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KISS: Keep It Simple & Smart!

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A client was looking for a truck crane with a hoist to lift manhole covers on his maintenance route. These covers are usually 100 to 200 lbs and can be pretty hard to budge. The thought was to have a foldable crane mounted on the side of the truck with the power for the crane and hoist coming off the truck battery. As it turned out, the boom reach available to do the job properly was more than needed and the price for the crane was over budget.
After describing the existing steps taken to perform this task, we determined that a more simple approach would complete the task just as well and at only a quarter of the cost. I suggested our VM-1000 Portable Hydraulic Floor Crane. This lightweight crane can disassemble and fit in a car trunk. It assembles in minutes and has a 1000 lb capacity with 8 ft lift height.
Air Technical Industries takes pride in offering the best solution for the job, even if that means a smaller order for us, it creates a better long-term relationship with our customer. Technology is great, but nothing is more intelligent then simple common sense and experience. Take advantage of 50 years of industry knowledge, bring us YOUR challenge.

V-Master Mobile Hydraulic Floor Cranes

V-Master Portable crane


2 Responses to KISS: Keep It Simple & Smart!

  1. Thanks for sharing useful tips. Your post highlight how to approach a client and suggesting them best crane according to their job specification. This will certainly help the client. Many times it’s been the case that wrong crane is hired to perform specific crane.

  2. i want floor crain for reselling purpose.
    max. 20-25 unit

    Capacity 500 kg. for boom point
    working height 14 ft max.
    operation battery operated.
    please send best offer price.

    i hope you will feel free & send response.

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