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Industrial Lift Applied to Home Use

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An affluent residential customer was looking for an easy way to transport his groceries from the ground level up to his custom home which is elevated roughly 10 feet above the surface. We developed our maintenance lift to help accomplish this task far easier than having to make multiple trips walking up the stairs into his kitchen with several bags or other heavy items. The scissors lift table was 32” x 60” with 1,000 lbs capacity providing the user a compact material lift with ample capacity. It includes velocity fuses on the cylinders to protect the platform from falling in the event of a hydraulic failure. The lift runs on standard 15 amp 115VAC household electrical service. We also offered a custom paint job to help the lift match with the color scheme of the home. This solution worked out great for the consumer and he was extremely pleased with the outcome.

Intermediate-Capacity Maintenance Lifts

Maintenance Lift

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