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Tandem Scissors Lift Table

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    2,00036 x 120341044SLTD-236120
    2,00048 x 144461056SLTD-248144
    4,00048 x 144461056SLTD-448144
    4,00060 x 192581068SLTD-460192
    6,00048 x 144461258SLTD-648144
    6,00060 x 192561268SLTD-660192
    10,00048 x 144441256SLTD-1048144
    10,00060 x 192561268SLTD-1060192
    10,00072 x 240761288SLTD-1072240
    20,00048 x 144421456SLTD-2048144
    20,00060 x 192541468SLTD-2060192
    20,00072 x 240741488SLTD-2072240
    50,00048 x 144421456SLTD-5048144
    50,00060 x 192541468SLTD-5060192
    50,00072 x 240741488SLTD-5072240

    Lift & Position long or large loads effortlessly!

    • The table can lift up to a height of 8 feet
    • The length is up to 20 feet
    • 2,000 to 50,000 lbs. capacities available
    • The table is equipped with heavy-duty pressure relief valve in order to prevent overloading
    • They are perfect for handling large sheets of material such as plastics, aluminum, bar stock, or tubular materials

    Defining Attributes of ATI’s Scissors Lift Table

    Scissors lift tables are equipment used to operate different objects at different levels, either to raise an object to a higher level or bring down an object to a lower level. It is an apparatus used to lower or lift different objects, tools, and goods to an appropriate level.

    The Effective Structure

    The overall structure of a scissors lift consists of a platform on its top that is attached to a lifting mechanism. It is an efficient tool that makes your workplace more secure and efficient. There is a significant reason behind regarding the overall structure of the tool as a scissor lifting table. For one it is the design of the tool. The lower part of the lift consists of a lower frame that may or may not have wheels attached for portability. However, the above part of the frame is a complete pair of scissors that can unfold in order to lift up to a suitable height. The platform that helps to lift things to higher places is the table.

    Air Technical Industries (ATI) caters a robust inventory of scissors lift table that is suited for multifarious purposes and industrial applications. All the scissor tables manufactured by us are safe, secure, reliable, and sturdy in performance. They are manufactured using the best of the materials and state-of-the-art equipment. Following are some of the reasons as to why you should choose ATI lift tables.

    Most of the times the scissors lift tables are preferably bought for feeding, lifting, accumulating, aligning, positioning, and for many other assembly and production operations. These tables are extremely sturdy and have the maximum capacity of wielding a number of loads and materials with utmost ease. Scissors lift tables are typically suited for challenging and demanding environments. Due to their simplicity in design and low maintenance, this equipment furnishes years of trouble-free operation for small to medium sized industrial projects. Call Air Technical Industries (ATI) at 1-888-857-6265.


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