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Port-O-Giant Crane Solves Aircraft Maintenance Issues

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A customer in the aeronautical industry was looking for a way to change out their helicopter blades. They were roughly 18′ of the ground and weighed in upwards of 750 lbs. each. This was a great solution for our Self-Propelled Port-O-Giant floor crane with a goose-neck boom. This solution worked great as they were able to straddle the helicopter and get the boom positioned very easily. They had a far distance to travel into the aircraft hanger so the self propulsion was necessary so the operator didn’t have to push the crane a far distance. The crane was equipped with both a goose-neck boom and winch which enabled them to reach up and over the helicopter blades making it an easy pick and place with little human effort required. The crane also came with powered mast rotation allowing them to position the boom to the left or right helicopter if the crane wasn’t aligned properly.

Port-O-Giant Hydraulic Floor Crane

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