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Meat packaging company turns to Air Technical Industries for lift table solution.

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Company needs to lift pallets from ground level to platform 30 inches off the ground and wants do this by rolling the pallets on to the lift. The major advantage of the Zero-Low lift table is that the deck lowers to ground level and then lifts up to 10,000 pounds to the desired height. This provides a great advantage since a load may be rolled on or off the lift platform without the need for a ramp or pit, and it also greatly reduces manual handling of the load.

In addition they needed the Zero-Low lift table to be wash-down compliant. ATI specializes in these types of applications. After some discussion it was concluded that an all structural stainless steel Zero-Low lift table would work best.

Special features of the Stainless Steel Zero-Low Lift Table include:

  • all structural steel is made out of 304 stainless steel
  • cylinders are stainless steel
  • hose and fittings are stainless steel
  • food grade oil
  • safe in hygienic operation in food or pharmaceutical processing or for use in a corrosive environment.
  • A wash-down power-pack is available when frequent cleaning will be required. This prevents damage to the power system components and provides long lasting durability

The Zero-Low lift table can be used any time, any place, without installation. Just place it on a flat concrete floor anywhere you need a lift, plug it in, and it’s ready to do the lifting for you!

This unit reduces worker injuries and fatigue by avoiding unnecessary bending, reaching, and stretching of back and arm muscles, a truly ergonomic machine.


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