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Knuckle Boom Serves Energy Transmission and Distribution

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A customer that is a supplier of electrical power was looking for a way to safely handle transformers in the field when they needed repaired or replaced. The transformers could weigh upwards of 1,500 lbs and were in areas where a substantial amount of lift and/or reach was needed to pick them. This was an ideal challenge for our Reversible Boom Crane with knuckle boom. This crane provided them with optimal lift height and reach in front of the wheels. This unencumbered reach beyond the wheels is the most popular feature of the Reversible Boom Crane (RBC). It is also designed such that the boom capacity is not dependent on the angle of the boom greatly improving safety and usefulness. Most mobile cranes have little to no capacity in the horizontal position and this is a common cause of crane accidents. They were able to put this crane on a trailer and take it to wherever the job site is located.

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Reversible Boom Knuckle Krane

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