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ATI Lift Table Options

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Optional Air Motor
Available on all ATI tables and maintenance lifts, the optional air motor can be plugged into any standard compressed air line.  It is quiet, highly efficient, and meets safety requirements for operation in hazardous atmospheres where non-sparking equipment must be used.
Washdown Motor
Designed for extended life in applications requiring regular washdown, such as food processing or other wet, high-humidity environments.  Extra protection for the motor’s interior using Rust-Oleum® coatings prevents rust and corrosion build-up.
Automatic Height Gauge
Model AHG-1
Keeps table at constant, predetermined level.  When sheet or other material is removed, the table raises; when material is added, the table lowers.   Operates by electric eye sensor for accurate gauge adjustments from 8 to 56 in.   Automatic adjustment up or down.  Selector switch used to select up or down movement.

Automatic Height Gauge

Lift Table Wheel Options Wheel Options
Wheels are available on all ATI tables.  Standard wheels are steel and are mounted outside the table base.  A pivoting handle and dual swivel rear wheels are used for steering.  Adding wheels increases lowered and raised table hieghts by 1 in.  Wheels can also be mounted underneath the table base which raises table height by 8 in.  Solid rubber wheels are available for outdoor use or where floors require extra protection.
Safety Skirts
Safety skirts improve safety by limiting access to pinch points. They extend the service life of machines by shielding the internal mechanisms from operational debris.  Skirts are manufactured from tough, extra heavy duty, 23 ounce vinyl coated polyester that will expand and compress with the movement of the machine regardless of vertical, horizontal or angular change in position.  Skirts are mounted either inside or outside of table top using velcro adhesive for ease of maintenance and access to unit.
Safety Skirts


Rubber BumpersFormed rubber bumper for mounting on the corners of ATI lift tables to protect against impact or collision damage, especially useful on mobile tables. Order a set with all your lift tables.  Can also be retrofitted on existing tables.  Bumper has 3″ high profile.
Limit Switches/Proximity Sensors
Perfect when a precise lifting height is required repeatedly, our limit switch is compact, reliable and accurate.
Powered Table Controls
On tables equipped with electric power, there are two control options: foot-operated remote control and push button remote control.
Control Options
Zinc metalizing, galvanizing, Steel-It paint, epoxy paint and similar coatings are available for an extra charge.  Consult factory.
Custom Painting
All units come with industrial enamel gloss paint in ATI’s standard yellow or green.  Custom requests accepted for additional setup fee and cost of paint.
Custom Designing
ATI offers a broad line of 2,000 products to address most needs however we recognize that occasionally your needs may be very unique.  In those instances, our engineers can specially design equipment that will solve your specific material handling requirement.  Consult factory for more details.
Double Acting Power System
Perfect when precise control over downward speed is required as in conveyor and material transfer applications.  Lift cylinders are powered down to achieve at least equivalent speed of upward cycle.

Self-propelled drive

Self-Propelled Drives
When maximum mobility and versatility is required, a self-propelled drive unit can be coupled with any lift table.  The battery powered self-propelled drive is equipped with variable speeds up to 4 mph and has 180° steering capability and 90° to each side offering remarkable maneuverability in crowded areas.  It is equipped with a two-position, spring loaded mechanical break, a safety belly-button switch, a horn, and lifting function controls built into the steering handle for convenient operation.
Rotating Table Top
Best suited for material redirection operations such as conveyor systems and transfer applications.  Available in manual or hydraulic powered 360° rotation for automatic system operation.
Conveyor top platform
Heavy Duty Cycle Package
(model HDCP)
For semi-continuous duty applications where a unit is used more than 8 times per day, a heavy duty cycle package is recommended.  Hardened bushings at pivot points of scissors, rollers secured with fiber bushings and grease fittings on the cylinder all work together to extend the life of the table.  Further, the shaft on the rollers can be easily replaced when worn out to ensure years of trouble free operation.
Extra Heavy Duty Cycle Package
(model EHDCP)
For continuous duty applications where a unit is used more than 16 times per day, an extra heavy duty cycle package is recommended.  Roller bearings at pivot points of scissors, the use of cam followers and grease fittings on the cylinder and key pivot points all work together to accommodate continuous duty applications.  Like the heavy duty cycle package, the shaft on the rollers can be easily replaced when worn out to ensure years of trouble free operation.
Hydraulic Power Options
Standard electric motor furnished is 1 HP, 110 volt AC.  Optional motors are 230 volt AC, single phase; 230/460 volt AC, 3 phase; all with 110 volt AC controls.  Larger motors–2, 3, 5, 7.5, and 10 HP–are available on larger tables for increased lift speed.  Higher horsepower motors may have to be external to table; consult factory.

1HP remote powerpack layout drawing

3HP-5HP remote powerpack layout drawing


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