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Made in America. Any Way You Like It.

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A couple of decades ago “Made in the USA” was a rally cry. While businesses moved production facilities overseas for cheap labor and lax environment laws, the American manufacturing worker was turning into an extinct species. One after another, companies moved operations out of the country and ruined our reputation as a world leader in manufacturing.
Now it seems like the majority of American made products are produced by small businesses. And now, more than any other time in our history, it so important to make sure these businesses thrive. The U.S. unemployment numbers alone is proof that these companies need your support to keep Americans working.
When these American manufacturers succeed, we all succeed. Money stays here in the U.S., workers are able to spend money which helps the economy. If you’re like our company, which manufactures machines used for other manufacturing facilities, you know that the work you produce is part of a bigger wheel that helps move this country. I know when I sell a Reversible Boom Crane, that machine is going somewhere to build more, to produce more; that machine is going somewhere to keep someone working. So you see when we are producing, America is producing, and there is no better feeling to know that your company is not part of the problem, but part of the solution.
For over 50 years Air Technical Industries has and always will build our products right here in Mentor, Ohio, and we are so very proud of that.


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