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Mini Lift, Mega Uses

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Solving problems is our number one priority at ATI. We find solutions that save money, time, and most importantly, worker fatigue. With so many products to offer and the countless different applications you find in today’s production industry, solutions can come in many different forms.

One of our products has been used in many different ways to achieve the desired end result. The Mini Scissors Lift Table, with its screw drive design, was developed for lifting capacities up to 250 lbs with precise accuracy. Built for industrial use, these versatile little machines have been used in a wide array of applications, some that we would not have thought of, unless our clients gave us the idea.

One of my favorite projects involved assisting a wheelchair bound individual. He wanted to get in his golf cart unassisted, from his wheelchair, so he can ride around his condominium complex and take his daughter trick-or-treating. Another, not so ordinary application involved a lawyer redecorating his entertainment and TV room. Our Mini Lift was used to raise his big screen TV up from an enclosed piece of furniture. We have modified one of our Double Mini’s to be mounted on top of an RV. The lift was used to raise and lower the vehicle’s satellite dish with a press of a button.
What is your application? Bring it to us. We have so many ways to find the best solution for YOU.

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