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Point Five Gantry Master

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    Unique and Versatile!

    • Up to 60,000 pounds capacities , up to 20 ft. spans and 24 ft. heights
    • Versatile & efficient – handles larger loads at lower costs
      A completely self-contained straddle crane engineered for indoor and outdoor use, full manueverability – hydraulic powered 60\B0 steering in each direction.
    • Self-propelled – moves and works anywhere
      A powerful diesel engine handles the hydraulic functions for propulsion steering, winch lifting and traversing, along with forward and reverse drive, variable speed controlof up to 5 mph.
    • Modular design
      Increase or decrease crane height with “off the shelf” column sections. Easily dismanted for moving to and from job locations.
    • Finger-tip controls – increases performance
      Provides smooth acceleration and deceleration, accurate positioning of loads resulting in less wear and tear on equipment.
    • Designed for operator safety and convenience
      • Overhead guard
      • 42″ high safety rail
      • Skid-proof deck
      • Safety light
      • Fail-safe joystick
      • Back-up alarm
      • Hydrostatic braking
    • Heavy steel construction
      Provides durability, safety, and dependability beyond rated load capabilities.

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