. The very narrow tracks of the self propelled counterweighted crane makes it accessible in very narrow aisles and crowded areas. The knuckle boom can reach into nooks and crannies; over, under, above and beyond obstacles where no other piece of handling equipment could ever go before!

The self-propulsion is a variable solid state speed control that can go as slow as one foot per minute and then accelerate up to 4 MPH. The steering capability is 90° to each side, so that it can practically turn on a dime.

The knuckle boom gives the RBC a whole new perspective allowing it to reach further and closer than ever. It can pick up loads as close as 18” from the base and reach out 200” from the base. It can lift loads from 48” below ground level, from pits, holes, or lower levels of a building and rise up to 200” above ground level.

The boom has double knuckle and telescopic sections. Lifting and telescoping action is all hydraulically operated. Available capacities vary from 1000lbs to 20,000lbs. Powered mast rotation is available as an option for additional versatility; mast rotation comes with telescopic outriggers for stability.

Another versatile option is the hydraulic powered cable winch. It can lower a load up to 100’ below the hook into a man hole, to a lower level, or from the top of a building several stories high to ground level.

The unit is completely self-sufficient battery operated 24V DC with available battery charger. It provides smooth, quiet, and clean ergonomic operation. All the controls are push button on the control handle. Optional remote control pendant is available.

This is one of the most versatile handling tools for when a variety of different loads need to be lifted, articulated, and positioned, such as assembly work, machine loading, repair & maintenance work, construction, aircraft maintenance, etc. This unit is an ergonomic tool that will improve safety, take loads off workers’ bodies and at the same time increase efficiency and productivity by saving time. If you could only have one crane in your shop, MAKE IT THIS CRANE.

January 1, 2000

Double Mini Scissor Lift

Double Mini Scissor Lift

Announcing a new light, compact, safe, and ergonomically designed double mini scissor lift engineered by Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio.

While the unit is small, it can lift 150 pounds up to 70″ high. Lowered heights are 6″ or 7″ and it lifts briskly and smoothly by a gearbox driven screw. Table sizes range from widths of 15″ to 24″ and lengths of 19″ to 48″. The units weight from 60 to 120 pounds depending on the size and power system.

A variety of optional power sources are available. Battery powered units are ideal for mobile units. For stationary operations electric 110V AC is available as well as an air-operated hydraulic system for spark-proof, hazardous operations. For additional safety, accordion style safety skirts are available as an option on one, two, or all four sides.

This lift is designed to be lightweight for portability and is all welded steel construction. It is also available in stainless steel for corrosion resistance or aluminum to further reduce the weight. The lift can also be equipped with wheels and casters for mobility as an added option.

January 1, 2000

Increased Manueverability with Compact RBC

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio has developed a new variation to its popular line of Reversible Boom Cranes. Still the most versatile equipment for reaching above and beyond obstacles, the counterweighted crane is now available with a shorter overall length to allow for tighter turns in narrow aisles.

Compact Reversible Boom Crane

The optional boom rotation combined with the 90 steering capability of the self-propelled drive gives the Reversible Boom Crane an astounding level of flexibility in operation. It can now squeeze into the most confined areas imaginable and allow the operator to perform the required tasks quickly and efficiently.

The extra reach beyond the wheels is a great asset enabling a user to handle large boxes, containers, or parts without the legs of a typical floor crane to get in the way. It is ideal for assembly work where a crane needs to come in close to the work and precisely maneuver the load to reach over other objects.

The Reversible Boom Crane is available in capacities from 1000 pounds to 20,000 pounds with lift heights up to 180″. Lift and telescopic boom action is hydraulically operated with a built-in pressure relief valve for safety to prevent overloading.

Propulsion is electro-mechanically operated and battery driven with solid state controls for smooth acceleration up to four miles per hour and gradual deceleration. When the control handle is released, the mechanical brake is applied automatically. All the controls are push button conveniently located in the steering handle.

The unit is completely self-sufficient and can be transported any time any place wherever it is needed. The crane is all steel, heavy construction and quality built for years of trouble-free operation at low cost for high performance operations.

January 1, 2000

Telescopic Container Dumper

This new telescopic container lifter dumper is an exclusive design with unique telescopic lifting and tilting capability.

Its stream lined, simple design is also compact and incorporates a tapered chute for dumping powder, liquid or solid materials.

Telescopic Container Dumper

The tilt capability is 125 degrees or 35 degrees below the horizontal. The lift and dump height reaches up to 104″. It is ideal for situations where loads need to be dumped at a variety of different heights such as 48″ 60″ 72″ 84″ or 96″; this unit will accommodate all of these applications.

The unit is available in capacities of 1000, 2000, 4000, and 6000 lbs with the container size up to 54″ wide and up to 54″ long. It will handle metal, plastic, fiberboard drums, cardboard boxes or any kind of container.

To dump, simply place the container onto the zero-low deck lift to the desired height and dump.

It is electrically operated 110 volts AC or 220/440 volts 3 phase. Optional air powered for hazardous duty operation.

The lifting and dumping action is hydraulically operated. The hydraulic system is protected for safety through use of a pressure relief valve. Cylinder shafts are chrome plated for smooth operation and to prevent corrosion.

The dumpers are built out of durable all carbon steel welded construction and optional stainless steel chutes are available.

The units are practical, convenient, compact, and will increase productivity and reduce worker injuries.

January 1, 2000

XL Heavy Duty Maintenance Lift

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio announces a new series of giant platform lifts for maintenance work such as aircraft jet engine work, lifting of bulk materials, equipment maintenance, or assembly work. A unique riser platform is installed on the main deck and the lift can be equipped with a jet engine cradle or circular steps to encompass the circumference of the engine and provide access on all sides.

Engine Work Platform

The unit is equipped with pneumatic tires with roller bearing mounted wheels for mobility and steering; it can be towed or self-propelled. The deck has foldable steps for ground level access, 42″ high railings on all sides, and a self-closing entry gate. Sections of the railing can be folded or removed to clear the path of any obstacles.

The capacities available are 1,000 lb. to 10,000 lb. Lifting is hydraulically operated and the hydraulic system is equipped with safety relief valves to prevent overloading. A variety of power sources are available such as 110 volts & 220 volts AC single phase, 220-440 volts 3-phase, air powered for hazardous duty operations, diesel engine, or propane-operated engine.

The deck size of the unit shown in the picture is 96″ wide with 36″ leaf extension, 20′ long with 14′ of lift height. Other sizes are available from 60″ to 144″ wide and 72″ to 480″ in length and vertical lift up to 46′ height.

The higher lift units are equipped with stabilizing outriggers that telescope out from under the unit. Another option available is a telescopic deck extension along the length or width. This unit will provide safe efficient operation, improve performance, and save time.

January 1, 2000

Mini Upender Inverter

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio announces the development of a NEW Mini Upender Inverter, box, container, or parts inverter. It’s small, strong, smart and very efficient; it turns things upside down effortlessly.

Mini Upender Inverter

The 180-degree rotation and clamping features are all electro mechanically operated, no hydraulic, no leaks. The unit can be PLC controlled for automatic operation and it can be programmed for stops at 90-degrees or 180-degrees and auto-clamping. The power source is 110 volts AC or, 12 or 24 volts DC and it comes standard with push button operated remote control.

The capacity is 250 pounds and the smallest unit has a platform size of 15″x19″ with an opening of 16″, and the largest Mini Upender Inverter is 24″ wide x 48″ deck size. There are five standard models available in different size ranges.

The unit can be equipped with conveyors for easy loading and unloading and it can be loaded from the front or either side to be integrated into production line.

The unit has a streamlined design, and is fabricated of welded steel construction, and it is self-supported, floor mounted or it can be raised on a pedestal to a desired height for a feed through line.

The Mini Upender Inverter is an ideal tool for upending and inverting boxes, pallets, containers, manifolds, engine blocks or any unusual items that need to be turned to 90-degrees or a 180-degrees. It will improve efficiency and safety in any such operation.

January 1, 2000

Stainless Steel Zero-Low Lift for Special Applications

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio, the original developer of the revolutionary Zero-Low Scissor Lift Tables for ground level loading, is now introducing a new version of the lift suitable for pharmaceutical, food processing, and other sensitive applications. Zero-Low with Stainless Steel Platform

Stainless Steel Zero-Low Lift

The major advantage of the Zero-Low lift is that the deck lowers to ground level like a magic carpet and then lifts up to 10,000 pounds to the desired height. This provides a great advantage since a load may be rolled on or off the lift platform without the need for a ramp or pit, and it also greatly reduces manual handling of the load.

New special features include:

  • A stainless steel deck for hygienic operation in food or pharmaceutical processing or for use in a corrosive environment.
  • The electronic safety fence provides maximum safety for the operator by immediately stopping all operation of the table when a safety beam is crossed. It available in various heights to suit any specific application.
  • A wash-down powerpack is available when frequent cleaning will be required. This prevents damage to the power system components and provides long lasting durability.
  • Special coatings are available such as Steel-It™, galvanizing, or epoxy coatings to provide extra protection from corrosion and allow easier cleaning.
  • Food-grade and fire-resistant hydraulic oils are available for special applications.

The unit can be used any time, any place, without installation. Just place it on a flat concrete floor anywhere you need a lift, plug it in, and it’s ready to do the lifting for you!

This unit reduces worker injuries and fatigue by avoiding unnecessary bending, reaching, and stretching of back and arm muscles, a truly ergonomic machine.

Dual scissors are synchronized for level and uniform lifting by a torsion bar and hydraulic flow divider. Hydraulically operated lift cylinders have chrome plated shafts for smooth operation and corrosion resistance. A hydraulic overload valve is designed into the system to prevent damage from overloading.

Standard capacities are available from 500 to 10,000 pounds. Deck sizes from 26″ to 72″ wide and 36″ to 144″ long with lifting heights up to 96″. The power source can be 110V AC, 220/440V AC 3-phase, battery powered 12V or 24V DC for mobile operations, or air powered hydraulic for spark-proof hazardous operations.

The new Zero-Low Lift with stainless steel platform will solve many unusual lifting and handling problems. It will improve safety and hygiene and also the quality of workers’ lives by taking the load off peoples’ backs while at the same time increasing productivity, efficiency, and your competitive edge.

January 1, 2000

Radio Controlled Mobile Crane with Gripper

Air Technical Industries (ATI) of Mentor, Ohio is announcing the development of a radio controlled mobile hydraulic crane equipped with a large jaw gripper.

RBC with Jaws Gripper

The remote control offers great versatility and flexibility. It improves safety for handling items around corners where visibility is restricted. The operator can position himself for best visibility. It is ideal for handling dangerous, toxic, flammable, or explosive material. The unit can also be adapted to a global positioning system for extremely remote navigation!

The mobile Reversible Boom Crane is compact, very narrow, and maneuverable. It can make a sharp 90° turn or a 360° turn within its length for a very tight turning radius. It can reach into nooks and crannies, over, into, above, beyond, or below ground for versatility in any operation.

It is available in capacities ranging from 1,000 pounds to 20,000 pounds and the power system is battery powered so the unit is completely self-sufficient.

Functions available are forward/reverse travel, left/right steering, boom lift up/down, boom telescope in/out, mast rotation clockwise/counterclockwise, and cable lift up/down. Gripper functions available are rotation clockwise/counterclockwise, and jaws open/close.

Travel speed is continuously variable for smooth acceleration and deceleration. It can travel from 1 fpm to 4 mph. The radio control is a joystick type, very lightweight and supported by a shoulder harness giving the operator free hands for hooking up loads or slings, precisely positioning the load, and allowing for one-person operation.

The controls are designed for simple operation and do not require advanced technological knowledge or extensive training of the operators. The radio remote control is designed to imitate ordinary functions for easier transition.

The radio control will add a new dimension to the unique, compact mobile crane that ATI has been providing for years increasing versatility in many industrial and defense applications.

January 1, 2000

Stage Lift

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio is announcing the development of an extra-large, circular stage lift. The moon-shaped circular deck adds a new dimension of excitement to a show or concert.

Orchestra Pit Stage Lift

Stage Lift from below Stage Lift from above

The unit shown is more than 7 feet wide and 42 feet long. It raises an entire orchestra cast with piano and all the instruments up to 144 inches in the air. The specially fitted curved platform perfectly matches the shape of the pit in which it is installed.

Capacity of the lift is 10,000 pounds with over 3:1 safety factor. The hydraulically operated lifting action is provided by six hydraulic cylinders featuring chrome plated shafts to provide smooth, quiet operation and to prevent corrosion. The cylinders are synchronized for uniform, level lifting by a precision-built flow divider. Each cylinder is equipped with a pilot operated safety holding valve to prevent the stage lift from accidental lowering in case of power or hydraulic failure. The hydraulic system is also equipped with a safety pressure relief valve to prevent overloading.

The electric powerpack is remotely installed in a separate enclosure to keep the operation quiet and clean. The 10HP electric motor is 480V, 3-phase, 60 Hz and the dual push button controls are 110V operated, one mounted on the lift and one located at the lower level.

The lift is all welded steel construction, built heavy duty for dependable, safe, and long-lasting, maintenance free operation. The tandem stage lift can be disassembled in three major sections that bolt together. The durable connecting rods keep the three sections mechanically synchronized for uniform, level lifting even when the load is not uniformly distributed (for example, the piano at one end is heavier than the violinist at the other!)

The lift has many other potential industrial applications with a great many benefits including increased performance, improved safety, reduced injuries and fatigue, time savings and increased visibility. For instance, large aircraft manufacturers are manually erecting scaffolding to assemble the fuselage of an aircraft. This is an expensive process with lots of wasted time and space that delays the manufacturing process.

The stage lift can be built into the ground and then elevate the workers with all the tools when and where needed immediately and safely with enormous time savings and improved performance.

Some other applications include large assembly works, cargo loading and handling, paint application of large items, second floor access with cargo, mezzanine work, or product displays elevated for greater visibility. There are many sizes, lifting heights, and capacities available to meet any specific and specialized needs.

See Tandem Lift Table models here

January 1, 2000

Automatic 180° Upender Inverter

Announcing the development of a new Upender Inverter, microprocessor controlled with powered roller conveyors for automatic loading, clamping, 180 degree rotation, upending, opening and unloading for automation in process handling operations.

Mini Upender Inverter with Auto Conveyors

The unit will automatically load large panels, doors, cabinets, stacks of sheet material, metal, paper wood, or pallets full of boxes, flip it upside down or down side up and discharge.

The typical size of the deck ranges from 4 foot by 4 foot to 5 foot by 8 foot with an opening up to 6 feet high adn capacities of 2000, 4000, 6000, and 10,000 pounds.  Smaller sizes are available for upending boxes, containers or machine parts and manifolds that need to be turned 90 or 180 degrees.

The sequence of operations, the clamping range, and the clamping pressure can be programmed for each specific customer’s need.  The power conveyors can be programmed to feed from left to right or vice versa.  The user may want to turn an item upside down, replace a new pallet and then turn it upside on a new pallet.

The power rotation of the Upender is electro-mechanically operated and it can be programmed for 90 or 180 degree rotation going clockwise or counterclockwise.  The clamping of the load is hydraulically operated with adjustable pressure to protect the item being rotated.

Electric operation is typically 220/440V, 3-phase.   Smaller units can be 110V AC.  Hazardous duty applications or handling flammable material or explosives can be accomplished with spark-proof air motors with an air logic system for automatic operation.

The units are constructed of heavy-duty, welded steel for dependable, continuous, industrial applications.  There are ten standard, pre-engineered units available in a variety of sizes and capacities.

The Upender Inverter is a very unique piece of equipment ideal for an application where large, heavy, awkward items need to be turned over for machining, processing, packing, finishing, assembly, or whatever the reason for turning it over.  The Upender Inverter will save time, increase efficiency, improve productivity and quality as well as maintain safety in the work force.

January 1, 2000

OMNI-TRAX Knuckle Krane

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio announces an advanced design of a new, high tech OMNI-TRAX MOBILE PLATFORM for heavy loads of up to 20,000 lbs. The unit is capable of accelerating or decelerating in any direction (360 degrees) at infinitely variable speeds as if it were a flying saucer.

OMNITRAX Knuckle Crane

This piece of equipment adds a new dimension of flexibility and maneuverability in an industrial environment. The Knuckle Crane has the capability of reaching far into, high over, under and beyond hard to reach places. It can reach into pits below the floor and into nooks and crannies.

These capabilities make it a tremendous tool for complex and precision assembly work, to handle and articulate components into the exact position desired.

The advanced design of OMNI-TRAX mobile transporter is fully self-contained. It is powered by a heavy-duty industrial battery with a built in battery charger. It has the capability of 8 hours of intermittent operation.

On top of the platform is a turret capable of 360° rotation so that the boom of the crane can be positioned in any direction regardless of the direction of travel.

The crane has a basic boom lift, and a knuckle boom with telescopic action. All of the crane functions are hydraulically operated. The hydraulics, battery and counterweight are built into a streamlined power pack that is always in the opposite direction of the boom position to keep the unit stable during operation.

Units are available in 1000 to 20,000 lb. capacities. Boom lengths available are from 6 to 20 feet with lifting heights of up to 24 feet. Controls available are pedestal or pendant with push buttons and joysticks or optional radio remote control. The crane is an innovative tool that will help to improve safety and efficiency in unique industrial environments.

January 1, 2000

Triple Boom Self-Propelled Mobile Crane

Introducing a new Self-Propelled Mobile Hydraulic Crane by Air Technical Industries in Mentor, Ohio.

RBC with Triple Telescopic Boom vintage

The crane has a New Triple Section Telescopic Boom for higher lift, longer reach beyond obstacles into nooks and crannies and hard to reach places where no other crane can go.  The base design is very narrow enabling it to pass through doorways, isles and for travel in crowded places between other pieces of equipment.

The crane has maximum maneuverability with the capability of steering 90 degrees to either side making sharp turns around corners.  The crane has infinitely variable speed control from zero to 4 miles per hour.

The functions of the crane are as follows: boom lifting and lowering, telescopic boom action in and out, optional cable winch lift and optional powered mast rotation left and right.

The crane is battery operated for clean and quiet operation.  Optional battery chargers are available.  All of the functions of the crane are hydraulically operated for smooth lifting.

The crane comes in a variety of capabilities from 1000 pounds to 20,000 pounds and boom lengths with lifting heights up to 35 feet.

The crane is very flexible, maneuverable and completely self sufficient in operation.  It comes ready to work.  No need for installation or assembly.  Just use it!

It’s an ideal tool for assembly work, positioning heavy parts, machine loading, truck loading – it reaches way in, or maintenance work such as aircraft repairs, etc.

January 1, 2000

Mobile Portable Crane

A.T.I of Mentor Ohio introduces a new adjustable straddle crane in 2000, 4000, and 6000 lbs. capacities

Husky-Master Portable Crane Adjustable Legs

Utmost in versatility, foldability, and portability, with telescopic boom, it has adjustable straddle from a narrow 32″ up to 64″ width and lifting height up to 144″. Real back savers, these portable hydraulic cranes are economical material handling equipment that can be used any place, any time by folding up into a small sub-assembly so they can be taken anywhere you want.

The unique design allows it to disassemble or reassemble in a few minutes. Take-it-with-you in a service van to the field, or use it in the shop to lift parts, molds, dies, engines, transformers, lab equipment, or use on assembly line to position sub-assemblies, it is a true ergonomic tool.

With a narrow straddle adjustment it can pass through regular doorways or through narrow aisles, and then reach into, over, or under the nooks and crannies and hard to reach places.

It features smooth hydraulic operation with chrome plated cylinder shaft. The manually operated hydraulic pump can be used anywhere there is no power available or in a hazardous operation. Optional powered lift is available with a battery powered 12 or 24 volts DC, 110 volt AC or 240/480 volt 3 phase, as well as air powered motor for hazardous or flammable areas.

The adjustable straddle in wide position provides for stability when raising 144″ high, also it permits the user to straddle the item being lifted for tight access in crowded areas. An optional powered telescopic boom lift option allows the boom to be extended or retracted under load. The cranes may also be equipped with optional manual or powered winch cable lift to reach down below ground level in to the Manhole or basement, or from second or third floor reach to ground level.

Unit is installed on roller bearing mounted wheels for easy mobility and swivel T-Bar tow handle provides ergonomic mobility. Non marking, polyurethane-coated wheels are standard. Optional wheels are available with mold-on rubber or pneumatic tires.

Units are built of heavy duty welded steel construction for long lasting dependable service. They are engineered for maximum safety and durability, lightweight for portability, and quality crafted of the finest materials by expert craftsmen. They also meet or exceed ANSI standards for portable automotive lifting devices (PALD 12).

These cranes will reduce workers injuries and fatigue by avoiding heavy lifting, bending, stretching of back arks and muscles…a truly ergonomic handling tool.

January 1, 2000

Versatile Multi-Tasking Jib-Master

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio announces the innovative development of the new, convertible Jib-Master Forklift Crane. The unique Jib-Master starts as a forklift crane used for lifting large parts, bundles of long material, or with the optional personnel basket. The Jib-Master then converts to a pedestal mount for fixed installation as a workstation crane. Finally, take the Jib-Master on the road by mounting it on a truck for field work.

Jib-Master Forklift Cranes

The model JB-4R has powered articulating mast rotation, hydraulic boom lift and powered hydraulic telescopic boom retracted 3000 pounds capacity, extended 2000 pounds capacity and lifts up to 144″ plus height of fork truck lift. Unit is self-contained battery powered 12V or 24V DC battery included and features push button remote control. Available options include a personnel basket to lift a person over obstacles and into hard to reach places for maintenance or assembly work. With optional pedestal base, unit can be mounted in a fixed location in the plant or it can be installed on a truck for field work.

These unique options and configurations make the Jib-Master a very versatile piece of equipment idea for many applications. It can be used for bulk handling, the handling of long structural or roll items, maintenance work with personnel basket, assembly work, or used as all-around crane for lifting, handling and transporting large parts or other miscellaneous items.

Several models are available to fit any customer’s application and budget:

  • The model JB-1 features fixed horizontal, manual telescopic boom for lifting and carrying long tubular items or long rolls of material with a forklift.
  • The model JB-2 has manually adjustable boom angle for lifting higher, taller items with a forklift. It also features a manual telescopic boom.
  • The model JB-4 has powered hydraulic boom lift and powered telescopic boom action for straight up and down lifting without rotation.
  • The model JB-4R has powered hydraulic boom lift, powered telescopic boom action, and also features powered rotation allowing up to 150° when installed on a forklift and full 360° rotation when mounted on a truck or pedestal base.

The battery powered unit is totally self-contained with batteries included. All units are built of heavy-duty welded steel construction for hard industrial use. The Jib-Master Forklift Crane is an ideal industrial tool where a variety of products or services must be handled. It is an economical tool to do big jobs and truly is one tool that will handle many different tasks, hence MULTI-TASKING!

January 1, 2000

Ergonomic Assembly Positioning and Articulating Workstation

Air Technical Industries develops many new features for its unique ergonomic assembly workstation. Initially designed for General Electric’s large control panel assembly, the workstation is used to position any side of the panel at any angle and height desired for convenient, easy to see and reach accessibility, at the same time increasing efficiency and reducing fatigue.

GE's Multi-Axis Workstation

With optimum versatility, it can tilt 90° from horizontal to vertical position, and can rotate 360°. Operation can be manual or powered, it has a lifting feature, side shift left and right, it can self load and unload, it can be used for palletizing, and it can up-end or invert cabinets or enclosures upside down or place it on any of it’s sides. It truly is a multi-functional workstation.

The deck frame is equipped with smooth bearing type work surface to protect the panels and the framing. The open deck design allows the worker to assemble or fasten the items by placing the fasteners from the bottom when necessary.

The lifting, tilting and side shifting are hydraulically operated. The 360° rotation has 90° automatic stops, or it can be hydraulically powered rotation that can stop at any point desired on the 360° rotation.

The power is a convenient 110 volts plug-in with available 3-phase 220/460 volt power. The controls are push button or foot control to keep the operators hands free for the assembly process.

The workstation is 32” high in horizontal position and the deck size is 54” wide x 84” long. Many other sizes are available to meet specific customer requirements, the GE unit is 4000 pounds capacity.

This kind of job makes our design engineers’ mouths water at ATI. It fits perfectly with our mission to design ergonomic equipment for the most challenging handling problems. ATI has a track record and energy to have designed/developed over 2,500 unique proprietary products that serve many different industries, such as nuclear power plants, utility companies, aircraft manufacturers, electronics, appliance industries, and many domestic manufacturing company’s are increasing capacity and efficiency, improving safety and improving moral at the work place.

The project for GE was an Ergonomic Success. ATI’s total solution from manufacturing, assembly and installation of the large heavy panel provided an integrated handling system that is user friendly in its ergonomic design.


August 6, 1998

International Space Station Unites Nations

Mentor, Ohio October 11, 1996 – Hands of many different colors and creeds have clasped together to develop the first ever international space station. The cooperative effort has teamed Russia, Japan, Canada, Europe and the United States together to develop living quarters for year-round stay in space, equipped with everything from high tech scientific tools for space study to workout equipment for leisure activity.

RBC for International Space Station

At one and a half football fields in length, it will be the largest manned object ever sent into space. In fact, because of its enormous size, component modules (each the size of a typical school bus) must be pre-fabricated and spun into orbit individually. As each new component arrives in space, it is linked with the existing components.

It goes without saying that the scope of this project is immense. Within the United States alone, over 550 companies have been contributors in the U.S. National effort and include the lead contractor, Boeing, as well as McDonnell Douglas, Rockwell and Lockheed. These contractors have in turn, solicited and relied upon the contributions of manufacturers to brainstorm and design solutions for the intricate challenges they faced.

For example, each component module has just over a 4 foot square access-opening making it difficult to install the interior panels. Like trying to install a new radiator through the grill on the front of a car, the challenge of limited access led Boeing engineers to Air Technical Industries (ATI).

A manufacturer of specialty material handling equipment, ATI designed a uniquely modified version of their RBC-6000-SPB self-propelled floor crane that could meet the challenge. “We needed to be creative yet practical in respect of Boeing’s budgetary and timeline boundaries” says Design Engineer, Pete Novak Jr. of ATI. “What we developed was the perfect solution. We designed a Mobile Crane that stands over 13′ tall with a powered telescopic boom that extends over 19′ in length to reach well into a module, and can lift vertically to 30′.”

In addition, a cable lift was used to pick up panels from ground level and carefully lift them to align with the access opening for installation in the interior of the module. The design of the crane was engineered to be extremely maneuverable with 180 degrees steering for precise positioning of the interior panels during their installation.

When asked how such a feat was accomplished, Novak explained “The international space station is a testament to the idea that where there’s a will there’s a way. Our 33 year history of success was founded on this premise. I guess that made us the perfect fit for the application.”


See RBC models here


October 11, 1996

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