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Port-O-Giant Gets Galvanized

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Air Technical will go the extra mile to satisfy a customers needs with
regards to the finished coating we put on a product. Our standard finish
is Industrial enamel paint. Non standard finishes include epoxy paint,
Marine grade paint and Steel-It® paint. These applications are requested
when one of our products is exposed to wet or damp conditions. The
product may be used outdoors or simply subject to being washed down on a
regular basis depending what application it is serving. One finish that
lends it self very well to outdoor applications is ” HOT DIP
GALVANIZING”. This is the best and most durable way to water proof a
product. AIR TECHNICAL’S most recent “Hot Dipped Galvanizing”  projects
is that of our  Self Propelled 24 volt battery powered Port-O-Giant
Mobile Hydraulic Floor Crane. A large manufacturer of commercial
airliners came to us and needed a crane that was portable, self contained
and would reach height of 26 feet to hang fuselage panels during the
manufacturing process of new Jet Airliners. This customer stores the
unit in an a storage shed away from the manufacturing area and they
wanted the crane to be protected from the elements when going to and
from the shed to the manufacturing area as well as while sitting in the
storage shed which retains moisture.
Let AIR TECHNICAL INDUSTRIES quote your next application that
requires special finishing such as Hot Dipped Galvanizing.


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