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Maintenance Solution for Oil & Gas Industry

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A customer in the oil and gas industry was looking for a safe way to remove the bundle or inner case assembly of a oil pump line pump. They needed to reach up and over to a height of about 13 feet. The parts themselves only weighed a few hundred pounds. We designed an HM-8000M Modified Husky-Master portable floor crane with a goose neck boom attachment and winch. The Husky-Master is known as the workhorse floor crane of the industry. This would also allow them to remove the whole pump if needed since it weighs 4,000 lbs and that was the extended boom capacity. The customer also had limited clearance under the platform in which the pump was installed. We were able to outfit the crane with 6” wheels enabling them to roll underneath the platform. Where others say, “impossible”, we say, “it’s possible!” and these challenging applications are our specialty.

Husky-Master Floor Crane

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