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Manufacturer Looks for Safe and Cost-Effective Pallet Inverter

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They were in need to find a safer and more efficient way to flip large wheels. These wheels can weigh in excess of 7,500 pounds. They found a used piece of ATI equipment from a machinery dealer that would do exactly what they were looking for. The piece was sold as a 10,000 pound upender inverter. ATI’s part# UI-104872E. However, after getting the unit delivered and consulting with ATI, it was determined the unit they bought was only a 4,000 pound model.


This company needed 2 of these units. All along they knew they would need to buy a new piece from Air Technical Industries. But, what they did not plan on was needing to buy 2 new units. After some discussion ATI found a cost effective solution to make the used unit they bought a 8,000 pound upender inverter. Air Technical Industries built a replacement clamping unit (scissors lift table) that was 8,000 pounds and suggested some other upgrades they could do to transform what they bought.


In the end, the customer was very happy that they were able to save some money and get 2 working upender inverters, one for each of their two plants. Not only were they happy to find a safer and more efficient way to run their application. They were also happy to find a company that was willing to find a cost effective solution to they problem they had. Most companies would have just wanted to sell 2 new units. Air Technical Industries tries to find cost effective solutions to their customers needs.


For more information on Air Technical Industries Upender Inverters and scissor lift tables you can use these 2 links.

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