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Port-O-Giant Hydraulic Floor Crane

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Capacity (lbs.) boom retracted 6,000 6,000
Capacity (lbs.) boom extended
(* with optional counterweight)
3,000* 3,000
Maximum Lift Height (ft.)
Standard Boom, Extended 18 16
Standard Boom, Retracted 13 11
Gooseneck Boom
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22 20
Gooseneck Attachment 26 24
Personnel Basket 26 24
Minimum Floor-To-Hook Height (in)
Standard Boom, Extended 6 16
Standard Boom, Retracted 34 36
Maximum Reach (ft.)
Standard Boom, Extended 12 12
Standard Boom, Retracted 5 5
Gooseneck Boom 15 15
Gooseneck Attachment 17 17
Personnel Basket 20 20
Mast Height (in) 82 70
Standard Boom Length: Fully adjustable from 8′ to 14′
Overall Length (in)
Manually Propelled 96
Self Propelled
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Overall Width: Legs are adjustable to 34″, 60″, or 80″.
They can be folded beyond adjustment to 32″ for storage or transportation.
Front (two) 5 x 16
Rear, dual (manually-operated units) 2-½ x 10
Drive (self-propelled units) 4 x 10
Shipping Weight (approx. LB)
PG-6000 1,500 1,200
PG-6000-SPG, PG-6000-SPB 5,000

Tremendous Power and Adaptability at Extremely Low Cost!

  • 6,000 lb. capacity, up to 26 ft. lift height with gooseneck boom.
  • Legs are adjustable and lock in three positions
    80 in. width provides maximum stability; 60 in. intermediate width; 34 in. minimum width enables crane to pass through doorways or move material down narrow aisles.
  • Telescopic boom lift increases working adaptability.
  • 180° steering makes maneuvering in tight areas easy.
  • Four power options available – one just right for your application.
  • Self-propelled available with choice of three powerpacks (gasoline, LPG engine or battery)
  • Many other options increase versatility
    Personnel basket, ideal for maintenance work; Remote electric controls; Hand- and hydraulically-operated winches provide 20 ft. additional vertical lifting range; various other grabs and attachments.


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