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Low Headroom Gantry Crane

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A customer that needed to clean his rail cars with a special robot was looking for a way to place the 700 lbs robot into each rail car. He had very limit head room of less than 2 feet and also limited space next to the rail car. We went to engineering and came up with the solution which would work best. It was our low profile a-frame gantry crane. They also had some obstructions along the way so we made the height adjustable. One of the unique features of this crane is it’s ability to have the trolley and hoist recessed into the beam so only the hook hangs below the beam. We also designed it with solid rubber wheels so it can be used outdoors as well.

The crane can also be made out of aluminum if light weight construction is required. See link for more details and a video!

Low Profile Gantry Crane

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