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Pallet Inverter

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Capacity lb. Platform Size
Max Opening
Min Opening
Model No.
(click model # for layout drawing)
2,000 36×36 46 26 PI-23636E
2,000 42×42 52 32 PI-24242E
2,000 48×48 58 38 PI-24848E
4,000 48×48 58 38 PI-44848E
2,000 54×54 64 44 PI-25454E
4,000 54×54 64 44 PI-45454E

Pallet Inverter Adds Time-Saving and Worker Efficiency to Your Operation!

  • 2,000 & 4,000 lb. capacities, handles up to 64 inch high pallets, rotates 180°.
  • Clamping plates travel parallel and uniform on a rugged track to keep the load secure.
  • The self-supportive base is equipped with two-way fork pockets for easy positioning or relocating.
    Ideal for situations where a damaged pallet, box, or bag needs to be removed from the bottom of a full load.
  • Can be used to easily transfer an entire load from one pallet or platform another.
    Also used to invert stacks of sheets, paper boards and rolls rather than one by one.


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